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1.     Introduction:-

With the ramified economic changes, every organization needs to strengthen the business to accomplish the set goals and objectives. The organization used for preparing this report is Telstra, it is one of the iconic brand in Australian market. One of the reasons behind the success of Telstra is effective human resource department that has offered employees a great place to work in and have assured to offer equal opportunity to employee. The business has been diversified that offers mobile phones, internet plans and packages to users. In this report, the purpose of HRM along with its strengths and weakness are analyzed for different recruitment and selection process.

2.     Purpose of HRM:-

Human resource management is a process of hiring, recruitment and training employees to get an effective output. Human resource team is well aware in capturing top talent and ensuring good working conditions (Jung and Takeuchi, 2018). Some the key responsibilities of human resource department is recruiting talented employees internally as well as externally, candidate selection, offering training and on boarding sessions, employee compensation, strategies for organizational development, dealing with labor laws and working on employee recognition and engagement. In Telstra, each are of human resource team falls under managers who are responsible for a particular area some look for recruitment while other look under training department (Jung and Takeuchi, 2018).

The objective of having human resource department in Telstra and other organizations is to achieve organizational mission and goals by undertaken certain activities. These activities are focused on hiring human talent and supporting the welfare of employees that helps in achieving business growth. The purpose of HRM in an organization is while taking decisions and facilitate planning and facilitate employee engagement (Ma, Long, Zhang, Zhang and Lam, 2017). Human resource department is needed for achieving the above discussed objectives as their duty is to invest their time and resources in human capital. Decades ago, the need of human resource department was just limited to managing payroll, time and other stuff but now the purpose of human resource department has expended to workforce planning and employee efficiency (Ma, Long, Zhang,  Zhang and Lam, 2017). The goal of human resource department is to maintain productivity and workforce planning by analyzing all the problems associated with the employees and working in a direction to resolve these challenges. One of the effective purpose of HR department is maintain productivity and improving efficiency of the organization by hiring adequate number of skilled and talent employees (Mone, London and Mone,  2018). There are several recruitment and selection processes each of the process has several drawbacks and benefits (Jiang, Hu, Liu and Lepak, 2017) Purpose of HRM is not only restricted to recruitment process but they are responsible for evaluation and training programs. It is important to retain the talented employees as they are like the valuable assets for the organization. They are also responsible for improving employee engagement so that transparency is maintained and employees fell eager to perform actively for the organization. Employee engagement also helps in improving the turnover ratio (Joo, Kong and Atwater, 2018).

3.  Different approaches of recruitment and selection process:-

There are variety of methods that can be used by HR department for selection and recruitment. Selection process is used of selecting the candidate that fits into the job role. Some of the selection methods are:

     -        Application form and CVs-

    It is the tradition approach as candidate apply the long lengthy application on the website or over mails and then some of the candidates that matches the profile are shortlisted for the interview process (Joo, Kong and Atwater,2018).. This method can be considered quiet difficult as it is a length process and requires a lot of time to check the information in the CVs and application forms (Doz, 2020).

     -        Online screening and short listing -   

     In this candidate are initially listed on the basis of their experience and qualifications as these tracking systems automatically filters applications under the fixed set criteria (Doz, 2020). This process requires a cost for implementing the software and short listing it accordingly. These processes don’t result a very fair result has the filtration is done on the basis of fixed parameters. Thus, there are chances of missing out some skilled or talented employees.

     -        Interviews-

     Structured way of interview is one of the effective type of recruitment process as it helps in judging the employee from different angles. Members involved in this process are trained to judge the skills of the candidate by asking questions (Beijer, Peccei, Van Veldhoven and Paauwe, 2019). The strength of this process is two way communications that allow candidates also to raise their queries and questions treated to job role.

    -        Aptitude Test-

     These tests are planned to judge the practical skills of the employees by having a brief check on their knowledge. It is quiet fair as all the candidates are judged on the same set of questions. Thus, the best result candidates can be segregated easily (Beijer, Peccei, Van Veldhoven and Paauwe, 2019).

     Some other ways that are followed by human resource team for recruitment process are:

     -        Video Interviewing –

    It is one of the effective methods of recruiting as it allows hiring candidates from aboard. This recruiting method resolves the issue of time zone and area. It also saves a lot of time and money also organization can be open to hire candidate from any location. 

     -        Employee Referral –

   When it comes to recruitment the effective method is referrals it helps in suggesting right candidate to the organization (Mayes, Finney, Johnson, Shen and Yi, 2017). This recruitment method is effective as employees tried by this method tend to be more productive and less likely to leave.

     -      Digital Platforms-

     Firms have started recruiting via these digital social media platforms. This recruitment method helps in hitting the target audiences most of the youth are active on these platforms and won’t miss the chance to get associated (Mayes, Finney, Johnson, Shen and Yi, 2017).

4. Functions of HRM:-

The function of human resource management is to increase employee engagement by making employees feel that they are valuable and are important members of the organization. In Telstra, employees are valued and treated as an important asset which in turn they work part to achieve corporate mission as a whole (Ruck, Welch and Menara, 2017). HRM is also responsible for creation of new policies and procedures that can be used to maintain the workflow and compliance at the workplace. The function of human resource department is to streamline the processes and managing the resources so that the repetitive works can be completed by software’s rather than doing it manually (Madison, Daspit, Turner and Kellermanns, 2018). The function of human resource management is divided into two categories that is hiring talented candidates, motivating and maintain the employees at the workplace. Categorizing function into two segments:  managerial and operational functions.

