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The other poster named as National innovation system of Italy has been delivered less systematically than the previous poster. Strengths and weaknesses of this poster along with feasible strategies for development would be suggested in this section. 

Strengths of Poster

The above poster two kinds of frameworks including important points and illustration of the points as well as governmental regulations and policies, role of universities, food and beverage sector, 9 National Technological Clusters, automotive sector and ICT and Supporting sector information. All the graphs and charts involved in this poster are relevant and eye catching. The format chosen for making up this poster is also justified as all the information is illustrated properly.

Weaknesses of the Poster

The concepts and ideas illustrated in the above poster could have been arranged and communicated in a more structured way. The group involved in making this poster is lacking adequate skills in arranging all the necessary information in a systematic line like the other poster. On the other hand, information that is provided in the above poster could be more explanatory to develop an understanding regarding individual points. If the poster has been made according to the above-mentioned points, then audiences could develop a better knowledge National Innovation System of Italy.

Feasible strategies for development

Choosing a meeting session

While preparing this poster, the abstract should be submitted to a suitable session by anticipating the target audiences that the group or individual want to attend the poster (Zarnetske and Zarnetske, 2015). 

Be logical and straight to the point of creating the heading

The title of a poster should highlight the main points of a poster. Presentation of the title should be straight forward to the main topics and be selected carefully.

Carefully formulating the poster storyline

Before commencing with the poster design and construction, one should calculate and decide upon the main storyline along with the “give and receive” scope in mind. For instance, include relevant data and findings, which should be discussed in the presentation.

Applying proper formatting

The formatting and layout of the poster content is very much significant. The group or individual making a poster should obey the given guidelines for the style and inclusion of the figures and texts. Important points that need to be followed are amount of the text, figure resolution, colour of the poster, front size and others (Zarnetske and Zarnetske, 2015).

The given database provided in the picture would be analyzed through centrality measurement, Density and any other network level measures, Subgroups methods, Structural holes/brokerage Core-Periphery and theories.

3.1 Centrality

According to Scott (2017), in graph theory and network analysis, pointers of centrality classify the most significant verticals within a graph. In order to qualify significance of various nodes included in networks, centrality measurement or indices were introduced. There are five main types of centrality indices that are available; this includes Degree centrality, Closeness centrality, Betweeness centrality, Eigenvector centrality and PageRank centrality” (Boldi and Vigna, 2014). Analysis of the main poster attached in this study has been done by using centrality as a network metrics. The main poster portrays the topic, “Innovation of United Sates of America”. The central ideal of this poster that has been indicated is Innovation. All other points such as Government, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Banking and Finance, Education, R&D Capacity and Infrastructures, Environmental Impact and IT are the sub points that have connection with the main theme. The centrality measurement of the Poster is described below,

According to the poster, government is trying to invent and regulate some new acts to bring innovation regarding jobs and working structure in U.S.A. Act of 2011 and US STI policy are made to induce job opportunities and developing financial competitiveness along with increasing inventors’ capacities to protect intellectual properties. On the other hand, telecommunications services are also trying to launch advanced programs to reduce digital divide. Just like these two points, all other points are linked with the central theme of this poster.



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