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The primary growth or the improvement graph of a company lies in its core section, which is the management department. Since a firm is a cluster of several teams and talents, it needs to be tactfully managed by the entitled authority. The chain of its hierarchy and structure can be highly affected, despite its outstanding work force, labor, and technology and service quality.



The management is typically responsible for maintaining the growth strategy and scheme of the firm. In Order to execute a marvelous plan, important skills like methodical arrangements, supply of equipments, maintenance of products and services, proper implementation of people skills and soft skills by avoiding unnecessary dispute, are all criteria covered by the project management team. A group of appropriate experts is required for a successful company, with the extensive knowledge of crisis management, budget maintenance, ideology and estimations of the current happenings of the company and keeping everyone else updated about the same.


Detection of core obstructions in the company with the help of advanced techniques

In order to get control of a running project, the most important step to be performed is to identify or find the triggers to the improvement of the company. For excelling this criteria, every firm is required prepare and follow a useful strategy that is created based on the conditions of the particular company. As stated by Furterer (2016), these sets of strategies need to be alike and work effectively in common. The advantages and disadvantages of identifying the correct issues might vary from firm to firm.

In this particular scenario, the Australian company Latino engineering was run by a an highly experienced engineer, Sir Dominic Latino, who was highly knowledgeable about the particular field and managed to feed the firm with the rightful requirements, which lead to a reputational growth, a good number of client approach and stability.

As the company, Latino its respective owner sold engineering to an investment group, the entire management strategy of the company naturally changed. In aspect of this particular case study, the possible risks can be presumed, as the lack of incorporating enough time in planning and organization of strategies, which lead to an unwanted disarray.

As per Albliwi (2014), the customer and client complaints, it can be understood that, proper declaration of instruction to the respective teams were lacking. As a result of which, inattentive and negligent errors came into sight, for example, untimely response to customer's, mistake in delivery of products and even more. Other risk also involves, unresearched technical methods, replacement of employees and high attrition rate. It shows that the management team was all over partially capable of managing the respective working groups of the company and establishing voice of declaration to meet the targets.

An analytical overview of the continuous development plan for Latino Engineering

The first and foremost issue that seems to be the base of the issues arising in the company is about less amount of time or effort incorporated in the planning and organization. As stated by Gharakhani et al. (2013), the simpler the name suggests of this particular plan, the complex it is at most scenarios. Based on this plan, the other sections work. Strategies like, calling a staff meeting on regular intervals, organizing a managerial meeting frequently and discussing about the pros and cons leaves a strong impact on the future events and happening of the company. One of the members taking a lead of the team and setting other spokes or team leaders can help the workers get a better approach of the strategic plan as well and help them to contribute in it.

According to Goetsch & Davis (2014), the second most eminent point is to, go through the decided strategy with a common overview and move forward with it. The proper validation of data and the execution methods by the higher authority chain is always likely to provide the planners and organizers to be confident about their specific roles. The minor mistakes and negligence, that can cause harm to the growth strategy of the company, can easily be avoided with this particular method. It shall also save time in the long run settling events in a more or less perfect manner.

When it comes to instruction delivery, the management team is expected to portray things in a clear way to the respective employees. Doubts like, what exactly needs to be performed in this part of project, categorization of jobs to the right people with the appropriate skillets, providing a write up of what has been declared in the past is likely to deduct immense amount of risk possibilities. According to Iqbal, Nadeem & Zaheer (2015), a written format of any information passed among every team member should be executed to avoid verbal communication issues and confusions.

As per the workflow and decided by the team, the strategic implementations requires proper research and experiments that needs to be done before. A project is huge set of responsibilities and a compilation of different tasks that requires time management. A minor failure can lead to huge deduction or loss in the revenue of the business.

Thus plans and strategies needs to be carefully implemented being aware of the consequences and be prepared for a back up plan.

Whether the plan shall actually be of any use or effective for the business should not only be judged by a single individual but also different eminent personalities and experts from the similar field, which shall be of help for the team as a whole.

Last of all, the senior management team is responsible of having the final grip of the whereabouts of the tasks and the whole management chain or system. As opined by Pyzdek & Keller (2014), revaluating the final revenue, deductions, employee data and other aspects is a huge necessity to keep away legal disputes and reputational harm.

Reference List

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