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Risk Factor: ALCOHOL

Poster Presentation:-

Background and the contextual information about alcohol:

Alcohol is one of the most consumable drinks in the world. In the late modern era, people understood the risk regarding the alcohol. Australia considered as a heavy drinking nation. The consumption of the alcohol is very high which was gone at its peak in the year 1982 with 9.8 litres per capita. The National Drug Strategy in 1998 did a study in which it was found that around 5.75 of the current drinkers are at the medium level of the chronic harm and around 3.8% heavy drinkers who consume alcohol are at high risk at the chronic harm (Alcohol in Australia: issues and strategies, 2001).

In the early 19th century, the people of New South Wales are consuming 13.5 litres of alcohol in the year. In the year 1982, the consumption rate of the people of Australia is 9.8 litters (Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy, 2001)

Epidemiology and impacts on the consumer and their family:-

As most of the Australian does not consume a huge amount of alcohol, that can lead them to the serious injuries or diseases. However, there are some people who consume alcohol in huge amount, just because of that the people can be caught by disease; More than 17% drinkers consumes to much of alcohol which can lead them to the serious injuries or the diseases. At this level, the risk of getting injuries and diseases are high and put the person in a risk, road accident or any kind of disease, which can lead to death (The Department of Health, 2018):

If a person uses the alcohol in huge amount, there is a huge chance of getting more than 200 chronic diseases including seven types of cancer. In Australia, around 5500 people died due to the alcohol annually. Due to the alcohol, the families are suffering more as it has increased the domestic violence due to the use of the alcohol and it can increase the cause of birth effects and the behavioural abnormalities (The Department of Health, 2018)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities and Family Violence:

The work "Family Violence" is preferred that the "Domestic Violence" by many indigenous communities "family" in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities covers a various range of the obligations and mutual support.  Family violence is very high in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities and it is often related to the alcohol consumptions. In the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities, the women consider violence due to alcohol is one of the greatest worries (Family violence and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, 2018).  

Mortality and Alcohol

Figure: Mortality and Alcohol

Source: (Willenbring, 2018)

  Health Promotion Strategies and the barriers and enablers for health care:

In Australia, the consumption of alcohol has economic and social impacts on the daily life of the Australian. In addition, it has related to the health-related harms and the safety of the community. The Australian government also made a strategy to promote the health of the society. Firstly, the government has made a plan to develop a safe and healthier drinking plan to prevent the harm (Miller, 2015). The government has made four plans

       1.     To reduce the frequency of intoxication between drinkers

       2.     Improve the public safety where the public consumes the alcohols

       3.     Improve the health services

       4.     Promote the healthy drinking habits in the communities.

Department of health is spreading the benefits of healthy drinking among the communities so that many people can relate them and make them healthy. Apart from that, the health promotion can be done by informing people of what they can do for staying healthy, enable the people to increase the control and improve their health and to promote the activities which is related to the health and the awareness of the health programme can be done from preventing ill-health  (The Department of Health, 2008).

Strategies to promote culturally safe care practices:

In Australia, the current scenario of the health safety and quality standards are insufficient to ensure the culturally safe care from the alcoholic patients. As the communities are the heart of the society, it can help to overcome the problems that are related to the alcohols. Many health care services are providing the training to the staff and the communities about the cultural safety (The Department of Health, 2018). Cultural safety means to provide care to the person who needed by reflecting their own statement and culture in order to work with each other (Cultural safety, 2018).  It can be promoted by identifying the cultural safety issues in the Australia and to provide the welcoming and safe environment.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities have a strong relationship with their land and waters. They transfer knowledge to their future generations. Therefore, if the government promotes the cultural safe practices it would be better for the communities like Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders by which they can learn and take respects in the health care services (The Department of Health, 2018).

 cultural safety development stages

 Changes in the healthcare workforce:

In Australia the diversity is increasing day by day, the health care services are getting the opportunities and the challenges at the same time. Cultural competence can be defined as the ability of the health care providers to provide the services that can meet the social and cultural needs of the patients. If there is a change in the healthcare workforce, it can be good for the people who come from different communities. As they, health care services can now provide more cultural competence and it can improve patient's satisfaction. If the health care’s services are become culturally appreciate it will improve the accessibilities of the people to the healthcare services. The health care services should be able to provide the healthcare without discriminations without race and ethnicity. The health care services should provide the interpreter's services and should provide the training to the staffs so that the staff can be aware of the culture. It should be noted that, the health ministers of Australia have developed a framework that is called "The Cultural Respect Framework" to provide service delivery by the use of jurisdiction and mechanism to make the relationship strength between the health care system and the indigenous people of Australia (AUSTRALIAN HEALTH MINISTERS ADVISORY COUNCIL, 2016).  


Alcohol consumption is one of the problems in the world and for Australia. As the people who have consuming alcohol in a huge amount, which is around 13.5 litres per capita. The 90% of adults have tried alcohol in their life, which means 90 % of the people is consuming alcohol in Australia. The huge amount Alcohol consuming is injurious for the health of the people.  In Australia, around 17% of the drinkers may catch by diseases as cancer or they can get any serious injuries due to the dizziness (Miller, 2015). There are 5500 people died due to the alcohol annually. Due to the alcohol's consumption, the disease like FASD can occur to the person. Apart from that, the people who are related to the alcoholic person suffer the most from their families. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities suffering from the domestic violence as many women referred the alcohol is one of the major factors in the domestic violence (Family violence and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, 2018).

In Australia, the consumption of alcohol is one of the main factors, which influences the social and economic life of the Australian people. By which the government has made some of the strategies to promote health in which the health department has made some plans to reduce the consumptions of the intoxicating drink. Apart from that, with the help of the communities, the government is promoting health benefits. As there are many barriers for the health care to provide the health services as one of the factors is the lack of knowledge, which stops the people to talk freely to the doctors and the nurses. Language is one the problem as the health care services is going global the languages of the patients should be understood by the health care providers to provide better health services. The cultural safe practices mean the practices where all the people can live in fear and there was no assault on the people. All the communities should share these practices so that the effect of the alcohol that leads to the domestic violence should be brought down (Cultural safety, 2018).


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