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MITS5001 IT Project Management Assignment Help

MITS5001 IT Project Management Assignment Help

Research Report (Individual Assignment) - 10%


This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptor. This assessment is designed to improve student presentation skills and to give students experience in researching a topic and writing a report relevant to the Unit of Study subject matter.

The following ULOs are assessed in this assessment.


Critically analyse project parameters and identify the key processes from the available project management book of knowledge in practical case scenarios.


Carry out research studies to provide expert judgement on the project progress and strategize contingency and fall-back plans to ensure project deliverables are met as planned.


For this component you will prepare a report or critique on an academic paper related to IT Project Management. The paper you select must be directly relevant to one of these major topics:

Project Life Cycles, Integration Management, Scope Management, Schedule Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Resource Management, Communications Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management, Agile Project Management, Change Management, Earned Value Management, Resource Management and Stakeholder Management.

The paper can be from any academic conference or other relevant Journal or online sources such as Google Scholar, Academic department repositories etc. All students must select a different paper, thus the paper must be approved by your Lecturer, Instructor, Tutor before proceeding. Each student must choose a research paper and inform the Lecturer or Instructor via email as soon as possible. Your email must contain the title, authors and/or the pdf/Microsoft word file of the selected paper. In case two students are wanting to report on the same paper, the first who emails the Lecturer, Instructor or Tutor with their choice will be allocated that paper (provided it is acceptable). Note: popular magazine articles, web sites and blogs are not academic sources. Your report should be limited to approx. 1500 words (not including references). Use 1.5 spacing with a 12 point Times New Roman font. Though your paper will largely be based on the chosen article, you can use other sources to support your discussion. Citation of sources is mandatory and must be in the IEEE style.

Your report or critique must include:-

Title Page: The title of the assessment, the name of the paper you are reviewing and its authors, and your name and student ID.

• Introduction: A statement of the purpose for your report and a brief outline of how you will discuss the selected article (one or two paragraphs). Make sure to identify the article being reviewed.

• Body of Report: Describe the intention and content of the article. If it is a research report, discuss the research method (survey, case study, observation, experiment, or other method) and findings. Comment on problems or issues highlighted by the authors. Discuss the conclusions of the article and how they are relevant to what you are studying this semester.

Conclusion: A summary of the points you have made in the body of the paper. The conclusion should not introduce any ‘new’ material that was not discussed in the body of the paper. (One or two paragraphs)

• References: A list of sources used in your text. They should be listed alphabetically by (first) author’s family name. Follow the IEEE style.

• The footer must include your name, student ID, and page number.


There are a number of resources you can utilize for finding academic articles and you should make the most of these resources.

1. The VIT Library has access to an extensive array of on-line journals including IEEE and ACM journals. You can access these online Journals through the library’s subscription to the ProQuest platform. You can access this platform by finding the ‘ProQuest academic platform’ link on the StudyBoard@vit home page, towards the bottom of the page in the left column under the heading Resources & Services.

2. Please also refer to the link in the same section on ‘Scholarly Article Searching’. This will show you how to search or articles of the type required for this assignment.

3. In the same section, additionally refer to the link ‘VIT Library Referencing’. This link discusses a number of referencing styles. Different types of Journals will require different styles of referencing and citation, but this assignment requires the IEEE style. Commonly associated with Engineering and Science disciplines. This style is discussed in the document and provides examples and links to further resources.

4. Google Scholar ‘https://scholar.google.com.au/’ is a separate google search engine that will help you search for scholarly articles (Journal articles and conference papers etc..). It will generally not have access to the resources that Proquest above does as these are usually paid sites. However, Google Scholar does index an extremely large number of scholarly articles located in open access conferences, Journals and academic web sites. Please go through the above notes ‘Scholarly Article Searching’ to find out how to use Google Scholar.

Submission Guidelines:-

All submissions are to be submitted through turn-it-in. Drop-boxes linked to turn-it-in will be set up in the Unit of Study Moodle account. Assignments not submitted through these drop-boxes will not be considered.

Submissions must be made by the due date and time (which will be in the session detailed above) and determined by your Unit coordinator. Submissions made after the due date and time will be penalized at the rate of 10% per day (including weekend days).

The turn-it-in similarity score will be used in determining the level if any of plagiarism. Turn-it-in will check conference web-sites, Journal articles, the Web and your own class member submissions for plagiarism. You can see your turn-it-in similarity score when you submit your assignment to the appropriate drop-box. If this is a concern you will have a chance to change your assignment and re-submit. However, re-submission is only allowed prior to the submission due date and time. After the due date and time have elapsed you cannot make re-submissions and you will have to live with the similarity score as there will be no chance for changing. Thus, plan early and submit early to take advantage of this feature. You can make multiple submissions, but please remember we only see the last submission, and the date and time you submitted will be taken from that submission.

Your document should be a single word or pdf document containing your report.

Marking Guide

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