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The product in this context is “foaming hand wash” and the product is for personal care and has sustainability approach as well. The product is made with care and also is made in a responsible way so that it does have any kind of negative impact towards the environment and that is significant here. The preparation of the foaming hand wash is done with natural ingredients or products and thereby environmental responsibility and also a sustainability approach could be found in the process and that is commendable here (Chapman and Wahlers 2019). This product is made to make hand washing convenient and easy. This product is not like the normal soap that we use rather is a type of liquid soap. The product is such that it mainly uses leftover pulps, juicing plants wood scent and others to prepare it and this is a sustainable approach towards making the foaming hand wash and is healthy on the skin of the humans as well (Syam and Sharma 2018).

The product is of good quality as well since the ingredients used in the products are all natural and are all of premium quality. The ingredients used for the product are safe and are also certified ones. Other than this the specification or the specialty about the product is that it comes in powered form unlike other foaming hand wash and when the power is brought in contact with water it turns into liquid hand wash (Syam and Sharma 2018). The environmental responsibility of the product is understood from this perspective only since no plastic is used in the production of the foaming hand wash.

No-plastic approach is crucial here and is significantly noted as well. No-plastic approach helps in better establishment of the product quality and also provides an image to the corporate social responsibility (Chapman and Wahlers 2019). The present industry trend is such that it always tries to bring something new and unique so that it leads to a positive market attraction and field. The power comes in scathes and the scathes are not made up of plastic and that also points towards the environmental sustainability of the product. The scathes are mainly brought in from Europe and they are all sustainability sourced. Looking towards the industry trend this unique features of the foaming hand wash are special and needs to be considered.

The key principles and techniques of successful selling relevant to the company:-

The company believes in constructive selling approaches and ideas so that the sales strategy is appropriate and also at the same time is definite. The key principles of selling include target market, market leads, market research, segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy and some others (Chapman and Wahlers 2019). Target market here refers to the market base that is ready to buy the product and on the other hand market leads mainly refer to the customer or the client leads that are eager to buy the product and that which helps in generating more leads. The principles like market research and STP (segmentation, targeting and positioning) is also considered here and is important in this context (Syam and Sharma 2018).

Market research has some important points such as researching about the likes and dislikes of the people, lifestyle and preferences of the people, income group and others. Based on this the product is actually sold so that it can draw the maximum benefit. STP is also one of the selling principles of the company. STP refers to segmentation, targeting and positioning and is one of the most common principles when it comes to marketing (Syam and Sharma 2018). Targeting is identifying the attractive segment of the market and segmentation is all about segregation of the market based on the potential client base and when these two steps are completed then positioning approach is implemented and that is all about positioning the product, foaming hand wash.

The key techniques of selling however include social media marketing, direct messaging, television advertisement, printouts, hoardings and also paid media advertising. These techniques are effective and are thereby considered in this case so that the result is an effective one and also a beneficial one. Paid media advertising and social media advertising for the product will immediately attract the attention of the clients and potential buyers without much investment and this is a relevant selling policy of the company. Other than this television advertising and email marketing are also a kind of direct marketing and effective in this case.

The concept of ‘selling through others’ and the importance and advantages of using this sales technique:

Selling through others is all about selling through distributors or retailers. This is a type of selling process that has multiple levels and it reaches to the end buyers through a number of stages (Chapman and Wahlers 2019). The company dwells on the concept of “selling though others” and that is helpful in the given context since that leads to more number of clients and customer generation (Syam and Sharma 2018). Selling through others help in expanding the customer base and also helps in getting more numbers of distributors and retailers and that is significant in this case (Johnston and Marshall 2016). The importance of using this selling technique is that this leads to a multiple chain and levels of clients be it distributors or dealers or retailers and the market customers are also involved into this chain. The importance of this selling process is also that it helps in diverse sales and also helps in covering a wide area (Syam and Sharma 2018).

The wholesalers, distributors and retailers are considered here and these are the ones that are mainly connected with the company that is the supplying company preparing foaming hand wash (Johnston and Marshall 2016). The advantages of this selling process are cost effective approach, selling of bulk amount at a time, reaching all levels of buyers, covering a wide market area, creating a name and reputation in the market, good profit margin and others. The company tries to get maximum advantages through this selling process so that the outcome is an effective one and also that the outcome brings about a positive change in the sales strategy of the company. Selling through others saves a lot of money since the company in this case does not need to go from buyer to buyer, rather the products will reach to the potential buyers automatically or through the marketing chains. Example such as the company selling the goods to retailers is a type of “selling through others” process. Good profit amount by selling the products can also be ensured. This selling process is thereby important and advantageous as well.

