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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction

In any organisation, in terms of getting success, there is the main contribution of the manager of the project along with that the management office. The success of a project mainly depends on a proper project management office and project manager. Performance is mainly remarked as the dependent variable. The implementation of project management is aligned with the project management office to achieve the success in an organisation. In this introductory chapter, there is the description of the background of the study and the charcoal industry of Jordan. In addition to that, there is the research aim, research objective, significance as well as the rationale.

1.2 Background of the study

With the advent of intense competition in the commercial arena, different organisations are intending to achieve their organisational objectives in different ways. In this respect, it has been surfaced that the implementation of project management can play a significant role. In order to implement project management in an efficient way in an organisation, it is indispensable to have project management office. At this point, the role of a project manager becomes significant. In the current scenario, to implement project management to effectively accomplish organisational aims and objectives, it is essential to understand the role of a project manager and how could management office be utilised in the best way. After application of project management, the measurement of its success is another important activity of an organisation. Hence, it is high time to analyse the role of project manager and the project management office to understand the success measures of an organisation.

1.3 Background of the industry

Charcoal is one of the dominant cooking fuels in the households of Jordan. In Jordan, the sustainable project manager manages all the day to day activities with the help of project management office. Moreover, in Jordan, the roles of the project manager are highly variable as the tie passes by. The charcoal industry of Jordan becomes successful with the help of project manager as well as the project management office. The olive is seasonal so, it is not possible to produce charcoal on a regular basis. Moreover, the production of charcoal is creating the effect on the health of Jordan by polluting the air. The production of charcoal is causing an unstable forestry practice in the nearby regions which is creating a negative environmental impact on the surrounding areas. In Jordan the most common pollution is done because of the charcoal industry and the air is polluted to large extent.

1.4 Research rationale

In this report, the main issue that is found in Jordan is Charcoal is produced from the residue of olive which is seasonal. Olive being seasonal creates trouble for the charcoal industry of Jordan and it is creating a huge loss as well. In the opinion of Meng & Boyd (2017), Charcoal is also creating a huge amount of air pollution as well in the specific area. The use of olive worldwide is increasing and in this way, the use of residues is also in a rising trend. The production of charcoal from residues is a common way of converting the waste into usable products. In the year 2012-2013 alone, a total of 2.7 tons of olive oil was produced worldwide (feedingknowledge.net 2017).

The current topic related to the role of project manager and the project management office is a relevant topic as the success of the Jordanian charcoal industry is depending on the successful implementation of these two. The seasonal shortage of the olive residue can be handled properly with the application of these two in the charcoal industry. The issue is a big problem because it is creating a huge loss in the charcoal industry of Jordan. Moreover, the employees of charcoal industry are also greatly affected by this issue. As opined by Larson & Gray (2013), there is not a proper management in the charcoal industry of Jordan which is creating this issue bigger.

The issue is still going on in the charcoal industry of Jordan because there is no proper project manager and management office to tackle the issue. The issue is required to be handled with immense care but it is not provided because of lack of improper management. As per the view of Heldman (2015), in the charcoal industry, the duties of the team is not specified as well because of no presence of project manager and project management office.

The research sheds lights on the proper use of project manager and the project management office to achieve the success for a long run. The project manager in the charcoal industry has various duties to carry out such as they develop to plan as well budgeting of the processing of charcoal along with that selling of charcoal. In the view of Kerzner (2017), the project manager manages all the day to day activities for the sustainable production of charcoal. Moreover, the decrease in olive can also be managed by the project manager. The proper implementation of the project manager and project management office can decrease the issue that is faced by the charcoal industry in Jordan.

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