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The professional identity is a set of belief, understanding and the attitudes which is based on the one's professional role that may result in the different work activities of the person. The term professional basically involves the practices of the person's work, interaction with the colleagues or the patient, which comes under the social part and the professional discourse.  The professional identification comes under social identification, which can be an individual from any profession such as medicine, law, etc. It basically consists of the responsibilities, values, individual's alignment of the role, and the ethical standard that should be consistent with the practices which are accepted by the specific professions. It is basically, the concept that describes how someone has perceived with the occupational context and how they communicate with others. The concept of the responsibility of the interpersonal was introduced and it is also proposed for something which would help all the H&SC profession so that it can reconceptualise the identities of themselves.


The profession and the individuals are working together for the improvement of safety, the benefit of patients and providing the highest possible standard of care. All the social care and the health care professionals were trained with their own regulatory body of the professionals standard, carry out the specific tasks which are related to their profession with their healthcare. In addition, they have the ability to perform their own roles in the right way. The H&SC professionals, now work in a different way that is they are working in an interpersonal manner while maintaining their discrete professional identity of themselves (Cruess, Cruess, & Steinert, 2018). Within the social care and the health care, the professional identity is generally understood for developing at least the part through the socialization. This is the process that explored in many ethnographic studies which are different for the different professions. The role of socialization into the professions is a complex process that involves the impact of the exposure regarding professional behaviour and also contains the interaction which occurs in the real world. This may result in the experience of the placement occurs during the qualification training that is generally a key aspect for the socialisation processes. It is also recognised as an initial to occur when people take a decision about their life that what would be the future for their own career. The professional identity has been associated with different requirement. This requirement is basically how the professionals have performed their roles (Bentley et al., 2019). In the recent year, it has been accepted that the professional identity development was not only the H&SC students  who understood it right with the proper guidance and also the recommendations that have been built to obtain more explicit objectives of the educations so that they get cover not only the professionalism but also the formation of the professional identity.

The codes and ethics basically clarify the responsibilities and the different roles within the professions and also provide guidance to the profession which is based for the addressing ethical. Ethics is basically the art which is used for making the value-added choices. The professions wereoffers many ethical principles that generally consists of the quality professional of the different healthcare that executes their different duties as being a member of the professions. They were guided by the different standards, codes of the ethics, which were basically related to the industry.Employers and the certification relationship and the licensures. The codes are generally contradictory or sometimes it is complementary that depends on the different professions.

The healthcare quality of the professional's commitment to the stakeholders is described below:

1.      Colleagues: in this, Healthcare quality professionals were providing consultative expertise. They also support the fair and use of the influence on the relationship of foster collaborative.

2.      Employers: in this, the Healthcare quality professionals extend for the employers to obtain the full benefit of their expertise as aligned with the body of the professions with knowledge.

3.      Purchasers: in this, Healthcare quality professionals seek to decrease the systemic waste with all the stakeholders (Wald et al., 2018).

4.      Regulators: in this, the Healthcare quality professionals remained forthright and transparent with the officials from government agencies, accrediting bodies and the industry regulators.

5.      Self: in this, the Healthcare quality professionals work impartially and they are practising within the scope of the expertise and the educations. They advocate for processes which were stated as fair, consistent and the transparent having the evidence-based practices.



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