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Professional Accountability Assignment Help

Professional Accountability Assignment Help

Professional Accountability Assignment Help

Professional Accountability and patient safety (Essay)


Registered nurses are those who are graduated from the nursing official platform and met the needs which are outlined by a state, province or related licensing body for acquiring a nursing license. Her major scope of practice is identified by legislation that is controlled by a professional body or council members. RN is liable for administering care that is offered by healthcare employees that includes student nurses, licensed practical nurses and less-experienced RNs. Therefore, the main objective of this essay is to highlight the role and responsibilities of nurses as well as omission which is done by her for a patient. Mainly, project main focus is a wrongful act of a registered nurse during her job role by showing the factors which contributed to the adverse outcome of a patient. Furthermore, the project will also outline the actions which have taken by RN for protecting the adverse result of the sufferer.

Overew of case 

 In a selected case, Melissa White who was a Registered nurse has found guilty for breaching the professional nursing code of conduct by creating a platonic social friendship with the client. As a result, required care has ignored for proper treatment due to friendship which means that she had broken the rule of professional bodies by doing indiscipline acts at the workplace while performing an official job. According to the tribunal, six allegations have been identified against Melissa which resultant into suspension.

Reference Number- VCAT REFERENCE NO. Z203/2019

What action/omissions on the part of registered nure contributed to  advers outcome for the patient

 According to the tribunal, the practitioner was found guilty by performing professional misconduct due to which she was gone through reprimanded and suspension in nursing registration for at least 12 months’ period. Melissa has performed various actions due to which condition of a patient is becoming more worsen which is unlawful in the eye of professional bodies as well as not allowed for registered nurses. According to the court, she has involved in inappropriate interactions external programmed sessions and creating a personal friendship with her patient during treatment which is a wrongful action at the workplace in the eye of law. Moreover, she had also crossed the limits of professional boundaries by not acting in a professional way that seems like a negative action of a registered nurse. Along with this, she has also participated in personal connectivity with her patient after an end of treating connectivity without considering the adequacy of her welfare.

 On the other hand, Melissa failed to perform various activities as a registered nurse which resultant in breaching rules set by council bodies. She gets failed in recording and maintaining her clinical file conversations with other practitioners engaged in the treatment of the patient. Moreover, not even design an adequate assessment of risks which is encountered by her client. Additionally, it enables the creation of reasonable preparations for the ongoing procedure of the psychological services of her patient after the end of professional connectivity as a personal relationship has been commenced. This shows that Melissa has involved in unprofessional activities due to which she forgets about her significant job role that is designed by professional authorities for maintaining equality at the workplace. Apart from this, the court had also determined that Melissa was also previously involved in prior disciplinary action for boundary wrongdoings in almost 2012 to 2013. Hence, a registered nurse needs to consider various elements for getting free from breaching of rules but in this case number of actions and omissions acts are performed by Melissa in her job role due to which she had to face a suspension for nearly 12 months.

Were there any other factors that contributed to abvers outcome for this patient

Registered nurses are responsible to perform various complex activities for saving the life of common people by considering numerous rules and regulations. At the same time, errors are a part of human life which can be done by anyone and nurses are also human but if a mistake is conducted due to careless behaviour then it’s a wrongful act. Therefore, in the case of Melissa, the system doesn’t play any role in nurse error whereas its entirely human error and her indiscipline nature at the workplace due to which she gets failed in professionally completing her task. According to the fact that is identified by a tribunal, Melissa has just forgetter her assigned responsibility and gets involved in friendly communication with her client for making a platonic friendship which is irresponsible behaviour. This kind of behaviour is not accepted by professional authorities especially from registered nurses because she had already completed her education in this field as well as come to know about the importance of her role as it’s a matter of individual life. Everyone knows that a single mistake in the job of a nurse is resultant in a major decline in patient health which automatically influences the goodwill of the entire association. Therefore, it’s indispensable for registered nurses to perform their job role in full attentiveness without misusing their power. Although, in this case, Melissa got failed in performing her job role due to major factors that is; inattentive nature, avoiding professional norms, indiscipline errors and careless behaviour as she hadn’t acted as a professional nurse.

Consequently, human-based errors of Melissa prove that a system of association is not involved in it as entire acts are done by a nurse because she is not appropriately performing her job role. As a result, things getting more worsen due to which professional bodies need to involve it for taking action against these actions so that she will become an example for others and none of the other nurses will even think about these activities. It has been clearly stated that there is a major difference between a personal and professional relationship that needs to follow by every registered nurse while performing her nursing role at the workplace.

3.Qutline the actions that should have been taken by registered nurse to prevent adverse outcome for this patient

 In this present era, nursing is somehow seen as a glue which is holding a patient’s health care journey together. Simply, this job has been described as an art as well as science means heart and mind too because it can have supported by the mind in a rigorous core learning form. On the other hand, registered nurses are considered as a backbone for health care associations because these nurses are aware of the need for critical health care to specific individuals or the public. Their main responsibility is to conduct physical examinations by identifying the history of health before making any final decisions. Along with this, they also offer health promotion, counselling, and education services to common people about a healthy life (Birks and et. Al., (2016). For example; currently, Corona-Virus has become a sparking matter of concern which maximizing the death rate of the overall globe in which nurses are playing commendable work by giving counselling about the precautions for protecting the entire world from this dangerous disease.

 Moreover, numerous actions need to be taken by a registered nurse for controlling the condition of a patient for being more worsen with proper examinations. A practitioner needs to undertake and a successfully overall event of education which is approved by the Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA) and requisite to design a reflective practice report related to various rules. It is really important to prevent violations of boundary which is set by higher authorities, significant to maintain an appropriate clinical record associated with ethical or professional standards and consider the provision of evidence-based care while treating the patient of personality disorders. As per the norms set by the Board of Australia, it is essential for Melissa as a registered nurse to maintain professionalism while performing job roles without getting involved in making friendly or social connectivity with patients otherwise it will affect the duty. Although, number of nurses has committed various mistakes while accomplishing job roles like; creating a family relation with patients, forget to record the information regularly due to laziness which might create a possibility of a major mistake in the future and so on (JunKovner & Stimpfel(2016). Consequently, many guidelines are set by professional bodies for registered nurses such as; nurses who need to follow safety regulations, maintain the privacy of confidential information related to customers, ethically treat the patient, maintain professionalism at the workplace and so on. All these guidelines help nurses to control the worst conditions of patients and able to convert negativity into positive situations.

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