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You are advised to commence work on your assessment from week 1 and all tasks must be submitted by the due dates provided.

1.    All assessments must be completed and delivered individually. Where an assessment involves group discussions, you should consider the input of your group but submit an individual assessment to your trainer.

2.    Please read all instructions on completing each assessment. Instructions for completion are provided at the beginning of each assessment.

3.    All written answers must be typed in a word document using Arial font, 12 size and single spacing if similar instructions are not provided in the assessment.

4.    Your trainer will not be able to assist you in answering questions. However, your trainer will address any issues concerning questions requiring further explanation.

5.    You may refer to your student learning resources or any other relevant resources when completing your assessment.

6.    Assessments are due for submission as specified in the assessment schedule. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved by your trainer prior to the due date for submission.

7.    You have access to computers which are equipped with Microsoft suite of products or any other relevant software and printing facility.

8.    Use assessment templates if provided, to complete relevant sections of the assessment. You can also create your known templates for assessment evidence.

9.    You must achieve a satisfactory result for all tasks to achieve competency in this unit.

10. All assessment answers should be submitted to the trainer in required format (soft or hard copy) as per trainer instructions with completed assessment cover sheet (if required).


Assessment Schedule


Due Date

Task 1 – Q1

Week 1

Task 1 – Q2

Week 2

Learning Activity Only

Week 3

Task 2 – Q1

Week 4

Task 2 – Q2

Week 5

Task 1: Theory Assessment

Student Instructions


1.    Type all the answers in a word document if required.

2.    You can conduct internet research to answer these questions.

3.    Provide explanation of 2-3 lines when answering ‘Describe’ questions.

4.    Provide detailed workings for calculations questions.

5.    Provide answers in table format wherever possible.


Question 1–Research Task


Your task is to undertake research and obtain an organisations annual report. You can locate one on the internet or obtain one from the ASIC website. Once you have obtained this document you are to answer the following questions. Provide answers in 1-2 paragraphs.


a)    How is the report disseminated and who is it given to?

b)   What reason would each of these people have for needing a copy of the report?

c)    What information is contained in the report?

d)   What format does the report use?

e)    Is there evidence of consolidation or conversion procedures being used?

f)     Are there any asset or liability valuations? If so, what are they?

g)   Were there any discrepancies identified?

h)   Is the organisations total income and expenditure enclosed, give details?

i)     Is the report clear and concise?

j)     What effects of taxation are noted?

k)    What charts and/or diagrams are enclosed and what are they highlighting?

l)     Did the report meet statutory requirements?

m)  What is the overall position of the organisation?

n)   Does the organisation use double-entry bookkeeping or accrual accounting?


Question 2 – Question and Answers


Answer the following questions in writing.


a)    In-house coding and classification of data should comply with what standards?

b)   What are the AASB No: for each of the titles listed in appendix?

c)    To prepare a consolidated account there is a sequence of events that need to be undertaken. What is the sequence?

d)   What are fair value measures used for?

e)    What is a deferred tax liability and what are the exceptions?

f)     What types of charts and diagrams can be used for a report?

g)   What types of financial statements can be prepared and what do they tell you?

h)   What types of accounting records are required by a company according to legislation?



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