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This assignment is based on the concept of networking technologies, which need to be implemented within a new premise of Beta communication Limited. This company works on the platform of telecommunication, which deals with telecom products for the niche market. Moreover, this assignment can help the learner to understand the standard and the models which are associated with the networking technologies. The aim of this assignment is to give a background to the basic components of the networked system through which the entire networking operations can derive. Furthermore, this company has the different building; each building has different department and every different have various requirements on the basis of the network along with the applications of the networking.

LO1: Understanding the principles of networking

Task 1:

A.C 1.1 Discuss the benefits and constraints of different networking systems, types and topologies. Analyze and clearly identify the requirements of the systems for this network in order to convince the management of the given case study company

 Local Area Networks: LAN is an inaccessible network. Basically it is built on the physical locations like office, home etc. Computers are associated with each other with the help of small servers and further also connected to the wide area network. These types of networks are useful for file sharing, play games etc. It is low cost network setup.  (Tropper, 2014, p.19).

Constraints: 1. Coverage area is limited

                     2. With the increase of numbers of devices, network performance decreases.

Metro Politian Network (MAN): MAN is a widest range network connection where devices are connected with each others from different geographical location. It is similar to the LAN in terms of its structure and process. The main difference is it is built for entire city or selected huge places like college, universities campus and commercial areas. We can also shared network from MAN. It is wider than a LAN (Barnaghi et al. 2012, p.20).

Constraints: 1.Slow data rate.

2.  Expensive network setup due to large numbers of devices and connections.

Wide Area Network (WAN): In Wide area network all the devices are associated with each other with the help of fiber-optic cables, satellite links and telephone lines etc. It uses various advanced technologies such as ATM, frame relay networks etc (Barnaghi et al. 2012, p.20)..

Constraints: 1. High cost

2. Complex and Complicated

3.  Uses expensive network setups

Personal Area Networks: Since it is restricted to certain devices, it enables safer transfer and storage of data. This provides safety of trade secrets for an organization. This makes it very much lucrative and handy.

Constraints: The network is highly dependent upon connection and radio bands. Thus if there is connection problems, it leads to slow data transfer.

 Network Topology:  It is an arrangement of the elements for communication.

Bus:  In this topology, each node is interlinked individually with successive nodes and devices. It is simple network but having some issues. It is difficult to find out error nodes if one node stops working. It also has some data redundancy issues (Barnaghi et al. 2012, p.22).

Ring: It is same as bus network topologies, but it doesn’t have extinction like bus topologies.  This topology has no end; it connected to each other like a circle. Moreover, this network has some responsibility such as complexity of adding up a new node to a token ring network.

Star: In this network, every node maintains a totally personal connection to a controller. All other nodes are also connected. It has a straight connection with switch to node. The weakness are required more wire to arrange a network.


In this topology, every node is linked up with each other. It usually used in wireless network. It has large amount of overhead which is very difficult to manage (Tropper, 2014, p.21).


 It is a combination of one or two topologies.  It is mainly the combination of star and ring topology.

A.C 1.2 Evaluate the impact of current technology, communication and standards for the given case study company

OSPF:  Open shortest path first is a routing protocol usually used for superior network either a single network or a group network. It is considered by Internet Engineering Task Force. It also worked as a Gateway Protocol.

FTP: File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is mainly Network standard protocol. Basically it is used to transmit data from customer to host or one server to another server. It always demands for username, password and host address if you want to upload a file (Giannoulis et al. 2012, p.35).

SMTP: Simple mail transfer protocol is like a medium which transfers e-mail. SMTP always works with POP3 service.

TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol is a set of a protocol stack.  Mainly these are two different protocols. TCP/IP is intimately related with FTP, SMTP, HTTP (Giannoulis et al. 2012, p.36).


Al-Fuqaha, A., Guizani, M., Mohammadi, M., Aledhari, M. and Ayyash, M., 2015. Internet of things: A survey on enabling technologies, protocols, and applications. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials17(4), pp.2347-2376.

Anderson, T., 2016. Theories for learning with emerging technologies. Emerging technologies in distance education.

Barnaghi, P., Wang, W., Henson, C. and Taylor, K., 2012. Semantics for the Internet of Things: early progress and back to the future. International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS)8(1), pp.1-21.



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