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Navigating Transitions Assessment

Navigating Transitions Assessment

 Navigating Transitions Assessment

Purpose of short workbook in addressing the identified learning need:

A learning workbook is a form of self-directed learning and has found to have many advantages and benefits. Studies show that self-directed learning workbooks promote an individual’s confidence, independence and motivation towards their learning and provide the foundations of developing lifelong skills and knowledge (Montin&Koivsto 2014). Self-directed learning is established on the principles of adult education and provides benefits to adult education in particular. Studies show that self-directed learning is more beneficial for adult learners as it promotes independence, autonomy and the foundations for lifelong learning (O’Shea 2013). For new graduate nurses in particular, self-directed learning is beneficial in that it encourages critical thinking and decision-making skills, allows the recognition of strengths and weaknesses and promotes goal directed thinking (Smedley 2007). The workbook addresses the intended learning outcomes through case study questions and true or false questions that can be answered in accordance with reading the general information section in the workbook. It has also been encouraged that the individual follows certain NSW Health Policies, as this information is evidence based and up to date. Evidently, case study questions as a form of teaching is beneficial to nurses in that it allows critical thinking, provides a greater understanding of a topic and encourages questioning and problem solving (Heale& Twycross 2018). The workbook provides different images, graphics and pain scale charts in order to capture the individual’s attention and break up lengthy paragraphs of information. In nursing education, words alone may not sufficiently capture a learner’s attention therefore through the use of images and graphs prove to emphasise the learning outcomes (Danis 2012) Therefore, through incorporation of succinct information, case study questions, images, graphs and a true or false summary allows the engagement of a new graduate nursing student through providing a variety of teaching methods throughout the workbook (Heale& Twycross 2018). By providing new graduate nurses with self-directed learning workbooks, allows them the opportunity to self sufficiently address their learning needs, critically think and analyse information in order to then demonstrate these skills in the clinical field. The new graduate year is effectively a year of bringing knowledge, skills and capabilities to the clinical field; therefore learning workbooks can allow the growth of knowledge in areas that are lacking (Sparcino 2016). Ultimately, self-directed learning workbooks prove to be beneficial for new graduate nursing students in providing succinct, effective and up to date information with the added benefit of allowing critical thinking and analysis. Although there is no conclusion as to what the best form of learning method is among new graduate nurses, evidence shows that self-directed learning workbooks promote the development of skills, knowledge and competency in a clinical area (Montin&Koivsto 2014).


Learning Need- why this is relevant.

Despite significant developments and improvements in managing pain among paediatric patients, children continue to experience unrelieved pain in hospitalisations, evident in that pain the most common symptom experienced by children during hospitalisations. This is significant in that unrelieved pain has extensive physical and psychological consequences as well as prolonged hospitalisations and increased re-admissions (The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne 2017). Physical consequences include rapid and shallow breathing, which increases the child’s risk of hypoxemia, increased heart rate and blood pressure, which increases the risk of cardiac morbidity and ischaemia and increased stress hormones. Psychologically, children may experience anxiety, fear, sleep disturbances and loss of appetite (Twycross et al 2014).

A recent study conducted by Glen Saxe in 2001 investigated the relationship between administering morphine to paediatric burn patients and post traumatic stress disorder in the six-month period post discharge. Children who received higher and therefore more effective doses of morphine had a greater reduction in post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms (Saxe et al 2001). This expresses the significance of effective pain detection and management in paediatric patients and the significant psychological consequences of unrelieved and ineffective pain relief in children.

It is therefore fundamental that New Graduate Registered Nurses entering the paediatric field are educated and aware of detection and management of pain in children. This is targeted towards this group of nurses due to the significance of the New Graduate year in developing skills, learning new information and adjusting into the nursing profession. This is therefore an imperative time to implement paediatric pain detection and management skills in order to allow New Graduate Nurses to adapt this clinical learning need into their everyday practice (Clare & Loon 2003). 



Clare, J., Loon, A., 2003, ‘Best practice principles for the transition from student to registered nurse’, Collegian Journal, vol. 10, no. 4, pp. 25-31

Department of Health, 2017, FLACC Pain Scale, Australian Government, NSW Australia, accessed 13/9/18, <http://www.health.gov.au/internet/publications/publishing.nsf/Content/triageqrg~triageqrg-pain~triageqrg-FLACC   >

McGrath, P., Finley, G., Ritchie, J., Dowden, S., 2003, ‘Pain, Pain, Go Away: Helping Children with Pain’, The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Melbourne Australia, vol. 1, pp. 2-22










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