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A plastic is a manufactured material produced using a wide choice of natural polymers, such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, that can be moulded into various shape into an inflexible or marginally versatile structure. While contamination is the unsafe substances added to nature. Polluted water bodies are a kind of contamination of unsafe substances. Plastic contamination is the amassing of plastic articles in the Earth's condition that unfavourably influences natural life, untamed life living space, and people. Plastics that go about as poisons are ordered into miniaturized scale. Plastic is adaptable, lightweight, dampness safe, solid, and moderately reasonable attractive characteristics that lead us, around the globe, to such a ravenous craving and over-utilization of plastic merchandise. Our enormous appreciation for plastic, combined with an obvious social penchant of progressively over-expending, disposing of, littering and along these lines contaminating, has turned into a mix of deadly nature.
Plastic contamination can possibly harm creatures, which can then antagonistically influence human nourishment supplies and it has been depicted as being exceedingly hindering to enormous marine warm-blooded creatures and  is circulated over all seas because of its properties of lightness and strength, and the sorption of toxicants to plastic while going through the earth have driven a few analysts to guarantee that engineered polymers in the sea ought to be viewed as perilous waste. Marine habitats are spoiled with man-made debris, from the poles to the equator and from shorelines, estuaries and the sea surface to the depths of the ocean (Thompson et al., 2009). Contamination is something unsafe, substances are added to nature. The material types most commonly found in marine debris are glass, metal, paper and plastic (OSPAR, 2007), trash in the water bodies is a kind of contamination. At the point when individuals utilize these elective types of vitality, they put less carbon dioxide into nature and are affected. Marine debris is defined as any persistent manufactured or processed solid material discarded, disposed of or abandoned in the marine and coastal environment (Coe and Rogers, 1997; Galgani et al., 2010).
Washed out on our coasts in evident and unmistakably obvious structure, the plastic contamination display conspicuously divulging on our shorelines is just the prelude of the more prominent story that unfurled further away on the planet's seas, yet for the most part beginning from where we stand: the land. The effect of plastic contamination through ingestion and ensnarement of marine fauna, extending from zooplankton to cetaceans, seabirds and marine reptiles, are all around recorded Adsorption of diligent natural poisons onto plastic and their exchange into the tissues and organs through ingestion is affecting marine megafauna just as lower trophic-level life forms and their predators.
Datasets used for Analysis
Data which is analysed in this report is taken from data plastic pollution which focuses particularly on the reasons and causes of environmental pollution. In this data set a detailed info of environmental pollution with a clear overview of various elements of plastic as well as waste management chain. It provides a clear historic view of plastics.in 1907, first synthetic plastic- Bakelite was produced and from where the era of global plastics industry was introduced. According this report, before 1950’s, development in this industry was not observed, but over the next 65 years, this industry has boomed that increased nearly 200- fold to 381 million tonnes in 2015, that’s roughly two-thirds of the world population. In this data set a wide range of plastic pollutions with its effects are described. Some of them includes like- its unique ways in polluting oceans and wild health, improving ways in waste management and its critics, and topmost is the reasons for adaption of plastic in daily life.  
Business intelligence tools helps in recovering the information from the interior and exterior sources and change them into progressively reasonable and useful way. The information can be taken from books, journals, content records, sounds, recordings pictures and so forth essentially it transforms unstructured information into organized information, and it has been affirmed and utilized in numerous business forms which supports break down the humungous information. The dashboards one can make in IBM Watson with different insights are complete. There are numerous kinds of diagrams, maps, charts which we can use as per our prerequisite and numerous channels accessible which aides in channel the information and get the best aftereffect of the inquiry. What's more is, we can essentially pose inquiry in the device bar and important answers will spring up there. here are numerous business insight instruments in the market accessible today, a portion of the famous apparatuses recorded beneath: 
IBM Watson analytics tool 
Microsoft azure 
Oracle BI 
Microsoft enterprise analytics mobility 
IBM Cognos analytics 
In this way, these devices are exceptionally ideal by the greatest associations, specialist's to understudies like us. Since it is very easy to use and to investigate these informational collections, I have utilized IBM Watson analytics tool.
