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Research paper




            This study will be focusing on the two weeks that have been chosen for the completion of the project. The Week 3 will be focusing on the five activities that have been conducted, and this will speak on the corporate culture and strategy, the acknowledgement of organisational culture, corporate practices and cultures that are instilled in HRM practices. It will also highlight the corporate culture of Toyota and the problems faced inside the organisation and the use of cultural web and its practice in realism.

Week 3


The first goings-on has exposed the knowledge about commercial background and approach. It has moreover shown the ideas that had been pulled out from the prearranged e-learning activity and these suggestions had been applied to another organisation. Examples were advised to present for experiences and an assortment of culture types regarding a consumer or an employee of an organisation. The corporation that would be taken into consideration would be the Adventure Tours Australia. It has been seen that the company used a hierarchical corporate culture and their organisational representation was based on very evidently distinct corporate levels and configurations. This company chose a sort of organisational structure in which items are graded according to levels of significance. The alignment of the corporate culture and strategies is related to doomed company culture and the culture trumps strategy every time (Situational Factors, 2018). 

The second activity was in determining the definition of culture. This activity was aimed to determine what organisational culture is, why the culture within an organisation is important, and why it varies according to different people. According to me, it varies as different organisation carries on its operations in different ways, and the ideas and stratagems are exceptionally expected to be different in each case. When asked about the preferred definition of organisational culture, I would suggest the fooling definition. “Organizational culture takes in principles and conducts that put in to the exceptional community and psychosomatic surroundings of an association.” It is a very specific definition as this explains every aspect of the organisational culture within a company and talks about the values and conducts of the people of an organisation.

The third activity was based on the variation of corporate culture instilled in HRM practices and consumer satisfaction. The activity h staked about Zappos and the way in which it helps to abide by the culture of the company. When asked about the advantages that can be faced by the company if a culture-based approach is implemented, according to my perception, culture builds brand identity. Not only does it affect the brand personality, but it also presents in increasing loyalty among employees and the customers (gothamCulture, 2018). It also helps to retain the talents within an organisation and advocate out of an employee at all times.

The fourth activity is based on the corporate culture of Toyota and the problem of promoting its culture. For this reason, the corporate structure of Toyota has been discussed in detail and fact; it had to be determined how the culture of Toyota is like. The culture had to be described using the seven dimensions of organisational culture (Using cultural models for changing the corporate culture - Change Factory, 2018). The last activity was regarding the use of cultural web and models for the alteration of corporate culture. According to me, the ideas and the perceptions of the author are perfect, and the company needs to change the corporate culture according to the ones presented in the article (The relationship between corporate culture and strategy, 2013). The uses of using typology are that it increases the chance of a sustainable environment within the organisation and would also help to increase the loyalty of the employees as well as of the customers.

Week 5


            The week 5 had been completed by conducting two activities, and all the perceptions and key discussions had been described according to the activities done before, and these ideas are used for the reflection to be done for the project. The first activity has focused on the milligram experiment and the psychology inside the organisation. The milligram experiment was conducted to determine the disagreement among compliance with power and individual principles. Real pain can be inflicted on other human being in terms of physical, mental and emotional contacts. The person has to show the perspective that the person has and that he/she is right from that perspective. The person has to be able to manipulate the thoughts of the other person and have to define him the angles that the person has (Simply Psychology, 2018).

 The person can teach them the aspects in a formal and physical way too, but the aim of this inflictions must be done with the aim of avoiding violence and solving the conflicts, keeping everyone’s ideas in mind. The last activity was based on the Solomon Asch and Group Conformity. When asked whether my decision-making reflects an objective process, I give a positive answer to it. All objectives have to be prearranged in such a way that it becomes easy to achieve the objectives. The decision-making process is based on these objectives. The desire of the group has to be followed according to the norms of the group, and all the team members have to be conforming to these norms (Gearin, 2012). The situational factors that can enable a group to exert pressure strong enough to change a member’s attitude and behaviour are innovative interactional factors, personal characteristics of the participants, time factors, contents of the group, the moderator and the inside environment.



From the above study, it has been seen that the two weeks, week 3 and week 5, has been selected for the conclusion of the assignment. The Week 3 will be a centre of attention and will spotlight on the five actions that have been carried out. It will have a word on the business culture and strategy, the acknowledgement of organisational ethnicity, commercial practices and background that are infused in HRM practices. It will too draw attention to the business background of Toyota and the tribulations faced in the organisation and the exercise of cultural web and its performance in realism.

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