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The Assignment provided with solutions to Analyze, assess and present data in written form for the purpose of collaborated group activity. The samples provided in lecture through spread sheet has been populated and to a 90-sample using Random sorting process of data and all calculations, Analysis and summary of data in the assignment has been based on the Populated Sample. The assignment discusses the likes and dislikes of students both Local (Domestic) & International with their brands and samples with relation to brand loyalty over discounted pricing. The Assignments aims is to find out how students react to certain products over discounts, how likely are they to remain loyal to brands if prices fluctuate over discounts and what percentage of students are likely to remain consistent with certain types of drinks if prices are to be in favor or unexpected.


2.0 Data Analysis


The sample data shows the origin of students (International & Domestic), consumption of products and the impact of price. The samples used for this Data Analysis were 90 randomly sorted and selected.


Where the Numeric 1 represent the domestic students and Numeric 2 represents International students. The consumption of drinks is analyzed between different beverages such as coke, Pepsi, Juice etc.


The data analyzed includes the demand of beverages and consumption per week in the university. It is asked about beverage preference and rank them in preference order according to following scenario


1= first preference, 2=second preference, 3=third preference, 4=fourth preference, 5= last preference. Furthermore, the data shows how the price will impact on the choice of drinks and rank them 1= yes and 2=No.




3.0 Solution Write-Up


1. What proportions of the students in your sample are local and what proportion are international?


Data Populated on the 90 samples selected under random sorting reflects the following samples where Domestic Equals – 1 and International students are represented by – 0. These are from the 90 Sample data on the Spread sheet and these values were populated using filter Operation in the Excel programs.


Domestic Students (Local - 1) = 86 International Students (Overseas – 0) = 4


2. What is the relationship between price and average quantity consumed by students?


The Samples show that based on food pricing and the amount of consumptions range from Lowest to Highest. According to our 90 samples the data shows that if the costing is lowered on Drinks and food items the consumption goes higher while if the Pricing is Higher the consumption goes lower.


Lower Costing = Price Range $1.00 - $4.50 = Consumption Value = 76/90 Higher Costing = Price Range $5.00 - $10.00 = Consumption Value = 14/90


In our Opinion it is probably because lowering prices attract more customers (Domestic & International) while having higher Prices defrags customers


3.   What are the most popular and least popular soft drinks among students?


As per our 90 samples we analyze that students weather Domestic or International relate to consuming more of Soft drinks over any other preferred drinks.


The Data below tally’s the summary of students consuming Soft drinks in order of their preference and relates to how much of these soft drinks are popular amongst their preferred choices.


4.   How loyal are students to their brand? (Do students change their preference when they receive a 25% or 40% discount on their


preferred drink?)


The Data samples reflect that base on different discount offering attract student behavior towards pricing differently. In our Comparison we find that students that tend to receive more discount prior to the 40% offerings are more attracted towards to buying their brands falling into the discount where as retract from the 25% discount and show less interest.


As analyzed in the table above students do not have one particular brand in favor, they are more flexible towards better deals.


5.   How does the demand (price-quantity relationship) of international students differ from that of local students?


The data analysis indicates that students who prefer to get more discounts are usually the domestic (Local) Students in comparison to International. As we refer to the data in question #4, we summaries that if the data shows no change, remains stable or in more favor to discount students tend to go for cheaper deals. The pricing of different brands and products upon better discounting shows a strong relation between cheap and expensive drinks they remain unaccrued to how international and domestic students compare to them but it does affect to their brand preference if the pricing are more receptacle to more discounting deals hence attracting to buying cheaper products


6.   What are the most and least popular drinks among local students? How does this compare with the preferences of the international student?


The Data shows that either Domestic (Local) or international, students are more into Energy drinks when compared against other drinks. They are more into likes


7.   How likely is it that the student will choose soft drink (Pepsi, Coke etc.) as their first preference? Provide 95% confident interval estimates and interpret your results.


Following our Data and analysis of 90 samples stipulated from the excel spread sheets, the calculations of our Confident interval at 95% where the percentage of students who are most likely to consume soft drinks


The 95% confident estimated is sampled between 26% and 74% of students will choose to drink the soft drink (Pepsi Coke etc) as there first preference.


The LCL = 0.2355 and the UCL = 0.075






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