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 Important note:

You may need to make various assumptions, which is fine. All assumptions need to be listed and justified


 With the current ongoing pandemic of COVID 19, Australian governments is initiating a prompt response to cope with this emergency through delivering $2.4 billion health package to protect people and community. One of the aims of this package is to manage the demand on the health system and assist the community to act against COVID19.

 Part of this fund is directed towards supporting and increasing the capacity of the health sector in NSW. This includes launching urgent projects to counterattack the unprecedented conditions and to limit the spread of the virus.

 This fund for the NSW includes the four main key projects as follow:

 1.Project 1: The construction of new fully equipped medical facilities to relieve the pressure on existing facilities. To do so, the government has been advised to follow modular and prefab architecture and construction.

 1.Project 2: Provide the necessary ventilators, accessories, installation, testing and other supplies that will serve the current needs where the health system capacity has been stretched to the maximum.

 1.Project 3: Construct new hotel to provide proper accommodation for the staff working in the centre as well as providing secure quarantine place for growing Covid19 cases.

2.Project 4: Connecting roadway to link the new medical center with the free way/city

 The above components are grouped in packages and the work to be conducted in parallel.

 Main concerns and priorities:

 ⦁The new medical facilities can be implemented in phases allowing for extension. For example, the construction of Patient wing, laboratories and utilities (Oxygen plant, water treatment,..etc) could concurrently be designed and implemented

 ⦁For this purpose, the advice was to follow the Modular design which provides the benefit of being adaptable for various scenarios. Ideally, a flexible plug and play’ infrastructure system to allow components added or removed efficiently and safely shall be adopted

 ⦁Note the constraints for each project are as follow:


 The details of the above four parts are as follow:

 1.Fully equipped hospital with up to 2000 beds. The work will start with 1250 beds immediately and then a second phase with 1000 beds. You need to recommend the route and the contract accordingly.

oThe hospital to include advance intensive care unit with up to date standards

oThe Hospital to ensure high quality standards with no infection or outbreak could take place.

oThe hospital is intended to accommodate all COVID 19 cases (growing cases are also considered).

oUp to date laboratories


⦁The hospital will remain in operation even after this virus pandemic comes to an end (hopefully ASAP!) where facilities will be utilised to serve the community afterwards for next decades.

 ⦁The fund also included immediate buying of 2500 ventilators as a matter of emergency. The government has no options to get these from overseas.


The project includes appointing and employing qualified doctors, nurses and admin staff to run the hospital. The government may conduct this task or can subletting to a local HR company? You may need to recommend an approach and explain why?

 ⦁The plan includes the construction a basic hotel (next to the medical center) that provides accommodation for all working staff as well as to quarantine Covid 19 cases.

 The hotel has a maximum capacity of 300 rooms (5 story building) with and equipped with all necessary facilities to support the staff during the pandemic period and will remain in service for the same purpose through the post pandemic period

 o It is equipped with all necessary facilities including kitchen, dining, food court, gym, swimming pool and others to ensure convenient residency.

 oProper isolation section is attached to the hotel and used to quarantine the Covid 19 cases

 ⦁The two parts (staff accommodation and quarantine part) can be constructed concurrently and independently with minimum interconnectivity.

 ⦁The project also includes urgent pavement work to construct a 3 KM carriage way to connect the hospital and the hotel to the main freeway. This includes a dual carriage way construction road with 2 lanes each


Assessment 2: Case Study: 35% due to 18/05/2020

 Important note: You may need to make various assumptions, which is fine. All assumptions need to be listed and justified.


⦁The CQUEngineers Consultancy Firm in NSW-Australia was selected to manage this fund on behalf of the owner. Therefore, CQUEngineers is taking the role of the

 ⦁You, as a project manager working at CQUEngineers Consultancy Firm were assigned as a program manager to manage this fund on behalf of the firm due to your in-depth experience in procurement management.


⦁The consultancy firm has long and extensive experience in construction projects BUT low experience in roadways and health sector and supplies.

⦁You may need to make various assumptions (all assumptions to be listed and justified).

⦁You have got the flexibility to manage the procurement plans, routes and contracts to undertake the above project aspects considering the constraints and limitations as well as the details and requirements.

⦁Since this is an urgent project, there are unexpected details and design requirements and the projects are prone to frequent design changes and requirement leading to many variation orders.


⦁Remember some aspect may considered as unique project in terms of scope, time and cost and your task is to plan the project procurement accordingly referring to above points

⦁The Table below explains the main tasks and you need to respond to these tasks in details

 Main points to address (Table 1): These are the TASKS to address.


Applying suitable negotiation strategies, particularly BATNA

⦁ One of the project aspects is to employ qualified staff and buy necessary supplies including ventilators. What are the negotiation strategy you will follow.

⦁ Identify your BATNA and make any assumptions

Hint: You may use different type of contracts for different sub- project component Your submission should represent a business report (Not an academic paper) explaining the above requirements in the same order.

The report should be of 4000 words +- 5% (excluding references and appendices). It should cover all highlighted points and provide enough details to respond to the tasks in the Table


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