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Organization of the Research Report

Organization of the Research Report

  Organization of the Research Report



Control mechanism plays a vital role in a business organization. The predefined goal achievement becomes easy when control mechanisms are in place. Control mechanisms in businesses help to evaluate and monitor performance of the business.  Cybernetics system of control applies to various sampling standards to monitor the ultimate outcome in an engineering process. It is also implemented in case of non-engineering businesses like commercial temperature control in commercial freezers also providing maintenance in major time bound go live projects in the field of commerce, especially manufacturing.  It influences the business activities by strategically providing information to managers about the alignment of business goals with the actions being taken. Management control system helps to organize resource allocation to help in implementation of organizational strategy. However, management deals with multiple variants especially men, hence it is much more difficult to implement strict measures of control in a business process rather than in an engineering process, which deals with precision of machines.

In a business organization, control mechanism has to be implemented but it has to be made with keeping flexibility of situational variants in mind. Control mechanism ensures that after commencement the project is not deviating in a negative manner. The concept of cybernetics, which is an automated scientific control system, ensures control functionalities are automatically applied even in complex systems. Automated temperature regulator, which provides maintenance to commercial freezers, can be an example of superior cybernetic control system. Control mechanism is a tool of success of huge project because monitoring in such large scale projects become beyond human capacity.

Planning and control is closely link with each other in the managerial process. Without proper control, the planning cannot foster the strategic outcome. Control is effective to emphasize all the bottlenecks, which is sharp pointer of the situational needs. In order to set the standard way for measuring the performance, main elements of the control are planning, delegation of authority, action, and information.  The primary objective of these elements is to find out the actual happening. In order to increase the efficiency of operation, the managers have to take significant action for minimizing the wasteful action and irrelevant context. The role of each element is mentioned as follows:-

Planning and control is interlinked with each other, where planning provides the basic of the control. Control can be fostered through criticizing the angle of management. In this case, the elements are related within the range of inputs and outputs. Within the input and output, the leading factors towards the control are plan, organize, direct and control.



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