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In recent years, the period with which civil war was more common, a period more commonly referred to as the Antebellum era, slavery was among the core activities which flourished creating a pro-slavery ideology. Slavery act, was portrayed as a misconception socially, politically and even religiously.This pro-slavery ideology helps us understand and argue out facts about the slavery act itself and bring it into reality about what should be done and what ought not to be done.

Politically slavery was viewed as a way of developing the industry. The democrats of the southern states viewed a political attack by the “radical republicans” not only from a slavery angle but from a far much angle on their way of life. According to Patrick Hue Mell, an advocate on slavery during the 19th century, slavery promoted industry in all regions of the south. Slavery provided labor used on farms. Abolitionists claimed that slavery was an attack on industry, since the number of laborers was restricted hence distracting industrial development. Defenders of slavery in this section included politicians.However,I can strongly oppose all this claims by saying that, other countries still made it in industry and business without slave trade. With slavery which politicians viewed as way of protecting industries, several repercussions and downfalls raised such as violence since troops were just sent to burn and desolate the villages in possession of innocent people. Will you as an individual offer to be brutally used as a commodity which may be battered in trade? There also existed a demarcation which created much enmity between states.

Religiously, defenders of slavery used the bible as a tool to encourage slavery. They claimed that biblically Abraham had slaves. They also used the ten commandment noting that “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant.” This statements gave them much guts to claim that slavery was biblically lawful. However, that was morally wrong and any Christian state or country should have refrained from that act. The anti-slavery society also has and had a say from the bible to back up their argument. Pointing out at the biblical text like Luke 16:13 “No man can serve two masters at a time.” Therefore, if one was a master to his own work, it was not expected that he/she be hunted down to work for another master. If we closely analyze the scriptures from the bible we shall finally come into agreement that slavery and oppression were abominable acts to God himself.

Socially the defenders of slavery argued that taking slaves such as Africans from their homeland benefited them. The defenders were claiming that Africans were uncivilized, unskilled and uneducated not forgetting to say that they were savage. They therefore had a feeling that capturing Africans as their slaves would help them by making them civilized, educated and skilled. However realistically can slave trade help in civilizing someone? If something is malicious, it is malicious and we should stop providing invalid reasons over barbaric and archaic issues. Slave trade in Africa caused violence not civilization. If it meant civilization and education, then guns would not have been to capture them and even kill the innocent mercilessly in the name of captives and slave trade. What is the essence of education which one is battered and forced to gain? A skill in which the troops used to demean and harm the slaves should never be considered a skill to be emulated.

To conclude, its morally, economically, religiously and socially wrong to engage and defend slave trade not only in the southern since it has more harm than good. Generally, slave trade has no good in our society (Kevin Bales, 2004). People should be enabled to abandon slavery, or they should have been enabled to abandon slavery through frontline projects and advices. Psychological and legal support was essential in curbing slavery not only in the southernbut also different parts of the world. This will empower every person and restore respect needed by every human race(Archived copy, 2012).


“Archived copy” . Archived from the original on 28July 2012.

Kevin Bales (2004). New slavery: a reference handbook. Pp. 15-18. ABC-CLIO.



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