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NEF6001 Cloud Computing Assignment

NEF6001 Cloud Computing Assignment

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Cloud computing is an essential task to store all the relevant data that are available in the computer for future use. This method does not always require active management directly. However, it is important to manage the finances that are required for using the methods of cloud computing. In this research study, the vital limelight is given on the scheduling of resources for cloud computing. Resource scheduling is one of the essential as well as the most challenging task for cloud computing. The most relevant example of this topic is the use of Gmail that is provided by Google. According to Sharkh et al. (2017), it is a mix of software and hardware that can be used to store all the data that are produced in the sight and also provide the user to access the applications and files whenever they are in need. However, this technique requires various system resources which is mainly the data storage facility and the power of computing in order to use the advantages of cloud computing. 

Important keywords related to the topic are as follows: 

-Explanation on importance of this area

It is essential to conduct the research since it will help various organisations to develop strategies to assign the resources that are available to them at the proper time. It can also help in understanding the important resources that can be required for managing the activities of cloud computing. Moreover, this research paper is also going to shed light on the importance of resource allocation in cloud computing and thus it will assist the investigator to conduct further research on this topic. It will also increase the knowledge of people regarding various aspects of cloud computing.   

-Background history and trend

In the early days the methods of cloud wads used in expressing the empty space between the provider and the user. In the year 1997, Professor Ramnath said that cloud computing can be considered as a modern Standards  where the borderline of this method can be Resolved by the account of the economy. This was the primary stage which gave birth to the evolution of cloud computing. This resources management was also done to understand the space that can be required by the interface to store all the data. The resource scheduling approaches have always been considered as the core elements in systematically using cloud computing. It has helped them to manage the time and consumption of energy for the resources used in computing. In the year 2002, the web-based retail services were developed by Amazon and the model of cloud computing was very beneficial for the team. It provided them with sufficient capacity of computers to store the data efficiently. In the year 2005, Google Doc was invented by Google for sharing data online. In 2011, Apple also launched the ICloud in order to store all the personal information and videos, photos and music.   

Analysis of the articles:-

1. Optimized task scheduling and resource allocation in cloud computing Environment using improved differential evolution algorithm Methodologies

In order to optimize the task and resources scheduling use of evolution algorithm has been done. The Taguchi method has also been used to find authenticated data for the chosen topic. The multi-objective method of optimization was also selected for this research article. All these methods were used to analyse the importance of resource allocation that has been considered to be a non-dominated technique of sorting. It was applied to search the Parento in front of the net cost that can be required for using cloud computing to store data.  

Results :-

In this study, IDEA has shown its usefulness in optimizing the scheduling of tasks and allocating effective resources as compared to DEA. The researches have also provided special focus on the constraints based on the casualty. In the research study of five-task five-research issues, it has been found that the mean ratio of coverage of C( IDEA, DEA) of 0.368 and C(IDEA, NSGA-III) of 0.3 are considerably higher than the ratios C( DEA, IDEA). It has also been found the use of Gantt charts can be effective to manage the data that are involved with small cost and make span. It has also provided benefits in solving the conflicts that were present regarding the importance of scheduling in cloud computing.    


According to the views of Tsai et al. (2013), DEA method is highly recommended for managing the resource allocation for cloud computing. The four major operations, such as initialization, recombination, mutation and selection are providing advantages to solve the issues of design. The concept is also easy to understand. On the other hand, Hu et al.said that the genetic algorithm is useful to manage the allocation of resources and solve the issues of unbalancing the load and increased cost of migration.

2. EARTH: Energy-aware autonomic resource scheduling in cloud computing  

The Maximum method has been used in this research paper to find the importance of resource allocation for cloud computing. Moreover, the crisp output was selected for the variable of output in which there has been a maximum fuzzy subset. Various tools such as NetBeans IDE 7.1.2, Microsoft Visual Studio were also used in setting the Cloud environment. Another method used in this study is the statistical method in order to measure the distribution of data which is about its mean value.     


There was a generation of 3000 independent Cloud workloads in a random way as Cloudlets in the Clouds. From 5 test cases, various results were obtained that were based on the framework of the scheduling of resources. Test case 1 has helped in making the comparison between the average energy value consumption and utilisation of resources. Test 2 presented the results of experiments having different workloads number for utilising the resources in cloud computing. It has been found that the consumption of energy for different numbers of workloads are comparatively less as compared to fuzzy logic based energy off automatic resource scheduling.      


