The resource management is simply defined as the process, which makes use of the available resources of the company in the possible appropriate manner in order to generate the business production. These are the resources, which are tangible for example, equipments, resources related to labor like workers, economical resources as well as goods. The management of resource also makes use of the ideas such as ensuring that business comprises of sufficient physical resources. It also checks if the abundant products aren’t wasted and also ensures the fact that the employees who are assigned to do the job are engaged with work, in order to maximize productivity. The purpose of the assignment is to determine the requirements of the resources, which are necessary to run the areas of the business as specified. The goal is to create an inventory of the business area and its existing resources and services. It also focuses on the resource requirements and improvement that might be needed in  the resource management systems. In addition, the assignment emphasizes on the acquiring as well allocation of the resources that is essential in the chosen area. Last but not the least, the purpose defines the monitoring as well as report making on resource usage in the business area. 

Assessment Task 1 - Determination of resource requirements in a business area

An investigation regarding the availability of the resources as well as the services in the student kitchen of the University of Golden Institute has been taken into consideration (Li et al., 2016). The resources that were available at the time of the time of the inspection includes the following:
Washing Equipment: The dish, as well as hand washing equipments, is one of the vital resources that is required while setting up of the kitchen (Ozcelik, 2016). These dishwashers maintain the temperature of water and dispense the liquid for washing dishes in an automatic manner. It is beneficial for the prevention of spreading of illness related to food.  
Refrigerators and Freezers: Refrigerators are considered one of the essential kitchen resources. The food items need to be stored at low temperature to avoid food wastage. Freezers are also necessary for long-term storage of food.
Prep tables: Regarded as standard equipment, is required in any kitchen and used for the food prepping, such as meat and products of poultry.
The other kitchen essentials found in student kitchen:
2.2. Discussion or other communication with the staff who operate and maintain the area and deal with common faults captured in notes or video or audio recording
The student kitchen comprises the kitchen and managerial staff members. On discussing with members associated with the kitchen, it was found that staffs comprise of 11 members, members of the faculty, as well as the students, take the responsibility of assisting meals. The common faults that need to be taken into notice that the improper functioning of the dishwasher. Next is the non-up gradation of the safety equipment. The OHS requires the use of the first aid in the kitchen in order to prevent any injuries. The presence of fire extinguisher is also mandatory.
2.3. Discussion or other communication with students and other users of the area 
The students and the faculty members of the business area of the campus usually dine together. The students of the boarding are being provided with 3 meals as well as snacks on the weekdays, including brunch on the weekends. 
2.4. Communication with the Operations Manager to identify the types and range of resources as well as budget. 
The operation manager takes the duty of budgeting in the area of business, cost controlling as wells as looking after the availability of the resources and the functioning of the kitchen. The operation manager holds the responsibility to track the financial profit or loss that occurs and makes an estimate of the services as well as resources that need to be checked.
Space/premises: The organization of the kitchen space is done in open design, which provides a home-like an ambience in the dining space.
Small equipment/ machinery: The machinery in the kitchen includes safety equipment, such as first aid kit box as well as a fire extinguisher.
Technological equipment: The technological equipment in the kitchen is refrigerator and freezer. 
Software: The kitchen design software refers to properly equipped kitchen space, comprising of all the necessary equipment and designed according to user convenience.  
Stock and supplies: The kitchen design software refers to the kitchen appliances such as utensils, saucepan, knives, chopping board etc.
Raw materials: The raw materials in the kitchen is denoted as the food items like vegetables, fish, poultry products, unprocessed meat etc. 
Storage space: The refrigerator and the freezers act as storage equipment in the student kitchen. 
OHS issues and service provider: The OHS requires the use of the first aid in the kitchen in order to prevent any injuries. The presence of fire extinguisher is also mandatory (Ozcelik, 2016). 
Staffing to operate the area: The student kitchen comprises the kitchen and managerial staff members. The staffs comprise of 11 members, members of the faculty, as well as the students, take the responsibility of assisting meals.
Security in the area: Safety kit is present in the kitchen, which acts as a precaution for any injury caused in the kitchen.
Staff amenities: The staffs who are involved in cooking are being provided safety shoes and clothing, which are non-conductors of heat. 
Service providers: The operational managers, the kitchen staffs are the service providers.


The assignment discusses the resource management in the student kitchen. From this assignment, determination of resource requirements in a business area can be evaluated. The assignment also helps in the identification of the resource or service purchase recommended in the business area, that is the student kitchen. It also discusses the process in which equipment and supplies usage are monitored and recorded.  The orders according to the list of the products required by the kitchen resource management need to be checked by the management staffs of the kitchen. In terms of running the kitchen, it is necessary to focus the issue of controlling costs of the kitchen materials. It can be said that in order to run a kitchen, it is necessary to assess a cost of buying the raw materials in order to cook.

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