Practical placement task 3: obstacle course

Practical placement task 3: obstacle course

Practical placement task 3: obstacle course

Practical placement task 3: obstacle course

Practical placement task 3: obstacle course

Part A

How will you introduce the experience

 I will introduce the experience of the obstacle course to the children firstly by telling them what an obstacle course is. Perhaps a story to gain their interests first, then I would take them outside to the play area and show them the obstacle course that has been made. I will gather all the items and set up the obstacle course. Will make use of a tyre and a bucket to step over and draw a circle that will be used to jump in. I will also explain the children how obstacle courses help them to become more agile and flexible.

What resources will you use in the experience

The resources that I will be using in the experience of the obstacle course will comprise of the following:
a) Six buckets
b) Some rope for climbing
c) Two tires
d) Some chalk
The children will be explained the activities that will be taking place during the obstacle course as well. 

How will the experience be managed

The children will be introduced to the obstacle course as if it were the Olympics to liven their interests and catch their fantasies. Each child needs to complete the first activity before they proceed to the next activity. The experience will be managed by making use of appropriate risk measures to ensure the safety of the children ("What Are Obstacle Courses for Children's Learning? | Synonym", 2017). The experience will be interactive and at the end all the children will get prizes for their team work. Children tend to learn in the best manner when they are actively involved in activities that help in reinforcing their skills as children need chances to move their body when they are learning as they cannot stay still for hours just listening to what the teacher has to say.

How you will offer chances for appropriate risk taking

The children will be provided with helmets and knee pads so that they do not hurt them while taking part in the obstacle course. The course has been set up in a garden on the grass so that incase a child falls it is not on the hard ground but on the soft grass. No sharp objects have been used to prepare the obstacle course ("Search - Kidsafe NSW Inc.", 2017). The following measures will offer chances for appropriate risk taking:
a) The benefits, outcomes and rewards of the activity.
b) Establishing and displaying expectations of behavior.
c) Encourage the children in an active manner to analyze the risks and the possible outcomes.

Part B

How did the children use their gross motor skills, balance and spatial awareness to navigate the obstacle

During the obstacle course, the children used their whole body movement that is their gross motor skills that involves the larger muscles of the body to carry out daily functions that comprise of standing, walking, running around the buckets on the course, moving their way amongst the buckets that have been laid out and also sitting. The obstacle course also helped the children to make use of hand and eye coordination for acts such as kicking the ball, throwing a ball and navigating their way forward. The spatial awareness was well used by the children as they needed to analyze the environment of the course before proceeding with it ("Gross Motor Skills - Kid Sense Child Development", 2017).

How did you support the children to participate at a level that was appropriate to their ability
As a teacher it is my responsibility to ensure that all the children take part in the obstacle course at a level that was best suited to their ability to ensure that they develop a self confidence, a feeling of well being. I will ensure that they are engaged with the natural environment and the elements of nature around them. It will be learning based on an obstacle course as it helps to enhance the gross motor skills, ability to reason and for active team building. The children will be given constant support and cheering that will motivate them to push them to their limits and perform to their best interests.

Provide verbal support it can be done by:

a) Use positive feedback
b) Talk the children through the steps
c) Highlight the steps that have been performed well

How did the children undertake challenges and take appropriate risks?

The children took the challenges in a very sporting spirit. All the children were careful not to hurt them while completing the obstacle course. The activity helped them to understand the importance of working as a team and introduced the concept of working together just for fun. It helped the children to enhance their gross motor skills and their muscle coordination and the ability to follow any kind of verbal directions ("communityplaythings.com - The Role of Risk in Play and Learning", 2017). The children were very confident and satisfied by the completion of the obstacle course.

How will you provide challenging elements yet maintain safety?

I will ensure that I distinguish between the acceptable risks and the unacceptable risks that comprise of understanding the likelihood of causing harm, the severity of the harm that can be caused, the outcome of the activity and the associated benefits with it. Also I will observe the children to understand their needs of greater challenges and specific types of support by actively encouraging the children to conduct an assessment of the risks and their outcomes.
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