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MGT808 Responsible leadership Assignment

MGT808 Responsible leadership Assignment

MGT808 Responsible leadership Assignment

1.0   Introduction

Leadership is a process to direct and manage a group of people towards their goal or target (Van Wart, Roman, Wang, & Liu, 2019). Leadership is an essential term in the context of an organization that helps the employees to achieve their goal by using a smooth way and perfect plan. Responsible leadership is a significant action that helps to motivate their subordinate such as employees and assist in enhancing the effectiveness of accomplishing organizational goal (Cheng, Wei, & Lin, 2019). A leader called responsible when the leader maintains good relationship with their employees, management, and stakeholders. This report presents a 30-minute interview season with Danny Gramazio who is the business leader of D&S Quality Meats organization (Dsqualitymeats, 2019). This report is analyses information based on the leader’s response to the interview about responsible leadership. Additionally, this report also discusses the impact of responsible leader in the organization, and it contributes to the context of organizational culture.

2.0   Interview Overview

The interview process is prepared for Danny Gramazio, who is the business leaders and co-founder of D&S Quality Meats business. The leader has ten years’ experience for managing and planning along with sales in organization. Danny Gramazio opened their first-ever store in 2010, and now the store has three branches around Australia. Danny Gramazio faces various problem and manages many critical situations confidently to overcome those problems for established this meat business. The quantitative methods have been used for the interview with many questions based on the responsible leadership style. 30-minute open-ended question interview has been organized for Danny Gramazio the make a scope for answered all questions one by one. The questions include requirement of responsible leadership in the context of global business, significant skill, task and trait for responsible leader, impact of responsible leader on organization and contribution of responsible leadership on the organizational culture. The answer of Danny Gramazio will help to analyses the requirement of responsible leadership in organization.

3.1 Analysis of Interview

3.2 Requirement of responsible leadership in the context of a global business environment

(Bean, Harlow, & Forneris, 2017) States that a responsible leader is very much needed in the organization which encourages employees toward an organizational goal by sharing the working strategy and planning along with vision of the organization. (Szczepańska-Woszczyna, Dacko-Pikiewicz, & Lis, 2015) Stated on his article that, different types of employees come together in a workplace which increases the difficulty for the leaders to manage them all, however a responsible leader can manage them and maintain sustainability within the organization by the motivational power. It has been identified that responsible leadership is essential for any organization in the global business environment that helps the firm to achieve its business goal by inspiring their workers. According to (Kempster, Gregory, & Watton, 2016) the sustainability in the management or planning department of an organization highly depends on the leaders who take responsibility and reduce the complexity in the business. From the interview it also found that with the increasing demand of meat around the world, the responsibility of the leadership has increased for maintaining and managing more customers and employees which enhance the requirement of responsible leadership.

Danny Gramazio told in this interview season that the taste and desire of customers are different for each country which enhances the role of leadership. A responsible leader always looks after the segmentation of customers and motivate his employees to fulfill the customer’s desire and satisfy them. A responsible leader always maintains laws and regulation and instruct his/ her subordinate for maintaining those laws and regulation which help to gather more customer base for the organization. Danny Gramazio stated in his interview that, the true nature of responsible leadership is reviled when the person faces critical issues in the organizational context. With the increasing number of employees and technology, the requirement of responsible leadership has increased that help to gain the skill, knowledge, and confidence among the employees which is helpful for organization. (Witt & Stahl, 2016)States that a responsible leader always provides freedom and confidence to their subordinate that help employees toward their work. Danny Gramazio says that responsible leadership also help to maintain different culture customers in same way that help to enhance customer base of the company.

3.3 Important trait, skill, and tasks of the responsible leader

(Komives, 2016)Stated that communication skill is crucial for any responsible leader that help to attract more employees towards their work and inspire other organization as well. By (Antunes & Franco, 2016) communication skill is must need for any responsible leaders who help to make effective organizational strategy and plan that enhance the customer base. Danny Gramazio states in the interview that, not only communication, flexibility and attitude of the responsible leader inspire the employees and motivate them by disclosing their behavior. He also states that communication skill help to reduce the mistake within organization. The ability to handle the situation and the frustration is must need for a responsible leader which enhance the relationship between employees and help to control the situation effectively. As per interviewees information controlling the emotion and situation handling ability is very significant for responsible leader in the meet business because various types of customers come to buy meat.

According to (Sarkar, 2016) teamwork is essential factors or trait for the responsible leadership which help the employees to take together for work under the leadership of a responsible leader. (Cismas, Dona, & Andreiasu, 2016)States that, teamwork is an essential trait for any leaders that help to build the relation and effectiveness of the workers among them and help the leader to manage the organizational work effectively. It is also seen that communication process play an essential role in teamwork. (Keats, 2019)Also states that teamwork enhances the productivity of the organization and help employees to spread their knowledge between them which increase the skill and knowledge of the workers. Danny Gramazio sates on his interview that, D&S Quality Meats have now 130 employees and the teamwork of those employees help in growth of the company as well as help the productivity which is organized or managed by a responsible leader.

