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Redefining Workplace Learning Assignment

Redefining Workplace Learning Assignment

Redefining Workplace Learning Assignment

The training for the staff in corporate offices has evolved as a trend these days. The companies are recruiting the staff and then training them according to their requirements. This helps the companies in providing the staff with the knowledge that will be helpful for the company. This is the scenario in almost all the companies. Usually in olden days the companies used to hire the employees who have enough knowledge in the particular field that is useful for the company but the situation has been changed and now the companies are hiring skillful employees and then they are training them in the respective fields. Experts give the training to the employees.

Training the employees is very important for any organization in order to achieve the organizational goals. The training is emerged as a most important thing in the business world as with the help of this training the efficiency in the staff is increased rapidly. The performance of an employee in an organization depends upon various factors and training is one such important factor. The employees will get hand on experience because of this training. This will help in enhancing their skill as well as improve their knowledge. Training is a systematic approach of learning and developing the skills that one possess. There is a very tough competition in the market and it is important for the companies to have employees who are enough skilled and talented to help the company to get through any hard situations and achieve the organizational goals. The training is considered as an act of the intervention to improve the quality of the services and goods provided by a company in the competition by improving the skills of the employees.

The main reason for providing this training is employee development. The development is must for any employee and with this training it can be achieved without any fuss. The knowledge on the latest technologies and other things that are important for the company is very pivotal for the employee and he must acquire them in order to get succeeded in the company, this is the reason why the training is provided so that the employees will be industry ready and gives their best for the company. The employee development is gaining huge importance in the industry and it became one of the key attribute. So the organizations started investing in the development of the employees.

Any organization can be successful if and only if the employee is productive. The productive employees are must for any organization and the success of the organization is dependent on them. The perfect training will enhance the talent of the employees and incorporate them with great knowledge. The training is going to make the employees more productive and perfect. The productive employee is going to influence the market as well as the sales of the organization. The organizations are investing huge amount in the training of their employees so that this training will bring the best out of them.

In any field, for any organization the training and development plays a huge role. The productivity of the employees and the return of investment of the company both depend upon the skillful employees only. The extensive training provided to the employee is going to bring in a huge profit in the near future for the company. There are various factors that influence an employee performance and training is also one such factor. If the employee is provided with perfectly focused training then he can surely give his hundred percent for the work. The companies are going to get a huge profit with such trained employees.

As said earlier the human resource is the back bone of any company and providing them with the necessary training is going to support the company in various fields. For any employee it is not easy to work at a new place without any proper guidance or training. The training provided by the organization is going to aid the company in various ways. If the organization have a properly designed training, then the staff of the company will definitely get the chance to work their hundred percent (Tahir et al. 2014.). The companies must train their employees in order to sustain the competition present in the market. The training of the employees is going to get huge return on investments.

Every organization have human resource department which hires the new staff and takes care of their training and performance development. Each and every company depends upon its human resource for the work and it is mandatory for them to train perfectly so that they can be useful for the organization. In any field there is a huge competition among the organizations. The skillful employees are on high demand. There are some thousands of courses in the market and so many skills for the employees to learn about. Even though the organizations hire good employees it is important for them to train the employee perfectly so that they can provide their best for the organization. The companies are investing a lot of amount in the training of these employees.

There are various budget constraints in this issue but despite all of them, the companies are trying their level best to provide the good class training for the employees. Hiring a good trainer is very important for the organization because only a good trainer can develop the skills of the employees and bring the best out of them. A good and skillful trainer will charge more amounts usually and the organization have to bear the amount in order to support the employees with the training.

The human resource department will help the company with the design of the training. From design to the implementation of training, everything will be taken care with the help of the human resource department. A perfect framework must be created for the training and the human resource department should make sure that the framework is implemented perfectly.

The budgeting for the training is the very important consideration. From hiring the trainer for the classes and arranging necessary equipment, there are many things that need huge investments (Falola et al. 2014). Sometimes the experienced employee of the company will be allotted as trainer for the new employees. The organizations don’t mind spending some more amounts on this training even if they are in the crisis. The main reason for this is to withstand the competition with the help of highly trained staff.

The budget will help in the allocation of the amount for each resource required for the training. It is important to link this budget with the work requirements in order to get the cost of the training under control. Even though the company allows the employees from human resource department to spend as much as amount required on the training, it will be the responsibility of the employees to cut down the costs as much as possible for the betterment of the companies. The companies have the organizational goals which can be achieved only with the talented employees. To achieve these organizational goals the companies are ready to spend a little bit of extra amount on the employee training too.

According to Bergenhenegouwen (2014), A separate line in the annual budget is allotted for the training of employees in any business organization. These are some of the things that must be included in the training budget costs.

·         The initial communication that is required for the training program

·         The training delivery that includes classes, e- learning courses, tutorials, course fees.

·         The material required for training, for example videos and work books.

·         The time required for the staff (for hiring or for replacing)

·         The fee charged by the instructor

·         Accommodation, traveling and food expenses during this training period

·         The on going training and

·         Contingencies

 After designing the budget carefully it must be approved and after getting the approval the money allotted for the training must be spent with utmost care by the company. This is one of the very important attribute as spending more money on this training is also a risk for the company. The proper finance management is very important in order to make sure that the training costs are on track and are working perfectly. This is one of the huge requirements for any company and it is important that the training for employees is done with proper care.

The situation of student sitting in the room and taking notes has become past and now with the advancement in the technology there are various changes in the training also. The organizations should also focus on the modern day training and should make sure that the employees get enough knowledge through the modern means. Incorporating e-learning or online courses and providing e- notes are one of the ways to modernize the training system of a company (Sung and Choi, 2014.). The effective training program can be implemented with the use of latest technologies and this is easier process. Providing the staff with tablets instead of note books is one of the main changes that must be required in the industry.

Learning online is one of the easiest and cost effective ways for the employees. A newly hired employee doesn’t have any knowledge about the industry thus using these modern techniques to train them will make the learning more interesting and easier. This is one of the cost effective technique too. Usually hiring an instructor from outside or asking one of the experienced employee to train the new employees is going to cost a lot of amount for the company or going to waste the time of an experienced employee but approaching the online training classes will save both time and money as well.

Hiring the instructor who provides the courses online is very cheaper when compared to hiring an instructor offline. So hire a professor and play the video with the help of a projector (Bergenhenegouwen, 2016). This will surely save some amount and the recorded video can be played as many times as required for better understanding for the employees. In this way incorporating the latest technologies in training the employees is going to make a change for sure.

Not only the training hall, should the company have learning atmosphere everywhere which inspires the employees to learn more even after the training is completed. According to a survey it has been stated that the job satisfaction plays a huge role on the performance of the company (Noe and Wilk, 2013), so in order to get the best performance from the employees it is important to keep them motivated everyday and provide them with the skillful knowledge The workplace training should look like a fun task for the employees rather than something serious. There are a lot of precautions that must be taken by the companies in order to make the training more intriguing for the employees. To get the productive results it is important for the organization to provide a friendly environment for the employees.

Training and development is very important for the betterment of any organization. The organizations usually make huge effort in making their employees more productive. The skillful employees are very important for any organization irrespective of the field and the training will aid in the better working of the employees. It will enhance the talent and skills present in an employee and make them industry ready.

The competition present in the market shows how important it is for the companies to have highly trained employees. The companies are investing huge amounts in training their employees. Sometimes the staffs who are working in the company are also trained so that they can adapt the latest technological changes as well. There are huge benefits of training the employees for a company.


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