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Network Throughput and Utilisation

Network Throughput and Utilisation

 Network Throughput and Utilisation


Internet has become a necessity in day to day life nowadays. From getting anything done like, connecting to people via softwares, productivity for business, running them it’s all online. Hence, it makes it quite clear that the flow of bandwidth should take place back and forth 24*7*365, so that all of these operations can take place efficiently and effectively, without any issues, whatsoever. Now to connect to the Internet, there are many medium of connections, by which one can connect. It could be Wireless or Wired. Wireless can be with the use of Wi-Fi or Li-Fi, on the other hand, wired connections can be through Ethernet cables, Optical Fibre Cables etc. In this document the use and explanation of Ethernet will mainly take place and the concept of various terminologies in networking will be understood. Mainly the terminology that will be majorly used will be, Throughput and Network Utilization. Further we will discuss these terminologies in brief as well as the development of a console application will also take in Python Programming Language that will tell about the readings of Network utilization and throughput in a network. 

Design & Implementation of the Application

The development of the application has a certain objective, and the objective is to provide an interface to the end-user that is interactive in nature for assisting for calculating the efficiency of the network and the utilization of it. The design of the interface was solely focused for being really simple for operating so that no kind of usability issues are faced by the end-user and can be used easily. The designing of the program was also really simple and was focused to keep it small and eliminate any kind of complexity to it. With such designing of the program, the application does respond quickly with the choice of the user that has been selected and does give out accurate results to the user on the basis of the network configurations that have been taken place in a specific network.

Implementation of the Application

The development of the entire application has taken place with the combination of three Python Programming Scripts which had specific purposes for calculating the utilization, the throughput and the third script was the main script that will be executed, that will make the program functional. When the main script is executed the program is up and running and the basis of the user’s choice one can calculate the throughput as well as the utilization that is taking place in the network. Additionally there are something’s that are to be mentioned. Firstly the program is designed for multiple scenarios. The first scenario includes the measuring and keeping a count on the efficiency as well as the utilization that is taking place in the network, this too at the default values for a specific network. On the other hand the second scenario, is where one can measure the throughput as well as the utilization on the basis of the values that have been provided by the end-user.

First Task

Initially, mentioning the first function, the requirement of analysing the throughput and utilization will take place as the default network parameters morals. The morals here means the actuality that has been used according to the given brief document for estimating the value of the throughput as well as the utilization within a network which comes under the range of 200 meters among nodes. And the given nodes that have been assigned according to the brief document is 10. On the other hand the values that have been provided here is, the Transmission speed which is set at 5Mbps. On the other hand the consideration of packet size will be taken into account which is 1000 hits as well as there seems a delay that has the possibility to occur that remains to be continuous at a value of 2x108 m/s. On the other hand with the assistance of these values, an essential function of the program has been stated on the call of the software. In which the start function comprises a load of essential functions that then import to the main Python script file which in our case in app.py. The function is named as Calculate_utilization function, which is responsible for the calculation of Network throughput and usage at a very precise level.


The script is responsible for the calculation of the bandwidth that is being used in the network. There are several functions that are within the script file. They will further be explained down below.


The method comprises various arguments within the method that are the sub total of nodes, distance between the nodes, packet size as well as transmission rate. The main thing that is to be done here is the execution of 3 function which will further be mentioned down below. In which the first and foremost one is for the calculation of distance range that is among the starting as well as the finishing node present inside the network. On the other hand, the next one is for calculating the action delay that is taking place within the network. And the ending function is for assisting in calculating the time that is taking place in the transmission within the network. The working of this takes place when all of the 3 values are returned back by the function. Hence, the calculation of the network will then take place accordingly. Now, a brief explanation of the working of the function will be understood. For the measurement among the starting as well as the ending nodes, the usage of End_Nodes_distancefunction will take place and the requirement of a parameter that is mandatory is to be passed, and according to this function a similar process will happen in the function for the calculation of the speed delay within the network, which is named as Calculate_delay. Now, moving further for the calculation of transmission duration that is taking place within the channel the use of a function that is named as Total_transmission_time will be used, with this function the assistance of various parameters will take place. After all the values have been obtained then the evaluation of the utilization network will take place that will take place with the use of a formula, in which the delay that has been calculated is supposed to be divided with the transfer speed of the data packets, in which the outcome tends to give out a function that is named as calculate_utilization.