According to (Cismas, Dona, & Andreiasu, 2016) the critical task of a responsible leader is to motivate and influence their subordinate and take responsibility to maintain the coordination between workers which help to achieve organizational goal. Danny Gramazio told on his interview that a leader is responsible for employee’s performance and their achievement and the leader is the person who manages the co-ordination between workers to reach the organizational objective. The task of the responsible leader is beneficial that build confidence among the employees and fulfill work successfully.

3.4 Impact of a responsible leader on the stakeholders and organization

Stakeholders are the people whose activities, actions, and interest affect organizational management directly. According to (Voegtlin, 2016) a responsible leader plays a very active role that influences the stakeholders, and it created a good relationship between organizational management and stakeholders. Responsible leader help to develop the relationship between management and stakeholders especially employees that create a functional and productive working environment for the workers. According to (Keats, 2019) a responsible leader must be flexible and fresh-minded that help to build the relationship between organization and stakeholders which assist in enhancing the customers base of the organization by earning their trust. Danny Gramazio states on his interview regarding impact of responsible leadership on stakeholders and organization that a responsible leader helps to earn the trust of the stakeholders by providing effective strategy to the employees which help to increase the sale of the organization. He also told D&S Quality Meats sale has grown up effectively because of the responsible leadership which provides fresh and quality meat to the customers which help to earn trust of them.

 Impact of a responsible leader on the stakeholders and organization

According to (Cismas, Dona, & Andreiasu, 2016) critical thinking quality is mandatory for the responsible leaders, which help to solve the problem of stakeholders under the vision of the business. Danny Gramazio told on his interview that, they provide 24 x 7 hrs. Services to their customers and take feedback from them about D&S Quality Meats services which help to maintain the relationship between stakeholders and organization. They also maintain all rule and regulation of Australia that helps to encourage suppliers, distributors, and customer toward this store.

3.5 Contribution of responsible leadership on the organizational culture

(Antonakis & Day, 2017) Stated that the role of responsible leadership is highly effective in the culture of the organization, which increases positive environment like motivation, encouragement of the worker within the organization. Responsible leader mainly creates learning culture and adaptation culture within the firm among the employees that help them to advance more knowledge and skill. From the interview of Danny Gramazio it is found that leader of D&S Quality Meats assists workers to overcome different problems which encourage them towards their work and help to maintain the positive culture within organization. According to (Bean, Harlow, & Forneris, 2017) positive culture of the organization help to establish a positive environment within firm.

According to (Antunes & Franco, 2016)a responsible leader monitors the behavior of the employees and observing their work and provides appropriate instruction to the employees that help to develop their work which reduce the cross-cultural issues as well. From the interview of Danny Gramazio it is found that leader of D&S Quality Meats helps employees to their communication and work development that decrease the cross-cultural problems (Dsqualitymeats, 2019). A responsible leader required to sustain environmental activities and maintain ethical consideration within the workplace to avoid legal issues.

(Wu, Kwan, Yim, Chiu, & He, 2015)Stated that positive work culture is developed, when effective communication and flexibility is available into the leader. From the interview data, it is found that leader of the D&S Quality Meats maintain flexibility and communicate with every employee which help to build a unique environmental culture in the organization.

4.1 Conclusion

4.2 Analyzing 1

 It has been concluded that leadership is very significant in the global environment, which helps to build excellent communication between organization and consumers. It also helps to build a productive relationship with other culture. Responsible leaders take the initiative for providing appropriate training to the employees that help them to improve their skill and knowledge which is significant for organizational culture and excellent communication. From the report it also concluded that responsible leadership help to reduce the complexity of the business.

4.3 Analyzing 2

From the report, it is concluded that a positive leadership trait is crucial to effectively lead any group of employees and maintain the teamwork within the team. Communication skill is most significant that help to develop the relation among the employees as well as management. The communication skill is also essential for effective teamwork which helps to enhance the skill and knowledge the employees. It also concluded that responsible leaders increase the collaboration between employees and provide appropriate support to the employees for achieving their organizational goal.

4.4 Analyzing 3

It is concluded that a responsible leader manages the problem of employees and their creative plan help to manage the time as well as develop organizational relation with stakeholders. It also found the responsible leader must be flexible that enhance the managing capability of the leader toward their employees. It has been found that a good leader always inspires their subordinate that helps to build a good relationship with employees.

4.5 Analyzing 4

From the above report, it is concluded that a positive culture is very much crucial for an organization to influence the employee’s performance and provide a suitable environment for work. It also concluded that the contribution of responsible leader toward organization culture is beneficial that they maintain cross-cultural complexity within business by using effective communication and took care of employee’s segmentation.

5.0 Recommendation

It has been recommended that the leader of D&S Quality Meats should maintain the ethics of the different culture which help them to attract more customers towards their work. It also recommended that the leader of D&S Quality Meats should maintain communication between employees and management, which enhance the effectiveness of the work.

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