This is a plastic waste dashboard that provides a clear overview of plastic production from the introduction era of plastics i.e. from the year 1950 to year 2015 and is measured in terms of tonnes. Likely, it reached to billions. From this data it can be observed that, in 1950, only 2 million tonnes of plastic were produced globally. Subsequently production has increased nearly to 200-fold, reaching 381 million tonnes in 2010, that roughly meets the world population. It can be noticed that in the year 2009and 2010, there seems a shot recession in the annual production and predominantly results of 2008 global financial crisis and the same dent can be noticed in previous years that’s has a huge impact in the production/consumption. Further, in the cumulative global plastic production, it can be perceived that by 2015, the world had produced 7.8 billion tonnes of plastic- it implicates that more than one tonne of plastic for every person alive today.  The outcomes: consistently, 8 million metric huge amounts of plastic end up in our seas. It's comparable to five basic food item sacks loaded up with plastic for each foot of coastline on the planet. In 2025, the yearly info is evaluated to be about twice more prominent, or 10 packs brimming with plastic per foot of coastline. So, the combined contribution for 2025 would be about multiple times the 8 million metric tons gauge – 100 packs of plastic for each foot of coastline on the planet.
Our enormous fascination in plastic, combined with an obvious social inclination of progressively over-devouring, disposing of, littering and in this manner dirtying, has turned into a blend of deadly nature. As per report of UC Santa Barbara's National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), measured the contribution of plastic waste from land into the sea. The issue has been perceived in worldwide and territorial understandings, for example, the choices of the eleventh conference of the parties to the convention on biological diversity (CBD COP 11 Decision XI/18), the tenth gathering of the parties to the convention on the conservation of transient species of wild animals (CMS Resolution 10.4), the global convention for the prevention of pollution from boats (MARPOL) Annex v, and the EU marine strategy framework order (MSFD). Besides, the aggregate effects of plastic pitches on human wellbeing and the earth have prompted proposition ordering enactment and approaches arranging the most unsafe sorts of plastic flotsam and jetsam as unsafe waste 
From the graph of usage of plastic, Packaging was the overwhelming utilization of essential plastics, with 42 percent of plastics entering the utilization phase Building and development was the second biggest area using 19 percent of the aggregate. Essential plastic creation does not straightforwardly reflect plastic waste age. Whereas the graph by plastic waste by sector, demonstrates the utilization of essential plastics by segment. Plastic waste age is firmly impacted by essential plastic use, yet in addition the item lifetime. Bundling, for instance, has an extremely short 'being used' lifetime (regularly around a half year or less). This is as opposed to building and development, where plastic use has a mean lifetime of 35 years.7 Packaging is along these lines the overwhelming generator of plastic waste, in charge of practically 50% of the worldwide aggregate. In 2015, essential plastics generation was 407 million tons; around seventy five percent (302 million tons) wound up as waste.
Plastics contamination has an immediate and dangerous impact on natural life. A great many seabirds and ocean turtles, seals and other marine warm-blooded animals are murdered every year subsequent to ingesting plastic or getting snared in it. Chlorinated plastic can discharge hurtful synthetic concoctions into the encompassing soil, which would then be able to saturate groundwater or other encompassing water sources and furthermore the biological system of the world. This can make genuine mischief the species that drink the water. Landfill territories contain a wide range of sorts of plastics.
From this finding,it can be evaluated that per capita rate of plastic waste age, estimated in kilograms per individual every day.Here it can be noticed that- day by day per capita plastic waste over the most elevated nations- Kuwait, Guyana, Germany, Netherlands, Irelands, and United States.

The per capita note that these figures speak to add up to plastic waste age and don't represent contrasts in waste administration, reusing or cremation. They along these lines don't speak to amounts of plastic in danger of misfortune to the sea or different conduits. Past household plastic waste age, there is additionally an enormous worldwide ware showcase for reused plastic waste. Over 100 species of seabirds are known to ingest plastic artefacts and/or become entangled with them (Laist 1997).
 From this graph, it can be illustrate that, a high offer of the world's sea  plastics contamination has its birthplace in Asia.  China contributes the most astounding offer of botched plastic waste with around 28 percent of the worldwide aggregeate , trailed by 10 percent of Indonesia , 6 percent of both the Phillippines and Vietnam. Other driving nations incorporate  Thailand, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa. 
Create and pursue a composed waste investigation plan.  
Give fitting preparing to workers dealing with risky waste.  
Store, treat, or discard risky waste nearby as per the grant.  
Organize legitimate off-site the executives, transportation, treatment, and transfer of all squanders not arranged nearby.  
Present a Biennial Report each even-numbered year.  
Keep up duplicates of every single waste assurance, shows, and required reports for at any rate three years. n (Kaiser and Enserink,2000).                               
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