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Pestle Analysis Assignment Help

Pestle Analysis Assignment Help


With the ramified changes, every organization needs to strengthen the overall outcomes by assessing the micro economic factors. In this report, with the assistance of PESTLE analysis, the contemporary issues faced by an Australian organization revealed. Additionally, the findings and the possible recommendations in context with the subject matter. Moreover, the secondary data research method that includes - articles regarding the concept used for the completion of report. 
The Political Factor
The governmental regulations- The Australian Government's tight policies regarding trading and taxation may hinder the growth of an organization. In context with the MAdE establishment company {MEC} based in Australia, the owner namely George failed to pay off his debts. Although, the Government assisted the MEC through the voluntary management for monitoring MEC key issues in which the main concern was the 499 employee’s repayment and huge losses by MEC (Aaker, 2008). 
The Economic Factor
The tax burden- Concerning the MEC the contemporary issue was the heavy taxes being imposed for the company as the employees claimed against George for underpayment of respective employees. Hence, the tax burden and heavy losses occurred by Popular Chef's company- MEC failed to pay off his debts moreover, it was found that as repentance MEC paid around $8mn to the underpaid employees from the year 2011 till the year 2017. Moreover, the lawyer namely Sandra took eyes on a company for ensuring that due payment was made by George. Currently, KorthaMenta hired for checking present MEC condition moreover, the conclusion was drawn of the fact that around 350 employees resigned after being paid a sum of $8mn to the underpaid employees (Aaker, 2008).
The Social Factor
The portrayal of a bad image- In the eyes of Australian people and consumers of MEC, the company image was negatively portrayed because of the fraud and underpayment of Chef Celebrity George to its employees. Moreover, the MAdE establishment came into limelight after its unethical issues and several legal actions undertaken against him. Hence, as a result, MEC lost its customers as well as its loyal customers. Moreover, the employees such as Orlaith filed a case against her and stated that heavy penalties and serious punishment must be taken into consideration against George for the unethical conduct done by him to its employees. She added that a serious wage should be paid as $8m for all employees wasn't enough.  On the other hand, the societies beliefs concerning the fast food and restaurant food is also a major point of concern that might be a big social threat for the MEC as it will result in the loss of a number of the customers which will lead to the decreased sales and poor profitability growth (Aithal, 2016). Hence, the organic products and customer's demands for food must be analyzed by the firms to gain attraction and the competitive edge in the existing market, enjoying the lucrative opportunities this way. 
The controversial factor
The society perceived bad reputation of MEC Sub Company based in Melbourne namely Hellenic restaurant due to its increased controversies one of which included the food poisoning eruption in which around 100 customers filed a complaint saying that they got victimized of diarrhea and serious health issues. Hence, the legal action was taken against and it was forcefully closed for one day.  Additionally, another controversial assault case was undertaken against MEC in which there existed a major clash between George and the customer and serious action was taken in which $1100 was charged against George as a penalty and abusive behavior to his customer. On the other hand, the underpayment issue by George towards his staff members made a bad image and the reputation of MEC (Aithal, 2016). Hence, it can be said that the controversial issues portrayed a bad image of MEC thereby resulting in huge financial loss, employees and the society lost faith and increased debts.
The Technological Factor 
Obsolete technological factor- The main hindrance for any organization in the world is the outdated technology failing its business operations and poor competition. On the other hand, the existing competitors, therefore, replaced and disrupts the existing technology thereby gain a competitive edge in the competitive environment. In the context of the MEC, one of the cases led to visibility because of obsolete technology (SHTAL, et al. 2018).
One of the employees of MEC was infected with the virus namely Gastroenteritis which led to the poor operations by him at the workplace and contact with an infected person by the staff members was the main reason for spreading the disease. On the other hand, the main reason for Gastroenteritis is the contamination of the food while preparation hence, poor functioning and services led to the failure of satisfaction by the target customers of MEC.
The Environmental Factor
The natural calamities- One of the major uncontrollable threats for any organization operating in the market is the natural threats that include- earthquakes, windstorms, and floods. Hence, the unpredictable and uncontrollable events cannot be easily identified and controlled however, strong measures and policies implemented for preventing natural hazards might mitigate the risks in the future. Hence, in context with MEC, the natural hazards might be a big threat that could result in fewer visits by customers and regular performances by the staff members at the time of worse situations that might harm them adversely (Wheelen, et al. 2010). 
The Legal Factor
Rigid legislative policies- Legal laws and the regulations by the Government of Australia exposes as big threats for the firms operating in the global market.  Hence, regarding MEC legal policies concerning employees’ rights, MEC was obliged to pay the dues to its 499 employees. Moreover, the lawyer named as Oahn appointed to check and ensure that full payment was made by George and around 8mn was repaid by George as the underpayment ethical issues for his staff (Zalengera, et al. 2014).
There is need to adhere to policies and regulations by the Australian Government is strongly recommended for the sustainability of the performances and growth of an organization. There should legal action taken by employees stating that serious punishment and heavy penalties must be charged against him as the paid amount was not enough for the wages being due from the year 2011. Although, the firms must abide by the legal policies for the prevention of key issues such as- employee rights and fair evaluation policies. The proper disaster planning and mitigation policies are strongly recommended for mitigation of such risks in both the present and the future scenario.
It can be inferred that the employees are the backbone of an organization hence, employee's rights must be taken into consideration for satisfaction and retention of them. Moreover, a fair evaluation system, mitigation techniques and adhering with the Australian Government policies are recommended for MEC to prevent the contemporary issues.
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