For the measurement of network efficiency, the usage of a function is required and the function is named as calculate_throughput. Designed with 2 parameters that are compulsory namely transfer rate and utilization. The outcome tends to get approval when calculate_utilization method is fired and when the measurements are obtained. On the other hand efficiency is controlled through the method of throughput. By which the multiplied value of the transfer rate and the utilization comes as outcome. By the main function the method calculate_utilization is fired that outcomes the value of those compulsory arguments that were mentioned above. And at the time the value of usage has been gained the throughput method tends to get acknowledged which happens by giving an output of the planned usage and rate of transfer within the network. Which in the end gives the throughput value of the network.

Second Task

Now, moving on ahead, the next scenario is where the end-user will be providing their choice of values as parameters within the network. The application has given the flexibility to the user with their own choice of data being inserted into the application. This initiates on the basis of default values or on the delivery of values for all the parameters they want for measuring out the throughput and utilization. In this case if the 2nd option has been chosen, which tends to be required in terms of parameters of the network that are namely: The distance among the nodes, the count of bits overall, transfer rate within the network are required. For displaying out the type of effect that has taken place on the size of the packet on the network’s consumption as well as efficiency, which is measured on these two factors as output values on the basis of size of packet starting from the range of 1k to 10k which increments by the value of 9 on every iteration, and it keeps on looping until and unless the condition is not fulfilled. Every packet size, takes the use of the method of calculate_utilization using compulsory parameters, as it was done before as well as the value that is returned for every size of packet which stores within the list of utilization. The outcome of throughput determines the value of utilization the creates with the use of the similar throughput function which was taken in use in the first scenario, after discovering utilization for several packets that have process and generate. After this the throughput values are added to the list as well. Now for displaying out the consuming effect as well as the throughput effect that concerns the size of the packet, the generation of plots will take place by the application which further comprise 2 subplots in it, showing the effect of the size of the packet, on utilization and throughput. Further the application can provide outcomes of them respectively comprising several size of packets as well as of different lengths as well.

Further we will see a diagram that shows the working of the program in a very easy manner, this diagram is referred as the Data Flow Diagram.


DFD Diagram

Untitled Diagram.png

Figure 1: DFD Diagram of the Application


 Outcomes from the Application

 On the basis of requirements referencing the first task, network parameters values are at default, as well as the outcome of Utilization and Throughput calculate with the usage of those values only. Selecting out the program’s default version the user is informed for selecting the 1st option as it can be seen in the above image.

Referring the second task’s description, the scenario comes down to the condition that the end-user selects 2nd option then the end-user will be required to give out some information for values parameters which will be used within the network, as well as the program gives out the list of outcome for efficiency and usage respectively. On the other hand, the sub scenario generates plots for Throughput and Utilization accordingly, that demonstrates utilization as well as the size of the packet of that particular network. The plots are generated with a library within the programming language of python. The graph can be seen below.



Terminologies used in the Networking 


 It is referred as the practice for interfacing multiple devices of computing with one another, with the intent of data sharing. The building of computer network takes place with combining software as well as hardware in it(https://www.facebook.com/lifewire, 2018).

Domain Name System (DNS)

The system is responsible in translating URLs to IP addresses by which routers can be able for finding out the preferred path they are wanting to go on. In general the ISP provides primary as well as secondary server address.


Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol assigns IP addresses automatically to devices that are within the network. The user can pre configure the range of IP addresses that are allowable on one DHCP server which will operate on the network(dummies, n.d.).


This is a standard that comes under networking, on the other hand there are other kinds of networks as well, but this is one of the most commonly used standard considering home networking. This term can frequently be heard when business of network hardware takes place.

IP Address

Each and every device that is within a network comprises of a unique address in it. That address is referred as IP address this comprises of 4 number sets ranging between 0 and 255, and the separation of these number sets takes place using a decimal in it. Example:

ISP (Internet Service Provider)

This is the one that provides the service of Internet to businesses as well as to individuals. Some basic options they provide for fast internet bandwidth comprises cable as well as DSL


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