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Sebaceous filaments Assignment Help

Sebaceous filaments Assignment Help


All that you need to know about sebaceous filament 

Are you suffering from persistent blackheads problem on your nose? It’s time to pay attention. Those bothering blackheads might be sebaceous filaments. Here comes the million dollar question- what are these sebaceous filaments? Worry not. Let’s make it easy for you.

Pores can appear at any time and fighting with them is a tiring and a brutal job sometimes. To keep all such unwanted situations at bay, the best policy is to have a clear idea about what the pore actually is. Dirt accumulated inside your pore can be a normal blackhead or can give shape to sebaceous filament. Once you get to know the difference between these two, the treatment will become easy. Imminent skin specialists have studied a lot to make mango people understand the difference.Read on to know and treat sebaceous filament properly.

First thing first: what are blackheads?

The most common form of comedonal acne is termed as blackheads. These are generally formed due to dead skin cells, sebum and sweat getting accumulated inside the pores. In this case, the pores remain open on the surface and this gives blackheads the name open comedones. Once the clogged pore comes in contact with the air outside, the sebum is oxidized immediately. This phenomenon gives the pore a grey or dark black color. Hence, the name blackheads. Blackheads can appear in any part of the skin, but they are most commonly seen on the nose. The reason behind this is that our nose holds the maximum concentrated amount of oil glands compared to the whole body.

What about those other darker pores?

The darker and persistent pores are sebaceous filaments. Unlike blackheads, sebaceous filaments are not so common. However, people often tend to confuse between the two as they look almost the same.

Sebaceous filaments cannot be termed as normal acne. But, it’s a natural part of our body that is formed when oil is accumulated surrounding a follicle of hair. The pores look prominent when it is dilated by the oil present inside. This oil that is accumulated naturally within the pore is termed as sebaceous filament. This makes it clear that sebaceous filaments are not acne. Moreover, you cannot keep sebaceous filaments from bursting up.

Can sebaceous filaments be squeezed?

Moving around with disturbing pores on the nose is no doubt a suffering. People affected with sebaceous filaments often feels the uncontrollable urge to squeeze out all the dirt out of the pores. However, seasoned skin specialists are of the opinion that if those pores are not causing any harm, there’s no need to pick or squeeze them. If you are looking for ways to treat them permanently, then picking them is a big no-no. Squeezing or picking, in the long run, will worsen the situation further. So, all the pickers need to keep squeezing sebaceous filaments at bay.

Traits differentiating sebaceous filaments from blackheads

Sebaceous filaments and blackheads might look the same, but there are some basic points of difference between the two.

 ü  The very name makes it clear that blackheads are black in color. On the contrary, sebaceous filaments are yellow or grey in color.

ü  With time the sebaceous filaments that are infected turn out to be blackheads.

ü  Pores generally tend to turn into blackheads if they are blocked for too long.

ü  Blackheads are generally seen to occur in exceptional areas of the face.

 Sebaceous filaments and whiteheads- are they same?

As said earlier, sebaceous filaments are yellow or grayish in color. This is the reason people tend to confuse it with whiteheads. However, these two are way different from one another.

 ü  If pimples and acne are kept untreated for long it might give rise to whiteheads.

ü  Whiteheads, when compared to sebaceous filaments are slightly bigger in size.

ü  Whiteheads are pure white in color.

Sebaceous filaments- not a serious skin problem at all

Sebaceous filaments are normally seen to occur on the skin surface of our nose. This is because the skin area of the nose tends to secret sebum in a larger amount than any other area of our face. The nose follicles get dry faster and require lubrication. This is the reason the skin near this area, secrets more sebum and makes the sebaceous filaments prominent.

They are caused in other areas of the skin as well but are more visible near the nose. However, this is not a fatal skin problem. Rather, it is a part of normal functioning of the skin and is necessary sometimes to keep the skin healthy. Apart from nose, they are also seen occurring on the chin and cheeks.

Ways to treat sebaceous filaments

Let the truth be spoken, you cannot get rid of sebaceous filaments totally. You can only reduce its visibility by using some expert prescribed methods.

Treatments not prescribed by doctors- Once you decide to treat sebaceous filaments on your own, you will come across various over the counter cures like nose pads, creams, and gels. Most of these elements contain resorcinol, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide as ingredients. Such medications will help you to dry off the excess oil and keeps dry skin from shedding. The pores and filaments will be cured in the long run.Accutane treatment- A particular form of drug containing vitamin A is termed as Accutane. Excess oil produced by the sebum glands can be regulated by consuming Accutane drugs. The rubbles inside the pores will be reduced as well as dead skin cells will also start getting rejuvenated with the aid of vitamin A.

Use of pore strips- When sebaceous filaments occur on the nose, an effective solution to treat it is the use of pore strips. Once you put on the nose/pore strips, it will pull out sebaceous filaments as well as whiteheads and blackheads. Nose strips are a temporary cure to sebaceous filaments.

Laser treatment- Laser and light treatments are considered to be really effective when it comes to curing sebaceous filaments on your n



Moreover, your whiteheads, blackheads, and blemishes will also be removed by the application of laser. The sebum secretion of your s

kin will be

reduced gradually by the skin specialist by the use of a condensed beam light. However, that does not mean that the outer surface of y

our skin will

be damaged. This is because the laser light reaches the epidermis directly.

Home remedies

Sebaceous filaments are a particular type of skin condition that appears, disappears and reappears again with time. Besides the above mentioned medical remedies, numerous home remedies are also there to treat them effectively.

Use of steam- Face steaming is the most common beauty practice that helps in unblocking the pores of the skin. Initially, you need to clean your face well with normal soap. Then take boiling water in a large pan. Use a towel to cover your head and lean over the pan keeping your face at least 10-15 inches away from steam.

Baking soda- Exfoliating your skin is best done with the help of baking soda. This also helps in reducing excess oil. The sebaceous fila

ments are also

unclogged by the use of baking soda. To exfoliate with baking soda you need to create a mixture of water and baking soda. The

following step is to

massage your skin with this mixture for at least 3-4 mins using a circular motion. Clean your face with warm water. For best results, you

can do this r

egularly and this is known as the best cure for treating sebaceous filaments.

Apply lemon juice- Lemon juice has a natural astringent property that is suited best to clear skin pores. This treatment, in the long

run, helps to 

cure sebaceous filaments. The accumulated oil of the skin is washed out by the acidic property of lemon juice. Citric acid in lemon

helps to break

down excess fat thereby treating sebaceous filaments successfully. Cut a lemon into two halves and rub it on the affected part of the

skin. Let it dry

for 5 mins and rinse with lukewarm water.



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