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SBM3203 Strategic Planning Assignment help

SBM3203 Strategic Planning Assignment help

SBM3203 Strategic Planning Assignment help

Assessment Details:

The presentation will be based on an organization selected by yourself after consulting with your lecturer. The following questions are required to be discussed in the presentation:

• Define the industry that the organisation competes in. What are the two most distinguished features of this industry?

• Identify the relevant environmental factors that have positive or negative impacts on the organisation. What are the two most prominent trends in the industry?

Prepare the PowerPoint Slides based on the questions (Maximum 5 slides) and present the findings in the class for no more than 10 minutes.

Marking Criteria and Rubric: The assessment will be marked out of 100% and will be weighted 10% of the total unit mark

Assessment Details:

The E portfolio assessment includes 4 components which will be submitted throughout in the semester in the OLS:

1. Project Part A (20%): Identify one Case Study Company which is based globally or Australian Based (Fortune 500 or others). Analyse the business strategies that the organization are implementing to achieve its competitive advantage (due week 5). The following key contents should be included:

- Background of Case Study Company

- Analyse the business strategies that the company adopts to gain the competitive advantage

- Vision, Mission and Value statements of the organization

- How the strategies impact on the organization performance

2. Project Part B (30%): How the strategy is formulated (due week 7).

- Analyse the industry environment and performance with Porter’s Five Forces Framework

- Competitor analysis

- Identify resources and competencies of the organization based on Resource Based Theory

- SWOT analysis

3. Project Part C (30%): Identify the issues that the organization are facing when implementing the strategy and make recommendations (due week 9)

- Major issues identified

- Strategic change

- Recommendations

4. Project Part D (20%): Presentation (due week 10)

Prepare for PowerPoint Slides based on the report (No more than 15 slides). A video or audio for the presentation should be inserted in the presentation slides. The slides are required to be submitted in the Canvas.

The assignment format is business report format. The word count for the assignment is 2500 words.

Marking Criteria and Rubric: The assessment will be marked out of 100 and will be weighted 50% of the total unit mark.

Assessment Details:

A Case study report will be provided comprising answers to four case study analysis questions. The business report format is required for the submission.

The business report format is required for the individual assignment. The headings and subheadings are strongly recommended to structure the business report. The Harvard Referencing Style is required. For detailed requirement, please refer to the guidelines of how to write Business Report and academic writing style. It is strongly recommended to review SLS learning Enhancement Section in APIC Canvas. The link of Business Report Guideline was provided in the assessment section of this subject in the Canvas.

Marking Criteria and Rubric: The assessment will be marked out of 100% and will be weighted 30% of the total unit mark


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