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 For the purpose of establishing a successful business with a highly committed and motivated workforce of staff/employees, the concept of organizational culture needs to be fully understood. Organizational culture comprises a complicated phenomenon that may originate from obstacles/challenges of the company and or the generation of the workforce/the management within the same organization culture, which can impact either positively or negatively the employees’ performance in the workplace. The purpose of this research study is to find out company culture within an organization, investigate how organizational culture can impact the organizational performance and put forth recommendations for company leaders and executives in order to enhance organizational performance. 

Mixed/combined methods are to be adopted in this research study in order to explore the various aspects of the topic, comprising the quantitative method with a survey in the form of a questionnaire to be distributed to 50 selected participants as well as the qualitative method in the form of interviews to be conducted with individuals who participated in the survey and were prepared to take part in the interview to provide answers to further in-depth questions.

Assessment of professional competence: 

The tangible outputs of this research upon completion will be in the form of a document with courses of action specified, which I consider to be the most relevant in order to enable the banking industry leaders/executives to adopt in order to enhance the organisational performance of the corporation within the banking industry. This will also serve to illustrate my demonstrated professional competences. 

Areas of professional competence/ability to be demonstrated   

I set out below the management competencies and technical skills required to be demonstrated for completing successfully this experiential learning project, which include:- time management, project management, staying proactive/taking initiative, multi-tasking and leadership skills. In particular, I need to demonstrate my capability to generate a study concept and implement such study concept via undertaking a comprehensive analysis/research on the concept so as to deliver the preferred outcome. Another ability/skill involves carrying out proper surveys, together with skilful formulation of well-prepared/thought-stimulating questions to undertake interviews with proper individuals within the banking industry. Such skill allows me to undertake the survey for data analysis to achieve the preferred project outcome.  The tangible outputs of this research upon completion will be in the form of a document with courses of action specified, which I consider to be the most relevant in order to enable the banking industry leaders/executives to adopt in order to enhance the organisational performance of the corporation within the banking industry in Hong Kong SAR/China. Last, but not the least, I will also demonstrate my interview techniques/skills which are important for my future professional career.



The area of practices of Global Markets Business Finance Team in a global banking institution.  I currently serve as an analyst working for a global banking institution in their Global Markets Finance Team, of which the area of practices mainly include supplying financial information to markets management for internal management decisions and planning, performing the Sales Management Information (MI) function, and partnering with the Markets Sales team to provide reports and trends on revenues generated. The Global Markets Business Finance Team also acts as a primary interface between the bank’s Global Finance Division and the bank’s other businesses/functions, offering advice, analysis and insight.  My current role involves supporting a build out of the finance functions capabilities to better support the sales team. This includes development of analytical tools to allow dynamic, real-time review of revenues generated by the sales teams, as well as automation of current deliverables and reporting effectively and accurately revenues to sales teams. It is a global bank with assets up to US dollars of 2.556 trillion. With 3,900 offices throughout 67 countries, the bank’s business mainly comprises Global Banking and Markets, Global Private Banking, Commercial Banking, and Retail Banking and Wealth Management, with PLC Holdings in the UK. The bank has significant presence in important global financial markets.  Organizations (such as the global bank that I work for) have their own organizational values, cultures and beliefs that impact the employees within the organization.  As per Martin Alcazar et al (2013), leaders/managers have the responsibility to decide how to shape the organizational culture in order to motivate the staff in accordance with the organizational culture.  Cultural variations can impact organizational behavior, which can disrupt significantly the overall workplace (Lauring, 2013). Entrepreneurs and/or leadership teams need to seek proper solutions. This study serves to analyze the role of leaders of an organization in shaping the organizational values/cultures in order to maintain the cultural diversity. 

The primary research focus of this study is to identify issues of organizational cultures, investigate the impacts of organizational culture upon organizational performance and to put forth recommendations/suggestions for leaders/executives to resolve the issues.





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