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Research and Skills Assignment Help

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Task 1:-

My Personal Skills:-

a.    Strategic thinking-

     I have strategic thinking skill, I form strategies analyzing the scenario, the future lies ahead and can adapt to the changing environment. I am proactive and always prepared for the future

b.   Decision making-

I am good at decision making, I specify the desired outcome first and use available data and carry out SWOT analysis in order to make decisions

c.     Multi-tasking-

I am efficient at performing a number of tasks simultaneously, with efficiency and sincerity

d.   Time management-

      I am good at time management. I make a list of the task I want to perform in a targeted time period and allocate time to each task with proper assessment and I sincerely abide by the planning I make .          

e.   Flexibility-

    I am flexible at my work, I adjust my opinion, my decisions and my working plan in accordance with the changing environment

My Personal Weaknesses:-

a.  Stress management-

I am a bit weak at stress management. I often get tensed under huge workload or increasing pressure. I try to keep calm and manage my work with patience but often fail to give my best when I am under pressure.

b.  Risk aversion-

I have a huge aversion towards taking risk

c.  I often feel shy and face problems while leading in teamwork

Targets to Improve Personal Skills:-

      a.      To overcome my weakness in stress management

      -         I will take yoga classes

      -        I will maintain a “to do” list and array the tasks according to my priority and set a targeted  time to         complete  task

      -        I will learn to say “no” and will not undertake the task on request that is beyond my capability

            To improve my leadership skill in group activities

 1.      I will improve communication skill

 2.     Motivate other team members and involve them more in group activities

 3.     Lead them to the right path to achieving our goals.

 4.     Team up with positive people

 5.     Reward group members based on performance to encourage them

 6.     Maintain transparency within the group

My Academic Skills:

     a.   Paraphrasing- I am good at rewording, I can use appropriate words to express an idea with more clarity.

     b.   Effective reading- I am a smart and focused reader. I connect to the text, I analyze what I read, I summarize my thought on the read

     c.   Writing essays- I am good at writing essays and elaborate my concisely

     d.  Efficient note taking- I am efficient at taking fast notes of vital points when I listen to a lecture or read something. I can concisely write down the gest of what I need to keep a record of and can identify the facts easily that I need to take note of.

     e.    Summarizing- I am good at expressing the gest of a broad idea concisely. I can summarize things with efficiency and can retain the entire idea in of an essay in a very few words.

My Academic Weaknesses:

a.  Numbers and operations-

I am quite good at mathematics, but often face difficulties in performing certain mathematical operations.

b.     Communication-

     I am good at speaking, writing and reading but I do have some weakness regarding my listening skill.  I also feel I need to work on my body language

Targets to Improve My Academic Skills:

1. In order to improve my mathematical skill

·       I will be working on attaining knowledge of different types of numbers, their operations etc.

·       I will exercise mathematical problems regularly

·    I will practice using mathematical arguments and logic to justify the truth of a statement and develop reasoning skill

2. To improve paraphrasing skills-

       ·       I will work on my vocabulary to improve my understanding of the paragraph that I will paraphrase

       ·       I will practice summarizing the entire idea of a paragraph concisely

3. Being a slow reader I will use some ‘speed reading tips”

     ·       I will be practicing the “scanning method” in which one needs to take a glance at the reading material and identify the key points to develop a concise idea

       ·       I will practice the “Tracker and pacer method”, in which I will place the pen with its cap on, under the line I am reading which will help me to focus.

English Skills:

a.     Speaking skill-

       I am quite fluent in speaking English. I work regularly on improving my vocabulary and my accent. I      can easily express my thought in English.

b.     Writing skill-

I can express my thoughts clearly through writing. I can write an essay correctly and most of the time do not make any grammatical error.

c.      I am quite good at grammar. I have developed an interest in English grammar and can easily form sentences that are grammatically correct.

English Weaknesses:

     a.      I lack in my English listening skill. I often fail to understand English when the speaker is very fast at speaking.

     b.     I need to work on my vocabulary. I do understand most of the commonly used words in English but often fail to understand certain words.

      c.      I do not get much chance to communicate in English and to practice. So often it becomes difficult for me to determine my strength and weakness in English.

 Targets to Improve English Skills:

1.     I will try to listen to English news and watch English movies to improve my listening skill.

2.     I will join our “English language club” to practice English with my friends

3.     I will read more of English books

4.     In order to enrich my vocabulary, I will try to learn 5 new words, their synonyms and antonyms per day. I will keep notes of the words I learn and will; make sentences using them

 Task 2:-

A good note taking skill is a must to gather keep a record of important points from a lecture, an announcement or speech one listens to or an essay or any other reading materials they read.

I try my best to concentrate and listen to the lectures and take notes of the gest or the important factors that I need to collect and use in my writing in future.

For example, I attended a lecture recently on “The difference between Merger and Acquisition”



Notes Based on Listening to the Lecture:

      A.    Merger-

-        two firms joining to form a new single entity

-        New ownership

-        Joining firms exercise own power independently

-        The merger does not require cash or monetary transaction

      B.    Acquisition

-        The takeover of one firm by another

-        Cash required

-        Power goes to the firm taking over another

Article on “Titanic” that was provided


My Notes Based on Reading this Article:

     1.     Titanic was a passenger ship

     2.     Took 3 years to be constructed

     3.     Started from England towards New York City

     4.     The ship collided with an iceberg on the very first voyage which killed 1517 passengers

     5.     The reason behind high casualty-

a.      A lower number of lifeboats compared to the number of passengers

b.     “Women and children first” protocol

c.      Continued to move with full speed in spite of getting information regarding iceberg ahead

     6.  Most of the survivors were the 1st class passengers Of 1517 only 306 bodies could be found

Paraphrasing and Summarizing

The paragraph that was provided - https://owl.english.purdue.edu/exercises/28/12/33

"The Antarctic is the vast source of cold on our planet, just as the sun is the source of our heat, and it exerts tremendous control on our climate," [Jacques] Cousteau told the camera. "The cold ocean water around Antarctica flows north to mix with warmer water from the tropics, and its upwelling’s help to cool both the surface water and our atmosphere. Yet the fragility of this regulating system is now threatened by human activity." From "Captain Cousteau," Audubon (May 1990):17.

My Answer:

Jacques Cousteau draws attention to the importance of the Antarctic which controls the Earth’s climate to a great extent. He expressed his fear that human activities have become a major threat to the natural mechanism of the Antarctic which is the vital source of cold and it cools both the atmosphere and water as it gets mixed with warmer water of tropics.

Task 3

Recently I carried out a research on the “Effects of Inventory Management in the Working Capital Management of the Pharmaceutical Industry of UK”.

Firstly, I generated the research idea

Secondly, I accumulated information

Thirdly, I set objectives for conducting the research.

Fourthly, Analyzed information

Finally, I prepared the following research report.


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