After comparing the performances of fuzzy logic based automatic resource scheduling framework with the non-automatic resource scheduling technique it has been found that forner one provides a large evaluation for selecting the authentic resources for managing cloud computing. On the other hand, then later technique increases the difficulty level of the users since it is difficult to find the resources that can be required for managing the cloud computing activities. However, Lin and Lu (2016) said that there are various high-end applications of science that can be used to provide various benefits of cloud computing. 



-        Contemporary setting

In recent days, resource scheduling of cloud computing is considered a more important aspect to enhance the organizational development entities of contemporary business setting in an effective way. The current competitive edge of the market, despite retrieving focus in advanced network connectivity and resources of using cloud computing it is not possible to retrieve the business profitability of companies in the high market competencies. It is evident that there are various issues in organizational business systems, which are needed to eliminate in leading the efficiency of organisational business operations in an advanced way. In this regard, resource scheduling of cloud computing is considered as an essential aspect to accelerate the organisational development entities with advanced network facilities and system abilities. In terms of managing the basic functionality of business, resource scheduling of cloud computing can have a significant impact, through which sustainable development of organization can be led accordingly.

-        Emergent setting

Since cloud computing has been helping various organisations to manage all the important data, therefore, it can also have a significant effect in the future. The availability of networks possessing the high capacity and computers having low prices can also use the method of cloud computing. Therefore, it can be found that the effective allocation of resources can be useful in using this technique. According to the views of Sharkh et al. (2017), the cloud computing technology can be used to ensure the facilities of local backup and avoid the storage of sensitive information that can create any damage to the computer. Scheduling of resources can help in identifying the required space for storing data in the computer and thus it can be a benefit for various organisations. Cloud computing can not only help the users in migrating their data to a remote place, however, it can also help the users to easily access the data in any place and at any time. The resources for computing can also be assigned to the desired task as per the weight of all the tasks and thus the objectives can have equal importance.             

     -     Chosen research problems?

     -     Question 1: How can the importance of resource scheduling in cloud computing be analysed?

Question 2: How can the benefits of resource scheduling for cloud-computing be analysed?

Question 3: What are different scheduling strategies for using the cloud-computing technique?

Question 4: What recommendations can be provided to eliminate the risk of resource scheduling?

     -        Based on your expertise, knowledge, understanding of what you have learnt by studying

           the literature, what do you want to discover, reconfigure or resolve?

Although the cloud-computing method is very convenient, method in storing the data, however, it has been found that the lack of sufficient knowledge about scheduling resources are increasing troubles for the companies. Therefore, there is a need for proper training to manage all the data by using sufficient resources. Moreover, cloud-computing technology is using online services and thus it has been recognised as a major issue. The service outages can have a bad possibility of occurrence due to different reasons.  


Formulation of the research problem:-

 In the present competitive market, a business organisation needs to follow all the rules to manage organisational performance. An organisation in this modern world wants to increase the flow of the organisation it assists in battering the global performance. An Institution with good strategic management can have ability to enhance the flow of the organisation. Cloud computing pattern helps an organisation to increase the flow of the organisation.  Cloud computing is essential for an organisation as this too assists in gaining the overall performance, however it also gives additional support to the organisation. Cloud computing is very reliable and very user-friendly, an organisation able to access the products in minimal time. Often hacking and some unethical practising usually affect the overall progress of cloud computing, transforming the overall progress rate. 

Creating an evidence-based   research proposal:-

A research methodology is very vital, and this step often assist the analyst to understand the project progression. Computing power, like the active manager, often helps in improving the quality of the project. The secondary method of data collection is essential; collecting all the relevant data about the project is very vital as it also helps in bettering the global quality of the project.

Research methodology:-

For the completion of this investigation, the inestigator will be conducting a secondary method of data collection. On the other hand, this process of data collection is very vital as it provides a deeper understanding of the subject. On the other side, this process of collecting data is very crucial as this helps in giving a better understanding of the research topic.

 Research Philosophy:-

Research onion highlight that there are three types of philosophy, for providing a benefited understanding about this research topic researcher will choose positivism philosophy. There are three types of the discipline of research philosophy positivism, interpretivism and realism (Condie, et al. 2019). Positivism philosophy will help their research article to deliver a productive conclusion.

Research Philosophy


Developing a perfect hypothesis is very beneficial as this philosophy is very beneficial to understand the overall progress of this research topic. A researcher wants to develop an ideal hypothesis on this research; therefore, positivism philosophy is suitable. Irrespective of that the data collection methods will be secondary; thus, it can be stated that this research philosophy is very beneficial. Positivism philosophy will help researchers to get a detailed understanding of the issue of cloud computing. On the other hand, these tools provide in-depth knowledge about the cloud computing issue. Providing a perfect hypothesis to mitigate all the issue of cloud computing can increase the quality of the research topic.

