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Reflective Journal Assignment Help

What happened/what did I do?

On my firsdt day of placement, it was really good. Because i got to speak to allot of kids and got to hear a lot of things from them. It was fun even though i was very nervous at first because i wasn't sure of what to do. It was fun!

How do I feel/do I feel now?

I feel very happy that i was able to experience working with children. I'm glad that i had a part in making a child's day better.

What went well/ what went not so well?

What went well was that the children were very happy and encouraging. I was able to communicate and build friendship with the educators of the workplace and the kids too! What didn't go well would be perhaps my lack of confidence in my self.

What improvements do you need to make?

Next time in order to fullfill my role fully i need to be confident and be able to communicate a lot by asking questions frequently.

What did i Learn?

I learn't that working in this industry does require a lot of patience and a caring attitude toward children. It has helped me to realise how hard it can be to raise a kid in a suitable environment. Along with that it has taught me to be more caring.

What are my next steps?

My next step will be to try and work hard and be more proffesional in providing care.Later on i willl love to do a diploma of child care.

a) Reflective Journal Entry 1

Describe how you used routines to undertake intentional teaching and see opportunities for spontaneous learning e.g. extending with counting or colours During group times, at meal times etc. (Intentional teaching is thoughtful, informed and deliberate).

During pack up time.

I encourage children to manage person belongings and dailyroutine.

I used open handed questions to support children angecy and decision making.

I encourage verbally and non veraby to continue with what they doing.

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Francine provided examples of when you used Intentional teaching and spontaneous learning with the children? Did it go well? How could you improve the experience next time etc.?

b) Reflective Journal Entry 2

List the organisational policies and procedures that link to observation and planning requirements and reflect on how you included them in assessment 2.

Children health and safety policy: children where supervised and free from harm.

Child protection policy: every child was protect.

Child safe environment policy: the centre have dayly checklist for the evrionmet.

Francine you will need to refer to the BRCC’s Policy for Program and Planning you could also refer to the Privacy and Confidentiality Policy??? Then give examples of how you included these in AT2.

c) Reflective Journal Entry 3

Reflect on how you provided or observed children exploring a range of concepts that stimulated their cognitive development, including a range of materials, resources, technologies and experiences to explore and problem-solve to stimulate cognitive development.

I provided an activity that can stimulated children cognitive development.

I asked children question to help them to think for themselve. Example which toys should we pick up fisdt when we clean up the room? Why is it important to work slowly in the room?

By asking children’s question they learn how to solve problem.

Francine this is a good start but needs to be extended – perhaps you could refer to the questions above to help write this reflection.

d) Reflective Journal Entry 4

Reflect on how you encouraged the children to show respect and regard for others individual differences

I did this by reading a book about diferences.

adding a postors in the playing area of different families and colours.

Having a group discussing about what makes everyone different and how they can accept one another.

e) Reflective Journal Entry 5

Reflect on the strategies you used to join in children's play and social experiences.

i did this by getting down on they level and asking what they are doing and engage in the ectivity. example when a child is playing with the puzzle, I sat down with them and support them with their effort and giving them hints on where the puzzle pieces may go.

What strategies did you use to join in the play – did these strategies work? Could you do it better next time? Do you need to change the way you approach children’s play – these are some questions you can ask yourself to assist with the reflection.

f) Reflective Journal Entry 6

Your last journal entry can summarise all that you have experienced and learnt throughout the completion of your VPC.

In summary I've learnt how to ensure that i'm being a good carer that children will be comfortable with and also how to build friendship with all types of childrns and families.

I've also learnt to always focus on the children's well being and safety by first setting a good example my self. In addition to that i've come to realise that working with children does require a lot of patience, but with willingness to make the childrens happy, anything can be achived.

I have learned a lots while working in childcare.

Now I have a full knowledge and experiences that i will be taking in my next step.

This is a good start Francine however you will need to extend using the above questions as a guide to help write your summary of all you have learnt on placement.

Use following questions is a guide to assist in writing your reflective journal entries.

 What happened/what did I do?

 How do I feel/do I feel now?

 What went well?/ What went not so well?

 What improvements can be made?

 What did I learn (professional reflection)?

Please revisit all (6) Reflections and complete a spell check before submitting as your reflections have quite a few spelling errors.

I would suggest you make an appointment with Lesley to support you and explain my feedback.

Re-submit all (6) Reflections

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