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NEF6002 Research

NEF6002 Research

       NEF6002 Research

Chapter 1 Introduction

·      explain about the topic and define the keywords and terminology

·        explain why the area or field ofyour research is interesting and important for the other researches

·        explain the history of the topic and trend of the researches

Chapter 2 Literature Review and Objectives

·        Try to narrow the research field that you talked about in the introduction into the specific area,

·        complete a structured, critical review of theoretical and experimental literature on the topic area

·        Write about when and how and why this research field become attractive to theother researchers

·        Explain methodologies, hardware, software, tools applicable in the field.Explain about the future research trend

·        Discuss the thesis topicand your research contribution

·        Try to categorize the literature background

Chapter 3 Research Problems

·       define a problem from contemporary and emergent settings

·        What are your chosen research problems? Present problems by asking pertinent questions.

·        Based on your expertise, knowledge, understanding of what you have learnt by studying the literature, what do you

        want  to discover, reconfigure or resolve?

·        The answer of how you want to do it will form the next section that it is “Research Methodology”


Chapter 4 Research Methodology

·        Expand this section from a few paragraphs in NEF6001 to a full chapter.

·        Demonstrate an evidence-based research proposal.

·        Show your data set? How do you want to process data?

·        Qualify your research as qualitative,quantitative orhybrid.

·        Present your recognised variables and your model.

·        Did you use model simulation? If so, present the results.

·        Discuss the used interfaces,the platforms and therequired software.

·        How have you extended your research from NEF6001 Research Project A.

Nazanin- This could be one way of writing this section:

This research will involve a Hybrid model of Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis ….(You can also use any of these methods individually)

4. 1 Articulation of research questions:

What research questions are, and how are we are answering them. Devide the research questions to 1,2,3 and add measurements criteria to them (what are we trying to caluculate/compre/measure in each research questions)

4.2 Data collection:

The Data for qualitative analysis is comping from Litratire review and the existing works on this area.

The data for quantitative analysis is datasets, you need to mention where do you get those datasest, or how do you prepare them(for example questionare)

4.3 Implementation and Design of the model (algorithms):

How to design and implement the model. Talking about program design, implementation details, requirement of the software and things like these are here.

If you are running qualitative research, here you need to have a Litrature review table, with the details of each work, and the mearuremet criteria that they address. Also the strength and weaknesses of each work and the relation to our research questions.

4.4 Comparative analysis:

How do we show the results and compare them with previous works. In a form of a table, graph, diagram you can compare your results with the previous available benchmarks or existing works in the literature.

Chapter 5 Research Significance

What will be your contribution to human knowledge, enterprise, society, business, environment, ...?What makes your research different from other research?

Chapter 6 Conclusions

Conclude what you have done and write about your findings


The referencing convention that is applicable to this unit is—Harvard

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