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Assignment Title :-

Design & Implement a GUI based system using a suitable Integrated Development Environment

Task 1: Define basic algorithms to carry out an operation and outline the process of programming an application (LO1)

Searching on an array/list is to find a given element on the array and return whether it is found or not and return its position if found. Linear search and binary search are two popular searching algorithms on arrays.

1.1 Define what an algorithm is and outline the characteristics of a good algorithm. Develop algorithms for linear search and binary search using Pseudo code (P1).

1.2 Describe the steps involve in the process of writing and executing a program. Take an array of 10 or more elements and dry run the above two algorithms. Show the outputs at the end of each iteration and the final output (M1).

1.3 Define what Big-O notation is and explain its role in evaluating efficiencies of algorithms. Write the Python program code for the above two algorithms and critically evaluate their efficiencies using Big-O notation (D1).

Task 2: Explain the characteristics of procedural, object-orientated and eventdriven programming, conduct an analysis of a suitable Integrated Development Environment (LO2).

2.1 Define what is meant by a Programming Paradigm. Explain the main characteristics of Procedural, Object oriented and Even-driven paradigms and the relationships among them (P2).

2.2 Analyze the features of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and explain how those features help in application development (M2).

2.3 Write small snippets of code as example for the above three programming paradigms using a suitable programming language(s) and critically evaluate their structure and the characteristics (D2).

Ayubo Drive is the transport arm of Ayubo Leisure (Pvt) Ltd, an emerging travel & tour company in Sri Lanka. It owns a fleet of vehicles ranging from cars, SUVs to vans.

The vehicles that it owns are hired or rented with or without a driver. The tariffs are based on the vehicle type. Some of the vehicle types that it operates are, small car, sedan car, SVUs, Jeep (WD), 7-seater van and Commuter van. New vehicle types are to be added in the future.

Vehicle rent hire options are described below.

1. Rent (With or without driver) –

For each type of vehicle rates are given per day, per week and per month. Rate for a driver also given per day. Depending on the rent period the total rent amount needs to be calculated. For example: if a vehicle is rented for 10 days with a driver, total amount to be calculated as follows:

Total rent = 1_week_car_rent + 1_day_rent x 3 + 1_day_driver_rent x 10

2. Hire (with driver only) –

These are based on packages such as airport drop, airport pickup, 100km per day package, 200km per day package etc. Standard rates are defined for a vehicle type for a package type that is applicable for that type of vehicle. For each package maximum km limit and maximum number of hours are also defined. Extra km rate is also defined which is applicable if they run beyond the allocated km limit for the tour. For day tours if they exceed max hour limit, a waiting charge is applicable for extra hours. Driver overnight rate and vehicle night park rate also defined which is applicable for each night when the vehicle is hired for 2 or more days.

Task 3: Implement basic algorithms in code using an IDE (LO3).

3.1 Design suable algorithms for vehicle tariff calculation for rents and hires (P3).

Ideally 3 functions should be developed for this purpose as follows:

Function 1:Rent calculation.

Return the total rent_value when rented_date, return_date, with_driver parameters are sent in. with_driver parameter is set to true or false depending whether the vehicle is rented with or without driver.

Function 2:Day tour - hire calculation.

Calculate total hire_value when start_time, end_time, start_km_reading, end_km_reading parameters are sent in. Should return base_hire_charge, waiting_charge and extra_km_charge as output paramters.

Function 3: Long tour - hire calculation.

Calculate total hire_value when start_date, end_date, start_km_reading, end_km_reading parameters are sent in. Should return base_hire_charge, overnight_stay_charge and extra_km_charge as output parameters.

3.2 Implement the above algorithms using visual studio IDE (using C#.net) and design the suitable database structure for keeping the tariffs for vehicle types and different packages which must be used for implementing the above functions (M3).

3.3 What is the purpose of using an IDE in application development? Evaluate the use of the Visual Studio IDE for your application development contrasted with not using an IDE. (D3).

Task 4: Determine the debugging process and explain the importance of a coding standard (LO4).

Design and build a complete system for the vehicle reservation and billing for Ayubo drive. This includes the completing the database design started in 3.2 and designing the suitable interfaces for vehicle and package additions and reservation handling and customer billing (P4).

4.1 What is debugging an application? Explain the importance of the debugging facility in Visual studio IDE. Debug your source code by putting few debugging points in your application (P4).

4.2 Implement the above functionalities using the IDE while adopting the coding standards to improve maintainability of the code. Explain the coding standards used in your code in the written report (P5).

4.3 Evaluate how you used the debugging process to develop more secure, robust application with examples (M4).

4.4 Explain the coding standards you have used in your application development. Critically evaluate why a coding standard is necessary in a team as well as for the individual. (D4).


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