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NIT5130: Database Analysis and Design

NIT5130: Database Analysis and Design

Database Analysis and Design

 IO Background

IO, as the acronym recommends, is planned to help the students by providing a friendly place where they can meet other part-time or full-time students. Facilities and services include: a pool table, tea and coffee, a kitchen, few games and a number of social events for the students to attend. If the students have an hour break among classes then they can come to the IO lounge and relax on the couches, play pool, chat over a coffee and so on. In regard for these facilities to stay hygienic and well maintained, certain rosters are set up for the student members. These rosters are generated from the database of students wishing to volunteer for a particular job or jobs. From time to time notices and documents are sent out to the members to remind them of their allocated duties and to inform them of upcoming events and activities.

A range of jobs that need to be accomplished at the IO lounge require volunteers to complete certain tasks like, washing windows, vacuuming floors, mopping etc, and these may need to be done at certain times of the day and/or week. IO would like the database to keep track of the tasks required in each job. They would also like a record of who does what job on what day and whether it was completed or not. Moreover, University faculties, schools and the course, that students are in, are very significant to IO so that they can categorize people into study groups and for mentoring purposes. A new member can be introduced to people doing the same course or in the same faculty or school. IO would like the database entry screens to be designed for simple and easy navigation of information in the database. The first screen should contain contact details. The second screen should be about what IO can do for them, and the third screen should be what the student can do for IO.

How IO process works

At the time of enrolment, the interested students fill out a form giving their contact details to IO. They also indicate whether they would like to help out in the duties involved within the university. The databases are updated with new members every year. This guarantees that the current database is up-to-date. Reports are then generated from the database that helps the IO team synchronize and locate volunteers.

The database reports make it easy and simple to generate rosters, mailing lists, organise social functions and meet nutritional needs of the students. IO would like the make the data entry as simple and easy as possible for the student enrolment. They would like the reports to be easy to produce. They also recommended that each school in the university should be linked to its associated Faculty. So that somebody cannot enter “Faculty of Information Technology” and “School of Law” as this is incorrect.



Submission details:


      LATE SUBMISSIONS will NOT be accepted.

      Total marks 100, worth 15% assessment for the subject.

      Submission due date:  Week 11

Information of your Group Members

      Identify the members of your team with full names and student numbers. Groups are to consist of three to four members only.

      Regulate your own group efforts. Any problems that arise, such as group members not contributing a fair amount of the work, must be resolved within the group. Lecturer and tutors will not intervene – so select your group members carefully.

Submission Procedures and Required Format

Your team’s assignment report is to be written in English, on A4 pages. The report should be written in clear, plain language, so that non-experts can easily understand it. Your report should be addressed to the Managing Director of your proposed organisation, and should briefly re-state the tasks you were required to perform and detail the material produced. Include brief instructions on how to view your system structures, design and implemented. Please note that the Managing Director is familiar with computers, but has a very limited understanding of technologies such as PhPMyAdmin and WordPress. Attach all relevant designs and support materials in an appendix.

Assignment submission will be online to VU Collaborate, your lecturer will guide you further about the process. All sources quoted in your report should be detailed in a Reference Section.

The report must be your own group’s work, i.e., it must be the result of your own reading, thought and discussion, and the expression of the ideas must be yours.

The submitted work will therefore comprise:

a)  Your group’s report

b)  Relevant designs and support material

c)  Sources detailed in a reference section

d)  Declaration form (See Appendix A)

Report writing

      Assignment cover page (must include, group names, student ID’s, subject name, your website name, lecturer name)

      Introduction of your database system

      Summary of database included functions

      Database screen shots and their descriptions

      References (if any)



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