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NEF6002 Use of Agile Method in Software Engineering

NEF6002 Use of Agile Method in Software Engineering

NEF6002 Use of Agile Method in Software Engineering


Agile Method stances as a vital approach in the software development below the solutions and supplies progress through effective efforts in functional terms and clients. In the new research, the main focus is on the practice of Agile Method in the subject of software engineering. This study depicts the research backgrounds on various tools and methods which will be used by the researcher to complete this study.

Research background

Agile Method is measured as the flexible procedure which allows changes in the obligation of software development and if the engineers have finished creating the basic planning. Grounded on the vantage point of Bass Agile Method allows the team and also the client to recognize the expansion of software development which will decrease risk in the development procedure. In the current era, the traditional procedure of software expansion will not able to stand as significant to manage the quick requirement in the change in the time of emerging any software.

The traditional software development method is vital to change products and also for decreasing productivity. The traditional method is used by a huge number of organizations, like Diceus, Simform, and so on. The decrease in the efficiency of software engineering companies will deteriorating profitability.  In 2015, a 7.5% decrease in wages and also struggle in Software engineering has created an annoyance for engineers to get good jobs. The Waterfall model has no accurate response path which denotes that there is neither any error correction phase nor a situation. Any errors done by the creators throughout the phase of development can affect the efficiency level. Also overlapping, absence of interaction, and elasticity makes engineers see the changing necessities of the clients and it damages the effectiveness of the company and affects their salaries also.   

 Aim of Research

The main focus of research is to critically appraise the use of agile techniques in the subject of software engineering.  

Reserch Questions

•   How can the benefits of adopting agile methodology in software development?

•   How the concept of agile technology and software engineering can is related?

•   What are the several challenges an engineer faced with the agile method?

•   What are the various ways that help to eradicate several issues of agile technology to remove software engineering?

•   What can be stated about the impact of agile technology in software engineering?

Research Problems

Research Problem is considered one that needs an expert in discovering the best solution for problems highlighted and innovating a strategy by which goals can be accomplished effectively as per the given situation. There are a few components that may achieve making the issue tangled. For instance, the earth may change affecting the efficiencies of the methodologies or the estimations of the outcomes; the number of elective approaches may be tremendous; individuals not related to choosing the decision may be impacted by it and react to it emphatically or unfavorably, and tantamount various components. Every such segment (or if nothing else the huge ones) may be thought of in the setting of an assessment issue. 

The issue of the current research point will be the nonappearance of the use of nimble strategies in a large portion of the Australian tech organizations, for example, Promatics innovations, DockYard. There is a being developed procedure of programming is because of the utilization of conventional procedures (cascade). Additionally, programming organizations likewise face trouble in rolling out an improvement in the programming advancement process by utilizing customary strategy. It, in this way, brings about wastage of assets and cash of associations. The use of conventional procedures is at present diminishing the profitability level of programming organizations, which is in this manner diminishing openings for work for engineers.

According to the study, it can be stated that Australian programming organizations, similar to Dockyard are confronting issues in increasing the upper hand. The absence of utilization of the nimble technique is making trouble for the organization to meet the necessity of clients successfully appropriately. Accordingly, improving the exhibition of programming building associations in Australia remains as a significant subject of worry in the present days. The utilization of the spry technique will be appropriately found in present research for improving programming designing.

Concept of Agile Method

Agile Method is denoted as the group of techniques in software development which is created for iterative and incremental expansion. By the viewpoint of Bass, the Agile Method is mainly used to promote communications, to adapt the plan, iterative, and also for fast changes of response. The present technique is basically used to achieve the best quality software in very few periods and it reduces the risks and also the project to familiarize change effortlessly. The best priority of the Agile Method is to gratify the clients by continuing and fast delivery of essential software. Agile Method also flops to pay devotion to designing and architectural problems. Agile Method destined in the direction of creating minor design-decisions (Lindsjørn et al., 2016.). Furthermore, it also classified that the Agile Method contains better testing which is consuming a lot of time. The importance of the Agile Method is basically on Software development more than concentrating on the user and their design.

Control Theory of Agile Method 

The control theory is attentive to make software designers understand all conditions beneath the agile procedure which will become effective day by day. Agile Method also helps to develop the superiority of software to meet the complexity of constituent, dynamically based complexity, coordinative intricacy, and other severity. Allover organizations lime Simform and others can utilize the basic theory to deal with complexity which is dynamically tested in the software development life cycle (Ochodek and Kopczyńska, 2018). Leadership and teamwork are needed for the development of software and are also highlighted the theory of control system. Nonstop involvement in the method of testing, designing of software and the instant changing of software and mostly their useful feedback helps to develop superior quality software.

Complexity theory of software development

The theory of complexity is needed to solve the complexity that arrives at the time of developing any software. The complexity theory also defines the main theory which is absorbed to form a union of Science. All organizations will utilize the basic theory to develop bigger focuses on the systems. It is also helpful to progress cybernetics, which can change the organization for focusing to reach goals in the mechanism feedback. The theories of complexity in addition to all game theories help the developers in developing games and improving their behavior (Alahyari et al., 2019). The present theory also comprises evolutionary theory and all components which will be utilized in the future by the survival of the organization and also the growth of the system adaption process.

