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Recruitment Process assignment help

Recruitment Process assignment help

Academic Misconduct:

Any act of Academic Misconduct will be seriously dealt with according to the College’s and awarding bodies’ regulations. Academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to, the following: Verbatim (word for word) quotation without clear acknowledgement, cutting and pasting from the Internet without clear acknowledgement, collusion, inaccurate citation and failure to acknowledge assistance. Plagiarism is presenting someone’s work as your own. It includes copying information directly from the web or books without referencing the material; submitting joint coursework as an individual effort; copying another student’s coursework; stealing coursework from another student and submitting it as your own work. Suspected plagiarism, and any other cases of suspected academic misconduct, will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the College procedure. (For further details please refer to 5o.i the Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure; 5o.ii Academic Misconduct Student Guide; Academic Good Practice Handbook, all available on HELP.)

Assignment Guidelines:

• The submission must be in the specific format(s) as specified in the assignment brief instructions. This could be a variety of formats such as report, essay, presentation, poster etc.

• The assignment must be submitted in a MS Word© format, or equivalent. A PDF submission will be classed as a Non-Submission

• Use a standard report or essay structure (if specified), word-process the report and use a normal script of font size 10 to 11. Line spacing 1.5. Pages should be numbered and include a Table of Contents where appropriate.

• The overall word limit of 3,000 to 3,500 words is recommended, although you will not be penalised for exceeding the word count.

• Complete the title page and sign the statement of authenticity (see above). These details should be included in the front page of your assignment.

• All work should be comprehensively referenced and all sources must be fully acknowledged, such as books and journals, websites (include the date of visit), etc.

• Include a References/Bibliography at the end of the assignment. Use the Harvard referencing system.

• In order to Pass you need to address all pass criteria.

• In order to get a Merit you need to address all the merit criteria along with pass criteria. • In order to get a Distinction you need to address all the distinction criteria along with pass and merit criteria. • Use a common structure in writing, for example: • Introduction (analyse the question.)

• Underpinning Knowledge (write about the relevant theory/points)

• Applied knowledge (Application to a business scenario and supported by applicable data)

• Conclusions and Recommendations (summarizing the whole scenario keeping in view pass, merit, distinction criteria.)

Where you are required to select an organisation please ensure you use your selected organisation(s) to provide context and application of knowledge wherever required. Information about your organisation must be supported by actual evidence with in-text citations and references for the sources of information. General statements that could apply to any organisation should be avoided.


A resubmission opportunity Is available to any student that has a referral or did not submit in the first submission period. When resubmitting changes made to the assignment should reflect feedback received. The entire assignment should be uploaded and not just referred sections/tasks. If referred on 2nd submission this may lead to retaking the assignment with full attendance and payment of course fees.

Unit Learning Outcomes:

LO1 Explain the purpose and scope of Human Resource Management in terms of resourcing an organisation with talent and skills appropriate to fulfil business objectives.

LO2 Evaluate the effectiveness of the key elements of Human Resource Management in an organisation.

LO3 Analyse internal and external factors that affect Human Resource Management decision-making, including employment legislation.

LO4 Apply Human Resource Management practices in a work-related context.

Assignment Brief and Guidance: 

You are currently working as a Human Resource assistant at an organisation of your choice. Your manager has asked you to prepare report whereby you are required to evaluate the HRM practices that they currently use. The report is divided into three sections;

Purpose of HRM

critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection utilised within your chosen business, you must use specific examples to support your answer. Within your report you must explain the purpose of and functions of HRM. You must also assess how the functions of HRM can provide talent and skills appropriate to fulfil business objectives.

• How HRM Benefits employees and employers

Within this section you are required to critically evaluate HRM practices and application within your chosen organisation in terms of raising organisational profit and productivity, using a range of specific examples. Within your answer you must explain the benefits of different HRM practices within your chosen business for both employer and employee.

• Employment Law and Recruitment and Selection process

Within this section you must include the following

A) you must produce revised recruitment and selection documents for a job role within the business. You must create the following;

• Advert for the role

• Job description

• Offer letter

B) Critically evaluate employee relations and the application of HRM practices that inform and influence decision-making in an organisational context. Within your answer you must evaluate employment legislation that HRM decision-making in your chosen business.

Command Verbs

Below is a list of some of the Command Verbs that you will see in internal assessments. Different command verbs will ask for different types of information.

Please note that sometimes command verbs may be used across the range of criteria. For example you may be asked to provide an analysis or an evaluation for a Pass criteria.

These are common command verbs for Pass Criteria

List -Write a list of the main items (not sentences).

State –Point out the main features.

Define -To state the meaning of something using the correct terms.

Demonstrate - Show that you can do a particular activity or skill.

Identify – Give all the basic facts which relate to a topic.

Describe – Give reasons for the points you are marking so that the marker knows how you arrived at that conclusion.

Summarise - Write down briefly the main points or essential features

These are common command verb for Merit Criteria.

Discuss - To present an argument for and against.

Explain - Give logical reasons to support your view.

Describe - Give a full description including details of all the relevant features .

Suggest - Give your own ideas and thoughts.

Justify - Give reasons for the points you are marking so that the marker knows.

Analyse- Identify the factors that apply, and state how these are linked and how each of them relates to the topic.

Demonstrate - Prove you can carry out a more complex activity.

These are common command verbs for Distinction Criteria

Assess - Evaluate in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

Analyse - Identify the factors that apply, and state how these are linked and how each of them relates to the topic.

Recommend - Suggest changes or improvements.

Evaluate - Break the information into components, examine factors methodically and in detail and bring together all of your information and make a judgement on the importance.

Select & Demonstrate - Select several relevant examples or pieces of related evidence which clearly support the arguments you are making. This may include showing particular practical skills.

Review - Consider each factor in turn providing a description and explanation of their uses, strength and weakness, making recommendations.

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