Personal Management Assignment Help

Personal Management Assignment Help

Personal Management Assignment Help

Personal Management Assignment Help

Personal Management Assignment Help

Personal statement:- 

I hope I will pursue a career that is the world of Accounting in the future. Nowadays, Accounting had been proved to be pivotal in a business area that many organizations need an accountant to manage the financial arrangements. Besides, Accounting is challenging and giving the impression that it is professional.

Since I started to manage my weekly allowance, I had the concept of managing financial resources. I bought a bookkeeping to write down expenses and income daily. Therefore, I can have a better understanding of how much money can be used every day and have the habit of saving.In addition, I felt amazing while I search the information of accounting and how to write a bookkeeping. As a result, I had a burning ambition to become an accountant.

On the other hand, Ihad a better understanding of myself through the MBTI personality test. The result showed that I am ISFJ type person who is careful, responsible, cautious and willing to help others. Besides, I check out of my assignments is satisfied with the learning outcome carefully after I finished my assignments.Therefore, my assignments often get merit or distinction. Furthermore, I always submit my assignments and go to school on time for taking the responsibility of the student. It shows that I am not only responsible but also have a great time management. In addition, I willing to help others when they do not know how to do their homework. I will answer their questions and explain the lecture notes to them again. It may time consuming, however, I felt so happy after I help others. Moreover, it can prove to myself that I really understanding on the subjects.

I have got a better understanding of how to write spreadsheets such ad trial balance, income statement, and statement of financial position after I had finished diverse class works. Besides, I enjoy writing those spreadsheets like trial balance, therefore, I search the exercise about Accounting on the internet at home. It induces me to explore the information of Accounting. In addition, I believe I am analyst by analyzing the support of data to write spreadsheets after I had finished a couple of exercises.

I had learned independent work, time management, and self-organization skills during the study in the BTEC course. Those skills are important and necessary in the university and workplace. Besides, I am able to submit my assignment before the deadlines and sensible to use time. Therefore, I am also able to accomplish my work before the deadlines in the workplace. Furthermore, I learn to make a schedule that I can use time wisely and strike a balance between school assignments and part-time jobs.

My part-time job is an event helper for different organizations such as Hong Kong Housing Authority. I have learned team cooperation, independent work and how to make effective communication with members. I also understood that everyone not only fulfills their duties to achieve the goals of the team, but also the members complement each other to complete our mission. As a result, the event can be carried out smoothly.

Besides, I am event helper for Thailand event. My job duties are to sell and introduce the products to people from different countries and to calculate how much money earned on that day. I hope I can obtain more knowledge on accounting in the university that I can quickly to know the company is earning money or lose money.

I am a passive and self-abased person and I hope I will become an assertive, self-confident and mature person while I study in university. Besides, I will study hard to make myself as a professional accountant.

Personal and professional development plan:- 

When I need to communicate with foreigners, I discover I am not enough confidence to talk and express my opinions. It is because my vocabulary is insufficient. On the other hand, my typing speed slowly whether I type the Chinese words or English words.

1. Improve English skill:- 

Nowadays Englishhas become important and dominant communication language in the business world. Besides, all documents are written in English and communicate with others organizations in English. As a result, as a professional and successful business talent is necessary to write and speak English fluently.

Firstly, I will read the South China Morning Post daily to enhance my reading skill. Besides, I will select the reading materials that are in line with my reading level and set a schedule before I read. Furthermore, I check the dictionary that I do not know the meaning of some vocabularies while I reading the articles. In addition, I write down those vocabularies in my note book that I can review again. As a result, I can have quantity vocabulary and improve my reading level through this method.

Secondly, I will watch United States’ movies and shows to improve my listening skill. Moreover, I will adjust the pattern without subtitles while I watch the movies and shows. Therefore, I can adapt to English conversation easily. Thirdly, I will practice on writing essays and articles daily to enhance my writing skill. Besides, I will search the different topics to write. For instance, business proposal, report or articles. Furthermore, I will invite the teacher to help me with proofreading and revise them, therefore, it can help to improve my development in writing.

Finally, speak English fluently can only though practices to improve. I will try to talk to my friends with English that can have more opportunity to speak English practices.

On the other hand, I will use my smartphone to learn languages because of useful apps. As a result, I can learn languages more effective, save time and cost through use those apps. In addition, I will take the English test such as IELTS to test my English level by the completion date.

2. Improve my typing speed:- 

The first step that Iwill familiar with the keyboard and master the standard fingering. Besides, I will search the vocabulary or sentences to practice typing on the internet. Furthermore, there are lots of typing programs to improve my typing speed such as word games. I will take a test called Speedtest to test my typing speed of Chinese and English words on the internet by the end of the completion date.

3. Building self-confidence:- 

Before to build up self-confidence, I should be self-recognition and realize my strengths and weakness. For instance, I will write down ten strengths in the paper that can remind myself and help to enhance my confidence when I am working. Besides, I will think positively and do not give too much pressure when I meet a new challenge. Therefore, my confidence is build up. On the other hand, I will be well-prepared before doing anything such as presentation. If the presentation can be completed successfully, it will enhance my self-confidence.

4. Improve Mandarin skill:- 

Nowadays not only Englishhas become dominant communication language but Mandarin also become important communication language. Therefore, as a successful business talent is necessary to speak English and Mandarin fluently. Besides, it can increase my own competitiveness. I decide to watch movies and shows with Mandarin daily that to improve my listening skill such as Chinese Made Efficient show. On the other hand, I will participate in Mandarin course that will provide regular exercise on Mandarin. For example, speaking test. Furthermore, I will take a Mandarin test can test my listening and speaking skill in Mandarin by the end of the completion date.

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