Key Concepts


The complex framework is mostly concerned about the properties and all practices of the frameworks. A framework is defined as a comprehensive characterization of elements by the corporations, connections as well as conditions and structure of all substances in the framework. Elements that are related to the framework at any point will be becoming significant for some part of a condition framework.

Complex frameworks are the subsection of framework hypothesis which helps in transit of all connections and all basic conditions among all parts of the framework. It also contributes to the viewpoint to investigate the complex frameworks. It also gives mutual properties to connect  framework all sections and legitimize the structure to demonstrate approaches on complex frameworks at other places they will show up.


The framework shows all practices that can be effectively recommended from all properties that will help to make it hard to validate all practices to get controlled fully and by all practices. By displaying any method it helps to distressed all challenges that will be portrayed. All displaying methodology will disdain all challenges which are not helpful.


The supportive segments of a framework are structured as a system which is an accretion of different items and it connects between all systems which will be portrayed as a graph of vertices along with edges. The system can connect all people within an association and all qualities in system administration and some arrangement of elements. Systems are portraying the basics of multi-layered nature in all frameworks. Anticipating complex frameworks help in enlarging all utilizations in chart hypothesis and system science (Lindsjørn et al., 2016). The way the amount of edges in a full chart develops equally in the number of vertices which reveals additional insight in massive systems like a system developer and the number of connections among substances highly dominates the number of products in the system

Concept of Software Engineering

Software engineering is preferred as the submission of engineering to develop software in a systematic method. It is denoted as the subject branch which helps to deal with implementation as well as designing to maintain complexity in computer programming. Software engineering stances for processing in accurately analyzing the designing in the testing and in the construction of all applications to satisfy the need of clients (Meier et al., 2016). The occupation in software engineering is highly demanding and it will provide good salaries to the system developers.

Iterative model of Software Engineering

The iterative model is aiming in the direction of the software development life cycle and it focuses on simplifying original implementation that will help in gaining better complexity and it helps in the completion of the ending system. All organizations will use the present model in the time of software development earlier stage.

Planning and Requirements

The very first and important step to develop projects and planning utilizing accurately plan with the help of the map which is relatable to quantified documents. It will help in gaining the fulfillment of software acquirements and hardware and also which will be equipped in future stages of the software development life cycle

Analyze and design

The very first step in the process is to complete all procedures which will be taken out. All designing steps are starting with the necessities of all languages and data.


Later the process completed the analysis and planning of the project implementation will take part to complete the early stage of the project (Al-Zewairi et al., 2017). All planning, designing of documents, and specifications will be coded to implement in the earlier process of this project.



When the project has been coded firstly and implemented then the whole process will be used to identify all potential bugs which are present in the project

Research Methodology

The paper has formulated a research problem for including positive as well as the negative impact of utilization of agile methods for software engineering. The various ways to improve agile methodology is the principal concerned area for present research to improve the quality of software development. Several variables for the present study are taken into consideration to analyze the research topic properly

Selection of Agile Methodology

The research methodology is considered to be a manner or a way by which the study material collected for the research study is analyzed and studied as per the research data. It is comprised of several terms. Interpretivism and Positivism are the two research on favorable research philosophy. Here the agile methodology is adopted for getting multiple opportunities about the team engagement and for the stakeholders. Transparency can be obtained with the use of an agile approach and provides an opportunity for the client to prioritize the features and review sessions in building the software frequently.

It also provides easy and predictable delivery of the products with the use of time boxed and static schedule sprints (Aldahmash et al., 2017). The cost and schedule can be predicted because of the fixed duration and it can also be combined with the cost for improving in decision making for the addition of priority features in the software project. Changes are allowed in the project for constantly reprioritizing and refining the product backlog. It allows the clients to determine the features and understand which is important for the business such that the features can be aligned with the business needs.


The use of Agile methodology in software development would help in improving the quality of the project by breaking down the project into manageable units. It can help the project team to focus on the quality of development, testing, and integration. Frequent builds can be used for conducting the test and review the project for each of the iterations. The quality can be improved by quickly fixing defects and identification of mismatches at the early stage of project development. It can act as a powerful tool for providing benefits to the software development team and business clients. The development team can deal with the common pitfalls for example cost, predictability, schedule, scope creep, etc (Schoonenboom and Johnson, 2017). The degree of satisfaction of clients can be increased with the adoption of agile and research has been performed on the adoption of agile software development practices to find that it can incorporate the client feedback efficiently with the implementation of demos, usability testing, and getting feedback from customers and clients.


The purpose of preparing this research report was to discuss the significance of agile technology in software engineering. This technology is currently utilized by software engineers for its distinct principles of programming and engineering knowledge that help to build software products. The various above mentioned principles are becoming significant to run and control network systems and develop computer features. As per the research it can be stated that control theory is helping organizations in fulfilling their customer’s expectations and enhancing profitability for the organization. Self-control, requirements change as well as outcome-control are highlighted by control theory to boost software quality. Agile methods help to motivate self-organized teams, by reducing market time and enhancing customer collaboration. It also helps to split and allocate tasks having minimal planning. It becomes significant for noting the fact that Australian software companies in moving from a traditional method to boost organizational performance.

NEF6002 Use of Agile Method in Software Engineering:Use of Agile method in Software Engineering ,agile method in software

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