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Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Health and Social Care (Management)

Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Health and Social Care (Management)

 Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND in Health and Social Care (Management)

1.    AUTHENTICITY AND AUTHENTICATION: Edexcel regulations state: “Students MUST authenticate the evidence that they provide for assessment.”

Therefore, it is mandatory thata cover sheet (template can be found on ABI Learn) clearly stating name, surname and student number, together with the statement of authenticity is attached in the front of your assignment.

If you do not submit this cover page with your assignment (including statement), your assignment will not be marked.

Your signature is required on this cover sheet.

2.    Assignments must be submitted to TURNITIN by the date specified in the assignment brief. The maximum TURNITIN plagiarism % allowed is 19%.

3.    ASSESSMENT AND GRADING: Formal opportunity to provide final formative assessment feedback will be given by ABI College where students will have the opportunity to provide evidence towards all the assessment criteria targeted.Formative Assessment involves both the assessor and the student in a conversation about their progress and takes place prior to summative assessment. The main function of formative assessment is to provide feedback to enable student to make improvements to consolidate a Pass, or attain a higher grade.

Summative Assessment is a final assessment decision on an assignment tasks in relation to the assessment criteria of each unit. It is the definitive assessment and recording of the student’s achievement.

4.    MARKING SPELLING, PUNCTUATION AND GRAMMAR: Mistakes in spelling and grammar should not influence assessment decisions unless:

·         The mistakes are so problematic that they undermine the evidence of student understanding, or

·         Specific assessment criteria require good communication, spelling and grammar and/or correct use of technical language.


If student work has consistently poor spelling, grammar or languageit will not be accepted for marking and it will be marked as referred.


5.    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION can be found in Student Handbook and Programme Handbook for your HND course available on ABI Learn.

Assignment Brief


You are recently recruited as Manager at All SeasonsElderly Residential Care Home in Acton. This care home established 3 years ago and has been rendering quality care services. The Senior Management decided to expand the number of beds. They applied for a financial loan from Barclays Bank. The Business Manager of Barclays Bank needs financial information in connection with sanction of loan.

Senior Management asked you to prepare the documents and a detail report to provide required information in this regard.

Prepare a comprehensive report for the meeting on managing financial resources in All Seasons Residential Care Home Acton.


1.1 Explain the principles of costing and business control systems in general and what would be the most appropriate principle of costing and business control systems for All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton. (AC 1.1, M3)

1.2 Identify information needed to manage financial resources in All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton. (AC 1.2, M1)

1.3 Explain the regulatory requirements need to be considered in terms of legislation, codes of practice and policies when managing the financial resources in All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton. (AC 1.3, M3)

1.4 Evaluate systems for managing financial resources in health or care industry in general and indicate what would be the best system for evaluating financial resources of All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton. (AC 1.4, D3)


2.1 Discuss the diverse sources of income that may be encountered in health and social care such as public, private, voluntary or national funding and indicate the possible income sources of All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton. (AC 2.1, M1)

2.2 Analyse the factors that may influence the availability of financial resources in health and social care organisations such as All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton.  (AC 2.2, M2)

2.3 Different types of budget expenditure have different effects within All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton. Review at least 2 different types of budget expenditure in your report. (AC 2.3, M2)

2.4 Evaluate how decisions about expenditure are made within All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton. (AC 2.4, D3)


3.1 Explain how All Seasons Residential Care Home’s expenditure can be monitored and how shortfalls can be managed. (AC 3.1, M3)

3.2 Explain the actions to be taken in the event of suspected fraud in All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton. (AC 3.2, M3)

3.3 Evaluate budget monitoring arrangements in health or social care organisations in general and identify what would be the best for All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton. (AC 3.3, M2, D3)


4.1 Identify what information is required to make the financial decisions for All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton. (AC 4.1, M1)

4.2 Analyse the relationship between the care home service that is delivered and the costs and expenditure of such service. (AC 4.2, M2)

4.3 Evaluate how financial considerations impact upon a customer using All Seasons Residential Care Home, Acton. (AC 4.3, M2)

4.4 Suggest ways to improve the health and social care service in general through changes to financial systems and processes. (AC 4.4, D3)

Assessment criteria

Each unit will be graded as a Pass, Merit or Distinction. A pass is awarded for the achievement of all outcomes against the specified assessment criteria. Merit and Distinction grades are awarded for higher-level achievement.



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