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Thesis Drafts:-

 Abstract: draft but in right logic flow

 TOC: draft but as detailed as possible

 Introduction: draft but in right logic flow

 Literature review: draft  Methodology: milestone 1

 Experiments & Results: TBC

 Conclusion: draft

Though not assessed, feedback will be given!


 10‐15 minutes for each, including Q&A

 One to two slides for background

 Focus on Research Methodology

5% of the final marks

Logic flow for Thesis:-

 Context

 Objective

 Method

 Results

 Conclusion

To be followed all the time!


 Context:

Throughout an organisation, people have different responsibilities and worktasks, hence, it is probable that different roles have different priorities when it comes to what should be improved within a company. This has been found in previous studies in marketing, but is this true for software improvement as well?

 Objective:

This paper evaluates how different roles in a software development organization view different issues in software process improvement and if such differences could be used in order to provide more tailor‐made process improvements within an organization and uses this as a working hypothesis

 Method:

A quantitative questionnaire containing five different weighted questions related to software process improvement was developed. 84 employees from all levels of a Swedish telecommunication company were then approached, of which 63 responded.

 Results:

The different roles disagreed in three of the questions while they agreed in two of the questions. The disagreement was related to issues about importance of improvement, urgency of problems, and threat against successful process management, while the questions where the roles agreed focused on communication of the processes (documentation and teaching).

 Conclusion:

It is concluded that it is important to be aware and take into account the different needs of different roles. This will make it possible to provide improvements tailored to specific roles which will probably help to overcome resistance to process improvements. It is also important to look into other areas and companies (for example, marketing) where it could be beneficial when conducting process improvements.

 Several sentences for each item

 Balance

 Clue

 https://www.elsevier.com/journals/information‐andsoftware‐ technology/0950‐5849/guide‐for‐authors


 One to two paragraphs for each item

 Background

 Motivation

 Your approach

 Brief introduction of results

 List your contributions!

 Thesis structure

Whole Thesis:-

 Introduction: context, objective

 Literature review: context, objective

 Methodology: method

 Experiments & Results: results

 Conclusion: conclusion

Follow the logic!

Focus on your contributions!

Research Methodology:-

 Specific

 It is your work!

 Readable

 Easy to understand

 Repeatable

 Anyone can repeat your study to get similar results

 Extendable

 Research is endless

 Proposal of a new technique?

– You must state clearly its rationale and justify it!

 RQs: to clearly show your technique is working

 Objects: to apply your technique

 Metrics: measurement to help answer each RQ

 Baseline techniques: for scientific comparison & analysis

 Experimental setup: how to conduct the experiments


– You must state clearly why we need this app!

 Requirement: what the system should do

 Functions

 Non‐functional attributes, if any

 Design: how it does this

 Architecture, diagrams


– You must state clearly its unique contributions!

 RQs: what you want to know from the data

 Sources: where you get the data

 Keywords/filtering: which data you obtain

 Metrics: how you measure the data





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