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MNG 01222 Hospitality Operations Assignment Help

MNG 01222 Hospitality Operations Assignment Help

MNG 01222 Hospitality Operations Assignment Help

Assessment 1:-

Develop a Case history and a Venue Condition Assessment Form.

Prior to commencing the assessment you will need to select a venue to assess. If you currently work in a hospitality venue, then it is recommended to choose this because of ease of access. Otherwise, you can choose a venue you are familiar with and have relatively easy access to. It is beneficial if you are able to speak with the proprietors/managers to gain proprietary information. The selected venue needs to be in the same town as the campus at which you are studying (except for online students). Unless you have the express permission of your tutor and/or the Unit Assessor, the venue MUST NOT be in country other than Australia.

There are two parts to this Assessment which assess the learning in Topics 2 – 5. Part

1: Case History (250 words):-

You are required to write a brief case history of your chosen venue, and this should be considered as a prelude to Assessment 2. The case history should include;

A description of the venue, its location, size and purpose.

A history of the site, including any refurbishments or improvements. Providing values for these will add context and value.

Current operating condition and maintenance schedule of the venue. A floor plan for the relevant Venue Condition Assessment

Please note that it is insufficient to simply cut & paste information from the venue’s web site into your case history. You must use paraphrasing and properly reference the source of your information. Please see http://libguides.scu.edu.au/harvard for information about how to reference a web site, personal communication, and other sources you may use.

Part 2: Create a blank Venue Condition Assessment form, using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet provided:-

A VCA form is a record that allows the assessed condition of a venue to be measured. Its format is open to interpretation, however, a standard format may include;

Assessment 2:- 

Venue Design Analysis.

This assessment requires an analysis of both the design and the condition of a venue. It assesses the learning in Topics 2 – 5. The assessment should be written in an Executive Report format and there are two main parts in the body of this assessment.

Part One: Venue Design Analysis (~750 words) Using the concepts and theory discussed in the readings and the study guide, explain the importance of venue design, and analyse whether proper design principles have been applied to your chosen venue.

Has the intended purpose of the design been achieved?

Have the objectives of the various stakeholders been met?

Are there other considerations that were, or should have, been made in the design of the venue?

Part Two: Venue Condition Assessment (~750 words):- 

Using the theory in the readings and the study guide, explain the rationale behind a Venue Condition Assessment based on:

the theory,

and the objectives – why we use it,

and challenges – why sometimes it is hard to obtain the information, etc. and benefits associated with such an appraisal.

Assessment 3:- 

Risk Assessment Report.

This assignment requires you to consider the risks to physical, non-physical, financial and human assets (detailed individually at your venue). It assesses the learning in Topics 6 – 10. The assessment should be written in an Executive Report format and there are two main parts in the body of this assessment.

Part One: The notion of Risk (1,000 – 1,500 words):- 

Using the concepts and theory discussed in the readings and the study guide, critically evaluate the concept of “Risk”. For instance, what is it? What is subject to risk? Why is it considered essential for a hospitality business to implement a risk management process?

Part Two: Venue Risk Analysis (1,000 – 1,500 words):- 

This section requires you to demonstrate your understanding of how to practically apply a risk management process by conducting a risk assessment of a venue. It is suggested you use the venue selected for Assessments 1 and 2.

There are two critical components to this part;

A Risk Ranking System – this is the “how” risks will be assessed.

A Venue Risk Analysis (VRA) form – this the tool used to measure risk.

NB: The words “assessment” and “analysis” are used interchangeably and, for the purpose of the report and explaining the process of identifying and measuring risk, the two words are considered to have the same meaning.

This assessment task must be in a business report format, and include detailed recommendations as well as an executive summary. Your report must include recommendations that are succinct, yet provide enough details for management to act.

Suggested structure:- 

Cover sheet with name and student ID

Executive Summary


1.The Notion of Risk

1.1. Definition of Risk

1.2. Subjects of Risk

1.3. Risk Management

1.4. The Importance of Risk Management

2. Venue Risk Analysis

2.1. The Risk Rating System

2.2. Venue VRA 2.3. Findings

2.4. Recommendations

Reference List


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