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NRSG370 - Clinical Integration - Speciality Practice

NRSG370 - Clinical Integration - Speciality Practice

NRSG370 - Clinical Integration - Speciality Practice 

Assessment: Case Study Outline- Information For Students

Assessment 2: Case Study - North Sydney

Students will complete a case study which discusses the provision of ethical, legal,

evidence based, holistic person-centred care including the establishment of realistic and

relevant goals through the theoretical examination of a particular nursing specialty case

study using the Clinical Reasoning Cycle (Levett-Jones, 2013). Students must select and

respond to the case study question that reflects their allocated clinical placement

specialty. If you have not been allocated a specialty placement, OR you are repeating

this unit, please refer to your LEO campus announcements forum and the 3-hour lecture

for instructions on how to proceed (you should not repeat the same case study question

twice). Case study questions can be found on LEO via this link:


  There are a variety of case studies on LEO page under the case study tile

 Choose the one that best reflects your specialty placement

 BNBP students – must do ‘High Dependency’ Case Study

The Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Student are expected to use the Clinical Reasoning Cycle (Levett-Jones, 2018) as a

framework to plan and evaluate person-centred care. You are being asked to think

through the case scenario and then discuss how data was collected and the type of data

collected, identify problems and nursing issues, identify and state the objectives and

discuss how care was provided in order to address the issues and evaluate the

interventions carried out: (analyse and identify a nursing issues/problems/needs, set

objectives, discuss the nursing interventions and evaluate the interventions of care

carried out). As per lecture notes, students are expected to apply the clinical reasoning

cycle to address the case scenario:

 Consider the person’s situation

 Collect, process and present related health information

 Identify and prioritise at least three (3) nursing problems/issues based on the health

   assessment data that you have identified for the person at the centre of care.

 Establish goals for priority of nursing care related to the nursing problem/issues 


 Discuss the nursing care of the person; link it to assessment data and history.

 Evaluate your nursing care strategies to justify the nursing care provided

 Reflect on the person’s outcomes

Application of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Based on the stages of the clinical reasoning cycle, the outline of the essay should have:


Title Page: (not included in the essay)

 Unit Title: NRSG370 – Clinical Integration - Speciality Practice

 Student Name:

 Student ID Number:

 Speciality Area:


 Total number of words:

 Essay should be formatted

1. Introduction

 introduces/outlines/situates the topic of the essay

 clearly describes the way in which the essay will proceed

 The essay is structured in a logical sequence so that the content flows (headings may

   be used to develop the structure of the paper)

2. Content

a) Consideration of facts from the patient or situation

Consider the case scenario of your choosing based on your clinical elective as per

assessment “Choose the one that best reflects your specialty placement” this is where

you determine what information should be collected and how information is going to be


b) Collection of information

You need to discuss the type of information collected and why this information was

collected based on the scenario for the clinical elective. For instance, the type of

information collected should consider and include the history, current presenting issues

and treatment plan, observations, results of investigations done medical records etc.

c) Processing gathered information (analysing and interpreting)

The most important thing is to analyse the information that you have collected and

identify areas of nursing care needs and problems. In this section, your discussion

should reflect analysis and interpretation of the patient’s current health status using

your established knowledge of physiology, pharmacology, pathology, culture, and ethics

to establish needs and issues drawn from the information. This stage allows you to

demonstrate synthesis of theory and experience acquired in previous and concurrent

nursing units.

d) Identify the problem

Identify and state the problems/needs or issues you have identified. It is important to

identify the problems/needs/issues and the potential cause to determine the reason

behind the patient’s current issue. Examples:

 Dehydration as a result of loose bowel motion x 4 and vomiting x 2 during am shift

 Falls risk as a result of confusion and unsteady gait

 Loss of weight as a result of poor oral intake for one week

 Pain due to post -operative procedure – laparotomy

 Hyperglycaemia due to poor diet and lack of knowledge on diabetes

Please note these are examples only, the nature of the problems you identify will depend

on the nature of the case study and your analysis and interpretation of the situation.

e) Establish goals

Here, you determine the nursing goals for the patient’s situation. Identify and prioritise

at least three (3) nursing problems/issues based on your assessment and collected data.

f) Take action

Here you discuss the nursing interventions or measures you will undertake in order to

address the three nursing issues or problems. These measures should take in

consideration the ethical, legal, evidence based, holistic -person-centred approach.

g) Evaluation and Reflection

Evaluate the effectiveness of the nursing interventions you have discussed (presumably

which could have been carried out or actually carried out) and reflect on how the

interventions could have been improved or done better- State the potential measures

that could have been considered or could have been carried out to address the problem.

This phase allows you to critically analyse what has been done and how best the care

was carried out or could have been improved.


3. Conclusion

The essays ends with a cogent, defendable conclusion that summarises the discussion

4.  References

Provide a list of references used in your discussion



Please refer to the marking criteria Here are some of the points in conjunction with the

marking criteria which you should consider when applying the marking criteria to your

case study essay:

1) Sequencing: 5%

 introduces/outlines/situates the topic of the essay

 clearly describes the way in which the essay will proceed

  the essay is structured in a logical sequence so that the content flows (headings may

    be used to develop the structure of the paper)

2) Content: 50%

  Refer to the stages of the clinical reasoning cycle

  Clearly identifies and prioritises 3 relevant nursing issues/ problem

  The case study essay focus has been addressed and discussed as per clinical

    reasoning cycle

   The case study essay content has clear links to contemporary nursing practice of the

    clinical elective area and discusses the provision of ethical, legal, evidence-based,

    holistic person-centred care, including the establishment of realistic and relevant


The case study paper demonstrates a depth of understanding of the topic and significant

issues as per scenario and clinical elective area.


3)  Critical thinking, reasoning and evaluation of evidence: 30%

O The essay demonstrates a high degree of critical thought and insight by: o providing

justification/rationale for the argument/discussion

O demonstrating you have reflected on the complex issues surrounding the three

problems identified 

O discussing the topic from differing perspectives, ethical, legal, evidence-based, holistic

person-centred care thereby providing a balanced discussion of the problems.

analysis is related to nursing care and issues/problems, and is presented and supported

by adequate and appropriate evidence. 

4) Paragraph, structure/intelligibility: 5%

Organisation and presentation of content

There are clear linking sentences that link each paragraph to the next area consistently

5) Sources & Referencing: 10%

  credible and relevant references are used. A broad range of in-text citations has been


  accurate use of APA referencing style in all instances. the referencing style used

    throughout the paper is congruent with the APA style

  the reference list is accurate (i.e. no missing page numbers, volumes, correct title

    etc), complete (i.e. no references in the body of the paper are missing from the

    reference list) and consistent with the APA referencing style.

  the references cited are contemporary (i.e. not more than 10 years)

  there is evidence in the paper that the student has searched widely for information

    related to the topic/issue

Please refer to the unit outline, case study scenario on LEO and marking guide for

information about assessment.



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