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R6011744 Marketing in Travel and Tourism Assignment Help

R6011744 Marketing in Travel and Tourism Assignment Help


• Aim 

This unit allows learners to know the ideas, principles and role promoting|of selling|of promoting} and also the marketing combine, and gain skills to use the promotional combine in travel and touristry.

Unit Abstract

The aim of this unit is to develop learners’ understanding of the key ideas and principles of selling as they apply to the travel and touristry sector. The unit aims to equip learners with the data and understanding of the key factors moving selling environments and also the role of selling in numerous industries at intervals in the travel and touristry sector. 

The focus of this unit is ab initio on selling at a strategic level before moving on to the purposeful and operational aspects of selling because the unit progresses. Learners can investigate the implications for selling in today’s competitive and service-based sector and can have the chance to develop sensible skills in selling.

Learning Outcomes and assessment criteria: 

On successful completion of this unit a learner will:

LO1 Understand the concepts and principles of marketing in the travel and tourism sector

1.1 discuss the core ideas of selling for the travel and touristry sector

1.2 assess the impact of the selling setting on individual travel and touristry businesses and tourer destinations

1.3 discuss the factors moving shopper motivation and demand within the travel and touristry sector

1.4  analyse the principles of market segmentation and its uses in marketing planning

LO2 Understand the role of marketing as a management tool in travel and tourism

2.1 analyse the importance of strategic selling coming up with for a specific travel and touristry business or tourer destination

2.2 discuss the relevancy of selling analysis and market info to managers within the travel and touristry sector.
2.3 assess the influence of selling on society

LO3 Understand the role of the marketing mix in the travel and tourism sector

3.1 discuss problems within the product, worth and place parts of the selling combine

3.2 assess the importance of the service sector combine parts to the travel and touristry sector.
3.3 apply the thought of the whole touristry product to a private touristry business or tourer destination.

LO4 Be able to use the promotional mix in travel and tourism.

4.1 assess the integrated nature and role of the promotional combine

4.2 set up ANd justify an integrated promotional campaign for a travel and touristry business or destination.

Unit content:

LO1 perceive the ideas and principles of selling within the travel and touristry sector

Core ideas: thoughts eg selling concept and orientation, the client wants, desires and demands, merchandise (and services) and markets, value, client satisfaction and also the exchange method, ever-changing stress of travel and touristry selling

Marketing environment: microenvironment eg the touristry organisation, suppliers, intermediaries, customers, competitors; macro setting eg human ecology, economy, society, technology, politics, culture, touristry systems and destinations.

Consumer markets: factors eg tourer motivations and determinants, models of shopper behaviour, shopper call method, kinds of purchaser behaviour, value-chain, client price and satisfaction.

Market segmentation: principles eg segmentation, targeting and positioning, segmentation bases, geographic, psychographic, demographic, activity, life-cycle stage, income, gender, geo-demographic, integrated ways, straightforward variable, advance variable, multistage, tourer typologies.

LO2 perceive the role of selling as a management tool in travel and touristry

Strategic planning: role eg strategic plans, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis, the thought of the merchandise life cycle (PLC)/tourist space life cycle (TALC), Bean Town Matrix, strategic and military science objectives, Ansoff’s matrix, competitive advantage.

Marketing research and market information: importance for eg travel and touristry managers, market info systems, process the market, activity current demand and touristry trends, the research method, prediction and demand activity.

Marketing and society: influence on eg society, social responsibility and ethics, rules and public policy, the impact of selling on society, consumerism, environmentalism, legal issues, property.

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