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Project Scope Management plan

Project Scope Management plan

 Project Scope Management plan


. Project Scope Management plan

1.1        Project description

Nowadays, Technology is growing very fast.Likewise, the data and information are growingas well. These Data need to be collected and protected. Data warehouse (DW or DWH) is a system used for analysing and reporting data. Data warehouse is a major component of business intelligence (BI).


 In this project proposal, we will be presenting the Business intelligence data warehouse (BI DW) project. This project will be constructed by Southern state TAFE (SST) IT infrastructure. SST aim to implement it to enable production of a new portal of business intelligent and cross-applicationreport capability. The new data warehouse will be a foundation for covering future activities. This report will present the phase 1 of business intelligence data warehouse project, which include production of dashboards and provision of data warehouse.


The phase 1 of the Business intelligence data warehouse project will bedone by both Business Performance Consulting (BPC) and Southern state TAFE(SST).

A funding of$189,400 has been approved by SST to develop the Business intelligence data warehouse project. The BI DW project must be finished by 31st December 2018.


1.2 Project Scope


In Scope (BPC)

The following items will be done by BPC:


1.      A Data warehouse on Microsoft 2012 SQL Server Platform with all required multi-dimensional databases

2.      A SharePoint to act as the Business Intelligence Portal

3.      A file transfer and data load mechanism built to SST infrastructure standards which will then be loaded with data from these systems:

·         Student Management System (QLS)

·         Financial System (Oracle Financials)

·         Payroll System (Chris21)

·         Various Excel workbooks

4.      Validation of uploaded files based on rules around expected data types and a method of reporting failures

5.      Security model for data warehouse and BI portal that works together with the Active Directory groups that will be built by SST

6.      Excel workbooks to allow manual data entry

7.      A dashboard to display the institute’s revised Balanced Scorecard

8.      PerformancePoint Screens, which based on certain factors of the KPIs, will provide drill down.

9.      Some reports based on data in Data Warehouse

10.  Multi-dimensional cubes in Data Warehouse which users can access and query using Excel.

11.  Train the Trainer on the system for selected SST staff

In scope (SST)

The following items will be done by SST:


1.      Definition of Key Performance Indicators

2.      Definition of a Balanced Scorecard

3.      Establishment of Infrastructure and installation of required system software

4.      Definition and creation of Active Directory groups

5.      Definition of access rights for Active Directory groups

6.      Setting up SharePoint site for BI Portal

7.      Creating a link on SST intranet

8.      Branding and look and feel of BI Portal SharePoint site

9.      Preliminary data cleansing exercise

10.  Development of data extract processes for source systems

11.  Review of errors

12.  Training of SST staff using “Train the trainer” training

13.  Training documentations


Out of Scope

In phase 1,some of the items will be excluded from the scope. These items are:


1.       Financial system (oracle financials) should change due to implement in year 2020

2.       Student management system (QLS) should replace due the implement in year 2020

3.       Creation of data extracts from systems other than listed in scope as (training documentation, KPIs)

4.       The monthly financial report should recreation

5.       Linking any system to other than those presented in scope

6.       Updating data Reconciling

7.       Strategy map

8.       Individual salary reporting

9.       Making "reports books" for consumers information

10.   Saving or reporting on measures have not been specified as required for this phase

11.   Using Goldmine as a source for CAM data


Cost management plan

Cost management has been referred to as one of the most important factors through which the overall project has been administered by identifying the actual requirements justified for implementing the project. It has been understood that the project accompanying the information and technological interventions has enabled poor tracking records for meeting the goals and objectives of the budget. The budget of the project has been prepared for understanding the feasibility generated from the activities of ensuring proper information and technology. Therefore, the overall structure of the work breakdown structure has been emancipated so as to ensure higher interception regarding the following consequences through which the crucial activities are developed in accordance with the propounding activities that are required by the project. It has been idealized that cost management has been identified through intervening some procedure which has induced the aspects of planning, processing integrating and also implementing. The main principles of cost management are forecast the cost that is required to inherit the operations of the project (Klychova, et al., 2015).  The cost management principles have adjusted the clear and consistent performance and objectives, and along with it,have ensured proper knowledge tools in order to succeed in implementing the project. Moreover, understanding true and effective cost regarding the overall success of the project can be empowered. On the other hand, the acceptable performance and their targets have been offered through identifying the justification of reduced organizational complexities. Apart from this, the cost has been committed to ascertaining a broader knowledge driven involvement through which the leadership techniques and effective cost management perspectives have been utilized. Moreover, the management decision that has an impacton the organizational cost has adhered successfully in order to determine the structural reality of the firm by inducing the methods of proper decision support system. At the commencement of the distinctive features, it has been administered that highly successful manufacturing abilities will have to be ensured so as to procure proper adjustments regarding the effectiveness sustained upon different activities.

Different cost estimation techniques have been applied in order to understand the particular significance delivered through identifying the phases that are required for the project. It has been understood that proper estimation of the factors is highly required in order to cumulate the business proficiency for determining the overall recipients to adjust the successive values of the cost. Moreover, the parametric estimation has also sufficed the techniques about how the project has enabled the cost to support the mechanism of completing the activities successfully. Apart from this, the equipment needed for the project are required to measure the factored resemblance of estimating as it has secured the aspects of large interception by following the means of deliberating the knowledge gathered from the overall scenario that is highly perceived. Utilizing the Lang method has also derived the activities of estimating the values derived for implementing the project. Thus the benefits have assured the firm to incorporate the objectives by utilizing the hand method with detailed estimation and follow up has been reflected through identifying the influences succeeded through attaining the progress by which different mechanism has been essentially sustained within the respective budget.



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