Research approach:

Deductive approach and inductive approach are two discipline approach of this article, for developing a proper understanding of the problem and provide adequate knowledge about the project topic. Research approach  assist  the analyst to meet the aims of the research topic. For this research, the deductive approach will be optimised (Condie, et al. 2019). For providing a valid conclusion about this research, a topic researcher should progress with a topic deductive approach, whereas it also helps in increasing the usability in research governance.  


Positivism philosophy has been chosen to provide a hypothesis whereas deductive approach is very predictable as it helps in giving a best output on the research article. Developing a perfect understanding is very vital as it assists this research paper to generate a perfect outcome. The deductive approach will also help in meeting the research aim and research objectives. Understanding of the relevant data is neccessary as it assists in mitigating all the issue, whereas it also helps in cloud computing. Getting proper knowledge like hacking and its techniques will help the research paper to develop a perfect hypothesis.

Research Designs:-

Understanding the research progress is very beneficial for the researcher, whereas methodological conduction is essential.  Framing the research project is very necessary, whereas it also helps in improving the overall progress. This research design helps the researcher to complete this research project in a perfect way(Condie, et al. 2019).  Prevalently there are three types of research approach, and for completion of this research, the researcher will progress with exploratory research design. Exploratory research design often helps the researcher to provide a perfect conclusion, whereas the outcome will be positive and will help society.


In-Depth association with the research topic is essential, as it assists the investigator to get detailed knowledge about this research project. Furthermore, an in-depth study is essential as this helps in improving the quality of this research article. This article will help in understanding all the details about cloud computing and then deliver a hypothesis according to the project. This design will help the research article to remove all the material for the completion of this research topic. 

Data collection method

A secondary method of data collection will be undertaken, as a collection of relevant data from different sources very beneficial it helps in providing a deep understanding of the issue.  Gathering all useful data from a separate journal is very necessary, whereas it also helps in proving a deeper understanding of the progress report (Davenport and Ronanki, 2018.).  All the data will be collected from the relevant journal and relevant newspaper.

Recognising variables

This resource article has two dependent one is resource scheduling, and the other one is cloud computing. Resource scheduling is the dependent task, whereas cloud computing id the independent task.




Human Knowledge:

Switching to the cloud computing software often helps a company to access their managing easily and maintaining cost. Håkansson  (2018) commented that cloud computing often helps in mitigating all the value of the IT companies like it reduce the way of dependency on hardware. It also helps in improving the overall function of the company. An organisation or individual ready dependent on cloud computing can able to access their software readily from any place as it helps them to increase the overall organisational flow. Cloud computing software is readily cheap helps the company to buy it quickly. Energy consumption cost is much less expensive when compared with other sources. In a holistic view, this cloud computing helps the company to increase the organisation process. 


Improper manager of the financial data often affects the overall company progression.  Irrespective of that organisation lack in managing the data effectively often survive from huge brand equity loss. Furthermore, it can be stated that cloud computing often helps in improving the efficiency process like collaboration. Often the company focus on collaboration as it helps in enhancing the overall progress (Capps et al. 2015). Often cloud computing help in improving the collaborative practice whereas the flexibility of work practises often enhance resulted in improving productivity.


Cloud computing often helps in maintaining a collaborative practice irrespective of that it also increases the process of communication. An organisation with excellent communication provides reasonable job satisfaction to employees. A solution to prevent unethical hacking often help the company to increase brand equity (Cavalcante et al. 2016). An organisation with good brand equity usually can able to enlarge the brand image. In an overview, it can be stated that cloud computing will not only help in improving the business process but also helps in improving society.  


This article has been mostly focused on improving the quality of the cloud computing different article has been chosen. In conclusion, it are often expressed by analyzing the articles that the organization centered on up overall productivity ought to target adopting cloud computing because it helps in improving the potency within the geographic point. It are often evaluated that the taxonomy associated with the management likewise because the planning of the cloud resources has been utilised. The taxonomy encapsulates 3 classes, which incorporates planning within the virtualization layer, planning within the application layer likewise because the scheduling in the readying layer. In each class, current works are analyzed, during which views associated with the planning of the objectives are fashioned consisting of cloud-provider-oriented objectives, cloud-user-oriented objectives beside system-oriented objectives.

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