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Motivation Lecturer

Motivation Lecturer

 Motivation Lecturer


 Session Overview


       Motivation Theories


– Content and Process


– Motivation & Organisations


– Extrinsic and intrinsic motivation


 Which of the points on the next page makes/will make your current/future job a) satisfactory    b) unsatisfactory?

Shout out the 3 most important points that satisfy you, and then the 3 points that least satisfy you:



1.   My pay is high for the job I do


2.   My pay is fair compared to that of my colleagues


3.   I have generous benefits (holidays, pension etc)


4.   I am well trained for my current job


5.   I receive development for my future career


6.   My place of work (location, office) is very pleasant


7.   I have security of employment


8.   I have flexible working policies e.g. hours of work


9.   I am not overworked (long hours etc.)


10.   I like the people I work with (the social environment)



    Process theories

 Explain motivation by our behaviour & interaction with the environment.

 1.  Vroom’s Expectancy Theory (1964)

 2.  Latham & Lock’s Goal Theory (1991


Maslow’s Hierarchy


       Each individual has needs, or feelings of deficiency that drive their behavior


       Once a need is satisfied, then it is no longer motivating


       Needs are in a hierarchy that an individual moves up as they satisfy levels of needs


An employee’s belief about their own capabilities, perception of whether they will actually get what they desire from managers, and the depth of their wants and values will all interact psychologically to create a motivational force such that the employee acts in ways that bring pleasure and avoid pain.



 Intrinsic Motivation

Definition: motivation coming from within an individual.


Examples: anything that is done for the love of the act itself.


Uses: develops deepest level of thinking and learning, self-directed learning.


Limitations: difficult to teach the concept without a conscious plan, rewards are not immediate, requires solid skill base and the creation of meaningful lessons


 Environment controls behavior


       Extrinsic motivation.


       External rewards and punishments.


       Praise increase likelihood I’ll participate.


       Criticism decrease the likelihood.


       Principles of operant conditioning at work.



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