Analyzing how these principles and techniques contribute to building and managing customer relationships:

These principles and techniques are all important and that leads to management of customer relationship since these are the ways that help in building connections with customers. Customer relationship is very important in nay business and in any sales management and thereby in this context also the aspect is quite same (Johnston and Marshall 2016).

The principles and techniques such as direct marketing including e-mail marketing, direct messages and others helps to form a constructive relationship with the potential customers and that is very significant in this context. A form of trust and transparency is formed through these techniques and that ultimately builds customer relationship (Chapman and Wahlers 2019). This relationship between the customers and the company is important for long run business as well.

Customer relationship is all about developing the relationship of the company with its customers and thereby several approaches are undertaken into the context (Chapman and Wahlers 2019). The technique such as digital marketing helps in grabbing the attention of the customers in the digital platform be it Facebook or Instagram and others and they get to know more about the company (Johnston and Marshall 2016). This is an approach towards customer relationship management and works effectively for the organization. Other techniques such as segmentation, targeting and positioning is also helpful in management of customer relationship.

This STP approach helps the company to research about the different views and perspectives of the customers and this helps the company to get in touch with them and thereby a customer relationship is formed at that point. The technique such as paid media advertising is also an approach towards customer management (Chapman and Wahlers 2019). It reaches out to the customers and stays connected with them. It brings in information and idea and knowledge about the product that the company is selling, in this case foaming hand wash. This sales technique is engaging and instantly draws the attention of the customers (Chapman and Wahlers 2019). It also draws the interest of the customers towards the product and a relationship is formed between the company and the customers.

The product as stated in the initial stage is a quality one and has social and environmental responsibility as well. It is through the television adverting that these point are highlighted and that helps in creating a bond with the customers and also their needs and requirements are looked after (Chapman and Wahlers 2019). This is how the relationship with the customers are formed and managed. Example from Emirates Airlines can be provided here (Johnston and Marshall 2016).

Emirates Airlines is a service based company and they manage customer relationship through quality services, digital advertising and marketing and also through offline advertising such as using hoardings, television commercials and others.

Evaluation of sales structure relevant to the product range:

The product range is mainly “foaming hand wash” and the sales structure of it mainly includes an estimation of the sales amount, the sales being done to retailers, distributors and customers as well. The sales structure is given below-

Buyers Sales Amount Wholesalers $15,456 Retailers $17,000 Distributors $16,765 Customers $27,987 The above chart gives an example of the sales structure and also provides a knowledge and information about the types of buyers that are there and how much sales the company does by selling the product, foaming hand wash to them (Johnston and Marshall 2016). The product range is single that is foaming hand wash that comes in power form and is sustainable in its use (Anderson et al. 2020). This foaming hand wash is sold to the different sections of buyers and a brief about that is already provided in this context along with the sales figure as well.

Implementation of different sales structures, illustrating with specific organizational examples:-

1) Different sales structures are followed by different organizations and a brief about that is provided in this context.

2) Sales structure such as product type sales, territorial sales, customer sales and others are mainly followed by the various organizations (Johnston and Marshall 2016).

3) For example the fast food brands of US such KFC, Burger King and others target at customer type sale.

4) This sale has the customers in its core.  

5) The brands like MAC, Clinique and others that sell their beauty ranges also focus towards focus customer base sales and that is an important example in this context.

6) However product type sales is also there and that includes the example of apparel brands such as Zara, Marks and Spencer, Vero Moda and others (Anderson et al. 2020).

7) These companies mainly focus on product based sales where product is the primary concern here or the primary focus here.

8) The companies aligns their sales process in such as way that the products are the main concern here and also at the same time the products influence the sales structure.

Conclusion and recommendation:-

The paper thereby talks about sales management and at the same time refer to the various types of selling techniques. The paper mainly talks about the sales management of a particular product that is foaming hand wash and that leads to discussion of other related ideas and notions in the context. It is recommended that the product is positively marketed and also at the same time the product is marketed through new techniques and ways or processes. It is recommended that market research is important and necessary here.


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