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Champoux (2010, p.12) stated that the business-oriented organisation works as a machine, organism, culture, brain, political system and framework of domination. Working as machine help the organisation to generate efficiency in the maintenance of production, waste, energy remission and re-engineering (Walker, 2011, p.10).  Meanwhile working as organism maintains the business adaptation, business life cycle, recycling of resources and environmental growth. British Petroleum has managed to diversify the business across 40 countries by improving the value of machinery, political cooperation, and sustainable environment. Financial and operational function of the organisation is positively influenced by the modifying their innovation and management value. Royal Dutch Shell has managed to implement moderate drilling machinery. Safety clamps and casing pipe elevators remove the nasty accident and injuries at the manufacturing unit (Shell.com. 2016).   

Herzberg et al. (2011, p.13) mentioned that the increasing the use of machinery shows that the organisation has focused on doubling the productivity with shorter duration. Technology based machinery is the driving force of company to gain massive business outcome across the potential market. On the contrary, working as machine involves higher cost which can harm their future investment decision of organisation. More specifically, the cultural and legal value in the business is maintained after following the step of the political system.

O'Neil and Drillings (2012, p.12) stated that the organisation works as a political system to establish an organisational culture at the workplace. Equality and diversity are provided to every single associate of the organisation after adopting political system approach. This approach tries to make hidden agenda for leading the business industry across the national and international market. The role of top level management is higher in the political system approach. Ashkanasy and Humphrey (2011, p.215) opined that the top level manager tries to make an alliance with the lower level management. On the other hand, avoiding safety measure harms the health of lower level management that reduces the workplace proficiency at a wider scale.

Working as machine, help the British Petroleum to increase the role of machinery to enhance the productivity in an effective manner. Working as machinery, help the British Petroleum to dominate the Oil and Gas industry across international markets. Feasibility and sustainability of the business are determined by the adoption of machinery centric approach (bp.com. 2016). 



Linnenluecke and Griffiths (2010, p.358) opined that the top level management of organisation fermented marketing and business goals to empower the profitability and credibility. Determining business objective is essential for the organisation to force the workforces for increasing the outcome. Naranjo-Valencia et al. (2011, p.56) mentioned that the goal setting aspects is the primary approach of every financial organisation before diversifying the business across the new market. On the other hand, macro and micro environmental factor include the feasibility of business and goals of the organisation. Hoffman et al. (2011, p.780) stated that the top level management formulates a strategy on the basis of current and future market trend, the purpose of setting business goals is to create the value of business among their loyal customer. The organisation brings training and development programme to develop the skill and proficiency of the workforces on regular basis. Somehow skilled workforces are the biggest strength of the company.

Leroy et al. (20121, p.256) mentioned that the goal-setting theory is most effective and useful theory to increase the value of strategic force beyond business. The goal-setting theory focuses on improving the business effort of workforces. The leader of BP has implemented goals setting strategies to determine the role and responsibility of the every single employee of the organisation. It has helped the company to bring sudden technological business change to lead the Oil and Gas industry across the domestic and international market. Lam et al. (2010, p.55) mentioned that the strategic aspect of the organisation is all about forcing employees to become task persistence. Hoffman et al. (2011, p.780) stated that the professional behaviour is established among the lower and mid-level management after executing the value of goal setting approach. The organisation makes product centric goals to establish the value of product across the potential market. Meanwhile, customer-centric goals help the company to make a long-lasting relationship with the target customers. O'Neil and Drillings (2012, p.12) stated that the marketing and business policy of the organisation are formulated by the leader of an organisation to improve the financial performance across target market. Goal-setting behaviour is the current need of every single associate of the organisation to dominate the respective business industry. Chevron Corporation UK has targeted implementation of moderate equipment to bring efficiency in the productivity Sucker rod elevators and blowout preventers are the most prominent equipment of company to provide safety at the workplace (Chevron Policy, G. 2016). 

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