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Personal Leadership Model

Personal Leadership Model

Personal Leadership Model

My personal leadership comprises of three areas of leadership which I feel are extremely important and are the core elements to contribute towards a successful leadership Model. The three areas of leadership that my personal leadership models includes are:

· Leadership Theory – I have chosen the behavioral theory of leadership in my personal leadership model

· Philosophy

· Team work

I shall explain the rationale and importance of choosing these areas of leadership in detail during the course of this essay.

Main Organizing Idea


The main organizing idea of my personal leadership model can be explained by using the three areas of leadership that I have chosen (Anon, 2017):

I strongly feel that leaders are not born but they are made by the behaviors they exhibit over the period of time through their share of learning which they have inculcated through life’s experiences, surmounting challenges, learning from influential people around etc. Therefore, how one behaves, what factors contribute towards a behavior that is line with influencing others in your environment is what makes all the difference. And since behavior theory of leadership clearly elucidates this concept, I strongly identify with this base concept of leadership theory. Therefore, exhibiting behaviors which not only polishes my character but also inspires all around is one of the organizing idea of my personal leadership model(Leadership-Central.com, 2017).

I strongly feel that unless and until one has a strong philosophical value one can be led astray when faced with difficult or confusing situations in life. However, if the philosophy on which an individual bases one’s life is strong and rich in value then it guides an individual and helps one make decisions and act in the best interest of all. The underlying philosophy of my leadership model is that every individual has unlimited potential. The only difference is the extent to which they are aware of this. When I make this as my underlying philosophy then it gives me a drive to believe in people’s potential and bring out the best in one self and others.

If one individual takes one step forward that is just one step forward. However, if hundred people take one step forward that is hundred steps forward. This becomes the organizing idea of my personal leadership model to choose team work as one of the important areas of leadership.

Important Traits, Skills and Tasks of an Effective Leader



· Inspiring – Words alone do not make any impact on others and cannot model their behavior in the right direction. Therefore, action of a leader, how he is able to inspire others and unleash their energy for the best outcome is what matters(Inc.com, 2017).

· Optimistic – No one likes to be around someone who is negative and pessimistic towards things, situations, people etc. People always look for someone who exhibit a positive energy which comes when people are hopeful, positive and have an optimistic nature. Therefore, an effective leader will be optimistic and will always focus on moving forward with the best moves.

· Emotional Stability – Effective leaders stand tall in the face of any adversity. An effective is one who is not frustrated and is able to manage stress. Overall they have the capability to channelize their emotions in a positive way and make the best out of everything through their state of mind(Au.af.mil, 2017).


Strategic Thinking – An effective leader will have a purpose and vision very clearly defined. They will have a long term view of things and act accordingly. They have a vision of where they want to be and will single mindedly work towards achieving the same.

· Organizing, Planning & Problem Solving – In order their mission, an effective leader will always have organizing and action planning skills. An effective leader will make the best decisions and has a great problem solving ability.

· Interpersonal & People management skills – An effective leader is not only effective in putting his points across and inspire others but also empathizes with others around so that people form a connect with the leader and give their best towards the common goal. An effective leader knows how to best manage people by carving out the best in them.

(Skills You Need 2011-2017, 2017)



· Communicator – An effective leader is able articulate things in a way that is inspiring and motivating. They are able to empathize with people and have strong listening skills too.

· Thinker & Decision Maker – An effective leader is able to think strategically and make the best decisions in the best ineptest of all stakeholders.

· Team builder – An effective leader clearly communicates all plans, goals etc. with the team which makes the team feel connected to the larger goal and drives them to put their best foot forward. An effective is able to build such harmony and interconnectedness in the team to achieve the end objective.

(Blanchard and Blanchard, 2017)



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