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The entire assignment is written by review the Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle to get a proper understanding of the leadership dilemmas linked with breathing problems.


Here, I am going to describe the previous experience that I experienced as a medical practitioner in a hospital. Some years back, there was a patient named Ray Palmer aged 25 came to our hospital with his parents at night near about 9 pm with some breathing trouble. Though it was summer and he doesn’t have any previous record of asthma, the breathing trouble was quite unusual. His parents thought it was normal and will be pacified within some speculated time. However, sooner they understood the poor are suffering from breathlessness and increased heartbeat. The patient came to us with the complaint of tightness and pain in the chest that caused the shortness of breath in him. While arriving, the patient was coughing continuously, waving frantically and wheezing also. The registered nurse informed us that he was suffering from bronchus spasm, increased heart rate and increased secretion of mucous within him. However, he also said that if he was not cured properly the respiratory distress can be set in within him. The patient was given beta2 agonists with a nebuliser that help him in lessening his trouble for the short period of time and the problems again rose after that. That was a life-threatening experience and being the most senior registered nurse our colleague may be become confused and delayed in taking decisions. The registered nurse was asked me to take the most appropriate decision as he was confused.

I don’t know exactly what was happening and what he was thinking he was confused as also in delivering medication to the poor boy. Though, the situation came under control after giving some oral medication composed of steroids, methyl xanthenes and anticholinergic (Chattopadhyay and Chowdhury 2016). Later he was diagnosed with some allergens those resulted in his physical conditions. The family was informed about that particular types of products those the patient was allergic with and was asked to avoid these materials. Though, firstly, I was overwhelmed, when the nurse asked the appropriate step and I feel proud for standing up for the most accurate in the right time.


This part of the assignment is going to discuss the reflection on the variations of feelings those are going in my mind at that point in time.That was a life-threatening experience for me and I was facing it for the first time in my medical career. While the registered nurse declared if the patient was not cured immediately he may start the respiratory distress that is a serious thing it becomes worse. Facing a critical situation always felt both positive and negative impact on an individuals’ life. The registered nurse delayed in taking the right decisions about medication, it can be presumed that being the only senior personnel present in the premises the colleague is confused and feared to take the ultimate decisions. The situation showed both positive and negative ways and also the importance of the leadership in the medical profession.


Experiences from this incident showed both positive and negative part of the medical life. Firstly, it introduced some kinds of gut feeling or precisely confidence within me that encourages myself in taking the right decisions at the time. As described by Watson (2014), medical professions are nothing but a caring system that demands, courage, proper decision making and quick response. On another hand, the leadership abilities within me also help in that critical time for motivating others. Besides channelling others’ thoughts towards individuals’ aims and vision motivating others is the most important part of the leadership (Shamir and Eilam-Shamir 2018). However, the urgency of the situation also created some negativity like short time helplessness, confusion at work.


Though there are some negative facts, I can evaluate the above situation overall positively after experiencing such a situation. From this situation, I got to know many necessary those are important for handling stressful situations in both personal and professional life. While others including the nurse are getting confused and tensed about the situation, the seeking of the suggestions from the registered nurse gave me the extra mileage and confidence to me. Here, I would also like to acknowledge the good leadership pattern that was summed the quick wellbeing of the patient. As described by Fairhurst and Connaughton (2014), leadership in any situations foster the proper and on time growth of both parties by considering their motives. So, proper mentoring from the colleagues helps here in overcoming the situations. On another hand, an appropriate leadership also helps in controlling the emotions by effective handling the stressful situations. As opposed by Bolman and Deal (2017), an effective leadership style is must necessary among the medical practitioners as it provides strength, courage and delivers the positivity in controlling the stressful conditions with ease. Thus, experiencing this situation help me in nurturing myself with valuable experiences those help me in both professional and personal life afterwards.


The above assignment illustrated a situation, where I have witnessed some mixed leadership experiences from a registered nurse. Besides a short briefing of the previous experiences, it described my good and bad feelings for that particular situation. The writing also evaluated and analysed the status of mentorship and leadership in that situation and writes down some practical action plans to overcome this type of situation in future.

Action Plan

1. I will enrich myself with more academicals knowledge that will help me by giving confidence and strength in handling the stress. It will also help me in taking appropriate decisions at the time of urgency that may save the patients more effectively.

2. I will also try to decorate my interpersonal skill like communication for exchanging the views of the patients more appropriately. It always said effective communication from the doctors or other medical practitioners in the hospital works better than the medicines (Shamir and Eilam-Shamir 2018). I will try to hear them and understand them about their grief and pain that will help them in pacifying mentally.


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