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Reflective Writing Assignment

Reflective Writing Assignment

Reflective Writing Assignment


1. Evaluating the effectiveness of experience of learning

The learning experience from the research study showing the impact of social networking in Australia acts as powerful evidence. Studying and analysing the impact of social networking on Woolworths in Australia had created a pathway by which I have gathered certain insights required for enriching my accounting profession.

As per Jarzabkowski and Whittington, (2016, p.248), the engagement in the study of Social Networking had enhanced the knowledge regarding its impact on the business of Australia. As per my opinion, I have experienced the concept and determined the strategy required for making improvement by taking knowledge from the issues arising there from. From the research material, I have confronted the situation which is stimulating the issues and making the competition more complex. The learning emphasised the impact of social networking on the business of Woolworths. Therefore, as per my opinion, this learning experience has helped in understanding the issues confronted by the business while utilising social marketing, which further has helped in enriching the accounting profession (Dane and Sonenshein, 2015, p.74).

I have gained some valuable experience which would further help me in enriching the future expectancy and growth in my career. I have learned the objectives and concept of social networking in the business and the challenges faced by Woolworths in Australia. The values of the experience are stated below

  1. I have learned the benefits and the downside of the social networking.
  2. By discovering the advantages and disadvantages of the social networking I concluded the solution for recovering the problem of the social networking.
  3. I have gained knowledge stating the rules as to how to make the business secure.

2. Explain the usefulness of learning process in future career

According to Wlodkowski and Ginsberg, (2017, p.81), the learning process involves various methods like chatting, searching online, or video suggestion and sharing the communication online and offline.

Course: The methods I have used in creating the research assessment on social networking is followed by the lecture, searching online and retrieving the related journals. I have used this process of learning which could benefit even in my future career as it enhances the knowledge of online searching and helps in gaining better and quicker information.

As per McCutcheon and Martin, (2015, p.255), the process of learning had focused on the performances of the Woolworths. It provided the knowledge of applying the strategy in bringing behavioural changes for lasting empowerment.

Program- I have seen that different techniques used for creating the report, has helped me in collecting the evidence of the professional aspects that form the best option for ranking the project efficiency has been highlighted. The study of social networking would assists in the future assessment of trends and enables the policy maker in identifying educational values and outcome related to the economy and social factors.

Future Career- From the study, I have gained some innovative techniques which could be applicable to other topics for research and findings. After studying and preparing the report, I could segregate the issues which are vital and less important. I wanted to know why some of the technique is not applicable and others are suitable for solving the networking issues.

According to Huang and Chiu, (2015, p.437), Solving such questions would benefit the practitioner in management and solving the similar problem arising in a case or in circumstances. As the research and finding enhance the learning knowledge, I believe that accountable process would be introduced that helps the reader in gaining the solution of the issues and makes the further recommendation for improvement. 

Life- As per my knowledge, the study of social Networking and its impact on the business could help in utilising the same for improving the profession related to accounting where the impact of one issue on the business becomes vital for further analysis. Effective changes in the usage of social networking and lifestyle of the consumer have been highlighted (Handfield and Petersen, 2015, p.17).

3. Describe the objective of a learning process

The objective of the study describes the process involved in preparing the report on the impact of social networking in Australia. The report identifies the challenges posed by the social network on the company Woolworth, Australia.

What I did- While preparing the report I have searched the online data regarding the social networking which is vastly used by me for improving the strength in communicating the issues and problems faced by the customers. As per the retrieved online annual report, I also found the loopholes of Woolworths due to improper communicating strategy. The ill-structured communication resulted in the less promotion of business and lower quality of management.  I have been able to understand the tactics for identifying the issues that have created an ability to make the use of this quality for improving my decision-making skills beforehand. I tried to research on the relevant topic by using the journals, books and some collective data which is not much popular but based on the recent criteria and knowledge.  

What I see and hear- As per Dane and Sonenshein, (2015, p.74), in the report of social networking and its impact on Woolworths it is found that the company had less communicative skill. I have observed by findings that the business structure of Woolworths requires further improvement due to a lesser interaction of the company within the market factors and its consumers. In the report, I have focused on the process of stimulating the factors needed for promoting and enhancing the Woolworths business. Now I can successfully demonstrate the related topic by my skill in creating in-depth knowledge about the subject more elaborately.

4. Describe how business research has been useful in the learning process

The research on the business project of Woolworths provides the knowledge of the level of impact of the social media on the business. It also gave the innovative ideas of managing the problems arise from the internal and external factors of the market had its impact on the business of the organization.

As per Cunliffe et al. (2016, p.747), from the related topic of social networking and research on the business of Woolworths I have learned the strategy for solving the issues by adopting the qualitative and quantitative approaches of researchers. The proper data collection and its analysis are required for aggregating the problem and finding the solution, problems which are expected to arise when forming a new organization, the procedure, and stages involved in the registration of the organisation and the risk involved therefore with the promotion of the company business. The research on the relevant topics has involved some stages, I have learned the steps and terms used and followed for research on the topics which assist me in demonstrating the problems and findings its solution easily without delaying time. It has helped in learning the different methods to be used for collecting response which has further helped in improving the learning process.

5. Describe the reason for a learning process

I have observed that the learning keeps the people indulge in the lifelong process which benefits in upbringing the interest of learning. The learning improves the basic knowledge and vocabulary which I have experienced from the above report study.

The reason I particularly did the assignments for observing the level of impact on the business due to social networking. The preparation of report individually helps in determining the impact of the social media individually on the business. By the individual study of a report, I could indulge myself in various types of learning techniques and process which ascertained the benefits, level of impact, effective strategy formulation and challenges posed by the social media and networking on the business of Woolworths.

According to Werner and Hyde, (2015, p.174), the process of learning involved both approaches of quantitative research and qualitative research. The quantitative research relied upon the sampling and collection of data for presenting the challenges and impact level on business. The qualitative approach to research in learning process involved the analysing and interpreting the sample and data collected for proofing the case study.

6. Explain the plan of application of the learning process in future

According to Hancock and Algozzine, (2016, p.58), from the above researchers, the objectives of learning and the technique involved in the learning process could be utilised for future professional career improvement. The interesting method of learning involves the physical and practical indulgence which remains in the insight forever and this could be further applied to the issues if aroused in future. I gained the knowledge of online research of data collection for determining the reason, issues, and methods of eliminating the problem required for proper functioning and promotion of business using social media.

As per Werner and Hyde, (2015, p.174), the study of social networking and its impact on Woolworths involved various statistical data which can help in understanding the customer's feedbacks thereby prioritising the future improved strategies for the betterment of the business. It also can be used as the strategy for solution. Thus by the reflective analysis on the learning process, I acknowledged the usage of the elements for accounting and using the strategy in solving the similar issues arises there from.


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