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New York:-

New York is a state situated in the Mid Atlantic and Northeastern region of the United States. Out of the fifty United States, New York is the seventh most-densely populated, third most populous and third most extensive state. At present it is bordered by New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the South and by Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut in the East. The state of New York is generally referred to as New York State to differentiate it from the city of New York, which is the largest city of New York. New York has emerged as the most popular travel destination in the recent past. The physical diversity and its vast demographics make it such a popular travel spot. If your next plan is to visit New York then you can contact with any New York holiday packages and have a great time. Such packages differ from one company to other. If you are ready to spend some extra bucks then you must chose the best one. These packages include everything starting from your fooding and lodging to sightseeing. You can enjoy every nook and corner of New York with the tour packages offered by the travel companies. New York is rich in history, culture, war and racial diversity. The wonderful climate of New York and its natural beauty is another reason that makes it a popular travel destination. If you are a first time visitor to New York then you must avail the New York travel packages which will guide you to show all the major attractions of New York.

Things to do:-

New York is vast state and you actually have a lot of things to do in and around the place. You must not miss any of the major attractions of the state as well as the city.

Major attractions:-


Statue of Liberty:-

This is a large and the most popular statue of New York also known as Liberty Enlightening the World. It was presented to the United States by France in 1886. It is located at the New York Island very near to the New York Harbor. It is seen as a sign of welcome to the visitors or immigrants who are returning to America. The statue represents a female figure dressed in a robe walking upright with a seven point spike rays which represents a nimbus. It holds a tablet on her left hand with the words "JULY IV MDCCLXXVI" inscribed on it and a torch in her right hand stretched high. The words inscribed on the tablet commemorate the celebration of the United States Declaration of Independence. Washington Square Arch This is situated in the north side of the Washington Park at Fifth Avenue. This structure was influenced by the Roman triumphal arches and was initiated in 1889 to celebrate the inauguration of George Washington. Initially it was a temporary structure made of stucco and wood. Later it got approval from Mckim Mead and white and the design was rebuilt and made with marble. This arch is considered as the symbol of new America which is devoted to arts.

The Grand Army Plaza:-

It is also known as the gateway of the Central Pak form the east side. To the north of the Plaza lies the bronze gilded statue of the Union General William Tecumseh Sherman which gives a special significance to the city of New York as well attracts numerous visitors. In the southern side there is the Pulitzer memorial foundation which is a gift from the publisher to the New York World. At the pick of this marble foundation there is the statue of Pomona, the roman God of abundance and it is believed that the surrounding area that she gazes upon sees a magnificent growth and development.

Prison ship Martyr’s Monument:-

This monument stands in front of the Fort green Park in the New York City. This was constructed in memory of more than 16,500 American soldiers who died in the captivity abroad in the sixteen British prison ships during the American Revolution. At the top of the monument there is a bronze brazier which measures eight ton and this is mainly a funeral urn. The remains of the ships are entombed in a crypt beneath the base of the monument.

Fun- filled destination for Kids:-

The New York City is a great place for funfilled attractions and destination for kids. You can spend a single day in the large playgrounds of the Central Park. If you are a nature loving teenager then you can take a walk along the park. Arrangements are also there for adventurous bike lovers in Bike and roll to hire a bike and roam about the vast park. You can also make your way to Central Park Zoo where kids are sure to enjoy. The city’s most famous toy store is just next to the park where toys and other fun filled collections. The children’s Museum of Arts at soHo is another popular destination where your kids can enjoy among themselves.

Religious Places:-


Madame Tussaud's New York Wax MuseumMadame Tussaud's New York Wax Museum:-

 This is the most famous and popular museum of New York.   This is five storied museum constructed covering an area of   85,000 sq. ft. where you can get cozy and personal with your   favorite celebrities. This is the New York version of the   famous London museum built in November. There are about   200 well crafted wax statues inside the museum including     status of famous personalities like Dalai Lama, Bill Gates,       Woody Allen, Buffalo Bill and Diana, Albert Einstein, john F     Kennedy and many more.

American Museum of Natural histor:-

This museum is the world most famous research institute for preeminent science for 125 years. It has a huge collection and exhibits the earth’s evolution from the very first creation of the planet till the present day. There is also a brand new discovery room which is a permanent architecture which offers a hands-on view of the museum mainly to the children’s of 5-12 years of age. The architecture of the building also helps it to stand out.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA):-

Initially this museum was started with eight prints and one drawing. At present there are about 100,000 drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, design objects and architectural models. There are also 14,000 films and near about four million film stills. The museum library has a collection of 14,000 books, periodicals and artist books. Some other popular museums of New York are Free, The Met, The Cloisters and The Guggenheim.

Parks/ Gardens

The most popular park of New York is the New York Plaza which is well known both for its historical significance as well as the horticulture garden. The British Garden at hangover Square is a newly built park which was constructed to commemorate the 67 British civilians who lost their lives in the 2011 attack. The Central Park Conservatory Garden is another free park for family entertainment. Other well decorated gardens and parks of New York are the Westside Community Garden, the Riverside Park, creative Little Garden and lot more.

Places to see around:-

If you are an artistic person then the Metropolitan Opera is a must watch for you. The world famous Empire state building is also there to enchant you. Another attraction of the New York City is the Times Square which is a major commercial intersection at the crossroads of Midtown Manhattan and the Seventh Avenue. Other important in and around New York are the GE Building, Rockefeller Centre, Ellis Island, the Radio City Music Hall and lot more.

Natural attractions of New York:-

Numerous natural landmarks are there in and around New York. The most important and popular of such places is the Bergen- Byron Swamp. It was mainly constructed to preserve the delicate ecological environment. Numerous organisms are there in the swamp like Beech tree, Queen Snake, Red Salamander, Spotted turtle, Cardinal flowers and many more. Other beautiful and important natural landmarks of New York are the Big Reed Pond, Fall Brook Gorge, Fossil Coral Reef and a lot more.

Cultural attractions:-

You can take out a day from your travel plan and check out the mesmerizing New York Ballet Theater in the New York Hall of Science and Sculpture Centre. The Metropolitan Opera arranged in the Lincoln Center of Performing arts is also a must watch. If you are a music lover then you must not miss the eminent centers like Boys Choir of Harlem, Barge Music, Brooklyn academy of Music and some other popular places. The theaters of New York like The Apollo Theater, Biltmore Theater, The Town Hall, and The Public Theater are also the important cultural attractions of New York.

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