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Services Marketing and Relationship Marketing

Services Marketing and Relationship Marketing

 Services Marketing and Relationship Marketing



The service organisation in focus is Marriot Hotel that is situated Brisbane. The chain of this service organisation exists across the globe and operates in more than sixty countries. This service organisation is a brand that excels through their service staff and therefore is one of the best brands of service providers. According to surveys, it has received commendation regarding work styles and comfort for their employees. My focus on the branch located in Brisbane will highlight their best offers in service that reflects their dependency on the employee and guests experiences for their services. Using these techniques, Marriot aims to be the leading service organisation for services in hospitality across the globe (www.marriot.com, 2018). The proper cultivation of organisational culture and structure supports the model of the organisation that is service driven. It utilizes strategies of marketing to focus on the brand image and the culture. The organisation follows specific service components to run the operations for the business that serve as a blueprint of the operations. These services include actions of the customers, visible and invisible contact in the actions of the employee, support procedures, and physical evidence.  Provided below is the blueprint summary of the service organisation-


According to my research and the flowchart above, the major stages of the encounter of services between the management of the hotel and the customers are mapped through the flowchart. The front stage operations essentially focus on the procedures related to the delivery of the services of the organisation. The operations of the front stage for the service organisation in focus resembles the general front stage operations conducted in any hotel. These operations begin with action of the customers that is vital for the following operations. It includes appropriate customer greeting that involves a positive attitude. In addition, the staffs are responsible to handle the personal information of the consumers along with making arrangements for the delivery of their luggage to the respective rooms. They handle the inquiries made by the consumers and provide assistance in order to book transport for travels and tours. These actions are carried out directly between the employee and the consumers, therefore determining them as front stage operations.
These procedures present physical evidence to the consumers that can ensure their trust and affect their perception regarding the hotel. Employee empowerment is conducted through the functions of the front stage on a certain level in order to adjust the delivery of a service according to specific situation in focus (Alonso, 2017). The functions of the front stage are said to consume more energy since it requires intensity from the employees in order to manage the customers and multitask along with managing good relations with the higher management and other employees.


Significance of the service encounter

The focuses for companies that are service driven depend on the interactions between the organisation and its customers. These outcomes of these interactions formulate the perception of the consumers that leaves an impression for the consumers. The focus determines the perception of a consumer along with the organisational view and general brand of the organisation (Jayawardena et al., 2013). It forms a basic relationship that is two way amongst the organisation and their consumers. For my organisation in focus that is Marriot, it focuses on the invisible or visible interactions conducted between the members of the components of the hotel and the customers. These interactions include actions initiated by the customers and employees along with the actions that are invisible. Marriot partially depends on the online services for higher product revenues for the organisation that provides an online system for reservation. It is involved within the functions of the website. Every function mentioned earlier, especially the functions of the front stage form the delivery procedures of the services. Therefore, these are accepted as critical focuses for the service organization.

The focuses of the organization can lead to positive or negative moments. Nevertheless, it is necessary for the organisation to focus on the positive moments in order to gain organisational success. These positive moments ensure the satisfaction of the customers that can acquire their trust to be in business with the organisation for future endeavours. Customer satisfaction is the vital aspect for success for a service organisation. Marriot Hotel operates across the globe, which required the maintenance of a global standard for the operations running within every service provider of the organisation. The vital satisfaction or dissatisfaction determinants for the organisation are ranked in the following order-

Share of market: This particular service organisation is leading in the chains of resorts and hotels across the globe. The major success determinant is the share of market for this organisation that shares their relations with potential competitors like Hilton and Sheraton. An enhanced share of market aids in proving the higher level of satisfaction for the customers regarding the rendered services of the organisation (Liao, 2014).

Profitability: This section is similar to that of a share of market. The determinants that are direct regarding the satisfaction for the customers availing the services of the organisation include sales and higher revenues (Rink et al., 2013).

Repeats in business with the customers: More number of stays at the hotel at Brisbane by the customers determines a repeating pattern of trust gained from the customers that acts as a determinant that is direct for the satisfaction of the consumers. The customers when select a service organisation and its other branches across the globe for lodging purposes, it proves their satisfaction regarding the delivery of services provided by the service organisation (Ku, 2014).

Feedback of customers: This behaves as a determinant that is direct in order to evaluate the dissatisfaction or satisfaction of the customers regarding the rendered services of the service organisation, Marriot Hotel. If the service organisation senses an increase in the complaints from the customers regarding the services provided by the organisation, they must cater to those needs and improvements instantly in order to maintain the flow of positive results of the service organisation (Oh and Kim, 2017).

Referrals of the customers: When a customer is satisfied with a particular service provided by a business, they tend to recommend those services amongst their family and friends (Rishika et al., 2013). In case of Marriot, if the customers recommend them as a place of comfortable stay and service it will enhance the count of their target market. This happens when the existing customers are fully satisfied with the services provided by the organisation. Higher the number of referrals will result to an enhanced satisfaction level for the organisation and its customers.

Analysis of managerial implications

The analysis of the managerial implications can use a model in order to evaluate the rendered services quality provided by the service organisation. For this purpose, I selected the RATER model to conduct an analysis on the managerial implications. This model highlights the essential sections that might need improvement in order to provide better services for the customers or for identification of the strong sections of delivery of services. The vital components of this model include reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, and responsiveness. The element of reliability measures the deliver ability of the services as promised by the organisation. Assurance measures the employee extent to utilize their skills and knowledge for credibility establishment with the customers and to utilize these abilities for achievement in confidence and trust. Tangibles are the physical factors associated with the services of the organisation that include employees, documents, the hotel premises and offices. Empathy measures the relationship degree between customers and the employees. Responsiveness measures the employee responses to achieve the evolving requirements of the consumers (Lovelock and Patterson, 2015).


Reference List

Aas, T.H. and Hjemdahl, K.M., 2015, January. Service innovation practices in tourism: The case of hotel chains. In ISPIM Conference Proceedings (p. 1). The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM).

Alonso, W., 2017. A theory of the urban land market. In Readings in urban analysis (pp. 1-10). Routledge.

Jayawardena, C., McMillan, D., Pantin, D., Taller, M. and Willie, P., 2013. Trends in the international hotel industry. Worldwide Hospitality and Tourism Themes5(2), pp.151-163.



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