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Object Oriented and Web Programming

Object Oriented and Web Programming

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Thisassignmentconstitutes50%ofthe assessmentforthismodule.Itisin two parts,one ofwhich leads totheother.Theaimsoftheassignment,which will lead you to thefulfillmentofthemodule learningoutcomes,areto: 

      Develop a practical web solution using thePHP server-side scriptinglanguageand including dynamicweb contentbyretrieving andmanipulating datastored inaMySQLrelational database andXML files. 

      Justifythedesign ofyourweb database systemwith referenceto relevantliterature

Yourwork, forall partsoftheassignment,mustbe yourownand,whereyou have used wordsfrom someone else (quotations),theyshould becorrectlyquotedandreferenced in accordancetothe Harvard(Northumbria) System.

Referencingand academicwritingsupport 
Ifyou requireguidance on citation,usetheguide‘Cite ThemRight’ availablefrom


Formoresupportonacademicwriting and citation,you canalso attendthe LibrarysNorthumbriaSkillsProgramme oraccess SkillsPlus via the Librarytabonthe eLP(Blackboard).

Academic Regulation

PartA– Specification and Design(30%) 

Thispartofthe assignmentcoversthefollowing module learningoutcome: 

      Specifyand designweb database systemswith justificatio

PartB– SystemDevelopment (70%)

 Thispartofthe assignmentcoversthefollowing module learningoutcomes: 

      Build the presentation layerofmulti-tierapplications usinganappropriatescriptinglanguage

(e.g.PHP orJava). 

      Integrateandtestsoftwarecomponentsthatreside on eithera web ordatabase server 

The deadlineforbothpartsis Monday13th May2019(no laterthan 4pm).Detailed submission instructionsarebelowon pages9-10.


You should useSimpleXMLto accesstheXMLfile,extracttherelevant XML and then reformatitin the wayrequired.A listofthesong detailsfromthe XMLfileshould bedisplayedon themain page of yoursitein HTML and each titleshould linktothe webpage where thesong can bepurchased on Amazon.com(thislink isprovided in the xmlfile).  Thislisting pageshouldbe available to all users.It representsthemostrecently importedplaylistforthe site.

Ifa userlogs in tothe systemthen,additionally,theyshould be able tosave thereferencetoany songssothattheycancreatetheirown playlist(s)in amyplaylist’ page.Theyshould also be able to retrieve anypreviouslysavedsongdetailsfromthisplaylist,addnewsongs andalsodeletethem.

Please notethatyou maynotbe ableto implementall therequirementsthatfollow;thisisto be expected.Withatechnicalassignmentsuchas thistherequirements include somequitedifficult partsthatonlya verystrong studentwill be able to complete–thisallowsus togive arangeofmarks appropriatetoability. Look at themarking scheme on pages8-9forsomeidea ofthe breakdown of marks.




You needtofirstconsiderrelevantliteratureregardingusabilityand interface design andpresent somecolourwireframesfor




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