     ·  Managerial functions

   cover planning, organizing, directing and maintaining the employees. HRM is responsible of collecting, analyzing and identifying all the issues faced by the employees so that solution measures can be planned accordingly. They are also responsible for planning the future needs within an organization (Paul, Roijakkers and Mortara, 2017). Function of HRM is to make the employee active from different levels and provoke them to contribute for the betterment of an organization. The goal is divided into certain tasks which is been allocated to different members as per their capability and skills (Nieves and Quintana, 2018). Human resource management is also responsible for directing and checking the performance of employees if the performance is not up to mark or seems to be deviated some actions plans is taken. Thus, it can be said the core responsibility of running an organization successfully is in control of human resource team (Obeidat, Al Bakri and Elbanna, 2018).  

·  Operative functions

include recruitment, job analysis, appraisal on the basis of performance, training development, employee welfare, salary management, maintain labor relations and so on. One of the key functions is hiring the right candidate from the pool of candidate, the candidate that fit best in terms of skills and talent are hired for achieving business goals. Hiring seems easy but it requires a detail description of the nature of job and its roles so that candidates can check the openings according to their qualification (Obeidat, Al Bakri and Elbanna, 2018). They are also responsible for outlining the task for the employees to archive a common goal. The performance analyses is another important function in this employees are tracked on the basis of their performance regularly and best performers are rewarded. This scheme boosts employees to work passionately and motivate them to work harder. Training is offered to employees to acquire new skills and technology to complete their task effectively. Before making any change in the system it is the duty of human resource department to offer training programs to the employees (Obeidat, Al Bakri and Elbanna, 2018). This helps in adapting to the change effectively. It is the function of HRM to work for the betterment and welfare of employees by offering them certain benefits and facilities. Maintaining employee to employee relation is an trade union as it make a better place to work in (Alipour, Sangari and Nazari-Shirkouhi, 2019).

 5.   Employment law:-

Employment law is the area of rules that are designed for employee to employee relation. If a business have several employees it is important to use employment law. This law is used to prevent all kind of discrimination between the employees at the workplace, promote health and safety concerns for the betterment of employees, establish a level for economic support and prevent all kind of disruption that can led to disputes between labor and management. One such example of employment law is title VII that is Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits all kind of discrimination between employees based on their caste, color, creed or nationality (Eldor and Vigoda-Gadot, 2017). Telestra follow these laws by offering minimum wages to the employees as fixed by the law. Employees have the right to ask for extra pay if they are working for extra hours. Telstra also offer family and medical leaves to their employees these can be used at time of serious health care conditions (Bailey, Madden, Alfes and Fletcher, 2017). Employment law helps in making sure that a positive environment is maintained and the workplace and employees can claim for their rights easily.

6.  Revised selection and recruitment document:-

Advert for the job:-

[Name of the job position]

Then the best offering an organization is offering to the employees to attract them

Then detail description of the company along with its clients and working conditions

The job role is specified in detail so that it don’t affect the retention ratio later on

Later, the vision of the company so that an employee understands what an organization is looking for

The work location is also mentioned in the advert of the job so that candidates can check if they are applicable for the location

Job description:-

For Telstra, hiring an employee for human resource department will contain such job description.

The candidate should have good communication skills and should be valued to handle all the conflicts among employees. The candidate should be active for innovation strategies and welfares for the betterment of work flow. The candidate should be responsible for managing the processes at the workplace. The other responsibilities will be hiring new talent, placing job ads, handling recruitments, scheduling on site interviews, offering training, taking feedbacks effectively, establishing reward plans, awards and incentives strategies and so on. We are looking for a candidate with good presentation skills.

Offer letter:-


To Employee,


Subject – Offer Letter – HR Position

Telestra is pleased on onboard you as a member of our organization for the position of Junior HR executive. Trainee need to join the firm by next month as training program will get started, Will update the date of training in few days. Once you successfully complete the training program at Telestra, you will be offered by a permanent position of Junior HR executive.

Kindly send an acceptance for this mail, so that we can mark your confirmation for the training program.


Telestra and Team

7.  Employee relation and application of HRM practices:-

Employee relations and the organization efforts play an important role in creating positive relationship with the employees and making decisions. Human resource department manages employee relation by managing their roles by understanding all the concerns and issues (Eldor and Vigoda-Gadot, 2017). The job role and job description offered to employees plays an important role for keeping employees loyal and engaged towards their work. HRM practices can prevent and resolve all the disputed between employees and management by assisting and creating policies to maintain fairness and consistency at the workplace. Human resource team work in a direction to improve employee to employee relation this can be done by organizing team get together which offer chances to understand other employees views and culture (Bailey, Madden, Alfes and Fletcher, 2017). This resolves the chances of conflicts and improves the efficiency while working in a team.

8.  Conclusion:-

It can be concluded that to run an organization successfully a human resource department is required as it is the duty of HRM department to look for skilled and talented expertise, train employees, and manage the wages and workplace conflicts. Every organization deals with several conflicts due to poor employee engagement, diversification in culture, lack of transparency and many more. All these concerns are looked by the human resource team. The purpose of HRM is to resolve these issues and maximize the overall performance by investing the budget at right place and for right people. In this report, different approaches that can be used for selection and recruitment process are discussed along with purpose an function of HRM are listed. The benefits of human resource department for employees and the practices undertaken for employees betterment are discussed along with the employment laws that are followed are explained. The advert for the job, offer letter and job description is also attached. 


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